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Become the Visionary Artist of your Life

Multidimensional Artist, Songstress and Life & Business Coach at Brand Alchemy Academy, Hannah guides entrepreneurs to become the visionary artist of their life and business, and tap into the magic and flow of every day. Her journey has been anything but linear. An old soul with the heart of an Artist and the mind of a Philosopher, early childhood was full of play, imagination and living out her creative dreams. Her early teens on the other hand were quite the opposite; navigating deep emotions which left her in a constant state of depression.

It wasn’t long until she discovered the Quantum Principles of Manifestation and experienced her very first spiritual awakening… it was an upward spiral from there, which led to marvellous discoveries and adventures. Today, she lives in Australia married to her soulmate that she also manifested into her life. A multi six and soon to be seven figure earner who thrives by guiding other women to realise their gifts.

Walk us through your journey of awakening.

From early childhood I was very spiritually connected to different dimensions and to my creativity, particularly music. My personality was very bright and shiny. A bit bossy and stubborn too. I very much knew what I wanted in life. We ended up moving from the town I grew up in close to Montreal to Toronto as a family, and I started to dull down the bright and shiny part of myself to fit in. Later on my parents divorced and I internalised a lot of the conflict in my family. I think the culmination of a lot of this led to my experience of depression that started around the age of thirteen and lasted until my

So from early on I had experienced being in this high state of feeling connected to the magic of life and then the exact opposite of life feeling dull and colourless. It was boring, I was tired all the time, and I didn’t have any motivation to get out of bed. From there, because I had this connection from early childhood, at the back of my mind, there was this sense of “There’s gotta be more than this. I don’t want to be this person that’s just stuck in this state and told to take medication for the rest of my life. That’s not me. I know my life is worth more than that.”

So that’s when I started to search for answers. The biggest turning point was this one day, January 1st, 2013. I remember I got a call from a girlfriend. She said, “Hey, I’ve just been invited to this personal development cruise that’s happening in the USA, and I can bring a friend. Do you want to come?” I got this weird feeling in my body, like this is what I’d been searching for. Part of the prerequisite for this cruise was to listen to this audio series. The audio series was called “Your Wish Is Your Command”, and it’s all about manifestation. It was interesting because when she told me about this audio series I was like, “Wait a minute. I think I’ve heard of this audio series before.” I went and had a look on my mom’s bookshelf and sure enough, she actually had the CD’s sitting there. I recall she’d been trying to get me to listen to it 2 years prior, but obviously I hadn’t been ready to receive the message at the time.

It was ten hours of audio, and it just blew my mind wide open. It was all about the science of manifestation, going deep into the quantum physics of it, and how to create the circumstances that are right for manifestation. It was a deep understanding and explanation of how it all works. That was the energy that I needed to start to change things in my life. That year was just incredible. I travelled all over the world. I went to different conferences and workshops, all whilst still studying in University.

My world opened up to energy healing and spirituality, but coming from a non-secular aspect which was different from the Christian angle of spirituality I had grown up with. That year set into motion some of the biggest things I’ve manifested. To this day, I’m living the benefits of that turning point in my life. That was the year I met my husband, I manifested my soulmate. I was living in Canada, and had a dream of escaping the cold winters after I graduated university. He’s Australian and he comes from Brisbane which has a very warm climate. So of course we ended up moving there after I graduated. I
also wanted to start my own business, then literally, the exact opportunity I journaled about was what I found when I got to Australia, and that was how my entrepreneurial journey started.

What advice would you now give to your younger self?

The advice I would give my younger self would be not to take life so seriously, to remember the lightness, the play, and the magic that you know, because you’ve experienced it before. You will manifest all that you desire, life isn’t going to leave you behind!

How do you embody success in your daily life now?

For me, success is about how I feel internally as I go about my life. So embodying success in my daily life means that I am waking up and I am tapping into my inner visionary artist, the one who experiences the magic and the joy of life. I’m living that inside of my being as I go about my day, no matter what I’m doing. When you have that foundation then everything that happens externally just builds on this inner sense of success.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

When it comes to working with me 1:1, something I’ve been really playing with and loving is offering bespoke and custom experiences. There’s a short application just to make sure there’s an immediate connection. Then we’ll get on a breakthrough call so they get an experience of what it’s like to work with me, and vice versa. Based on what’s discussed on the breakthrough call I can then recommend the right customised experience if we feel working together is a fit. My work is very intuitive and draws on a lot of different areas depending on what’s needed. It could be business strategy, emotional intelligence, human design, spiritual mentorship, life coaching, or a combination.

I also have a mastermind that I usually run once or twice a year. I’ve completed the first round for this year, so currently I have a waitlist for the next round whenever I choose to run it again. I also have a few masterclasses that are evergreen and can be purchased at any time. And I have my musical offerings. I mentioned I’m a singer-songwriter and vocal artist. I have music on Spotify, on Apple Music — on all of the platforms, with a new EP on the way which I’m really excited to release. So people can plug into my music at any time. I have curated music playlists on my Spotify profile as well to help people intentionally tap into certain vibes and frequencies. And I have something in the works that will combine the work I do as a coach and music together, so there’s lots coming!

When it comes to manifesting now, what is your vision for the future?

My personal vision for myself is I hope that one day my voice can reach millions of people, whether it’s through music, coaching, programs, and really just contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity and the planet. That’s my ultimate vision in life. My husband and I want to expand our family at some point. We’d love to grow our investments, we’d love to buy different properties around the world. He’s Australian and I’m Canadian with Greek heritage, so I think we see ourselves having properties in various countries and continuing to live a beautiful, adventurous lifestyle. We’d love to grow our own net worth into the millions and create a legacy for the generations after us too.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are…”

My voice, my wisdom, my commitment to my spiritual path, and my ability to help people come home
to themselves and tap into what truly matters in life.


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