The Journey of Inarra Aryane Griffyn | Daring Visionary Leader

From Spiritual Ceremonies to Global Events – Discover the Path of Perfect Timing and Impact of this 7 Figure Business Mentor

Public Speaker, Creator of Aphrodisiacs,  she is The Daring Fairy. Meet Inarra Aryane Griffyn, a daring leader dedicated to transforming individuals into New Earth Influencers. Inarra is the CEO of three companies ( The Visionaries, The Queen’s Pleasures &  Dignified Divorce)  A visionary life, love and business guide offering a Spiritual Elixir to creatives and entrepreneurs, to help them gain expression, visibility and opportunity. She helps stimulate and enhance her client’s vision so that they generate, manifest and experience luxury, at their pace, in perfect timing.  

To do this, using the ancient cycles of the seasons, Moon and Solar alignments, such as the Spring Equinox or Autumn Equinox, she helps them activate new cycles of transformation. Her recipe of High Queen & King activations,  helps her clients unfold into their next level of business and life. They experience quantum transformation by her oustanding blueprint of “Luxury in harmony with Nature”, and she has guided many high level business owners to reach their dream life. “Give me one season of your life and I’ll help navigate you through daring waters to your most powerful vision and a life filled with luxury.” One foot in spiritual practices and one foot in marketing expansion she is the embodiment of the Aquarian  High Priestess. 

Her most recent work involves the creation of a line of natural, organic, vegan Aphrodisiacs, the brand The Queen’s Pleasures which launches this month. Beyond her writing prowess ( an author who has written 5 books), Inarra is an influential public speaker on Spiritual Business, skillfully embodying the High Priestess archetype. Her ceremonies and rituals are intricately aligned with the celestial rhythms of the moon, sun, and seasons. Notably, she mentors the 11 Kings & Queen’s, an exclusive program guiding men and women through the mastery of cyclical expansion. With her remarkable ability to channel energies, Inarra acts as a “Finder,” connecting people with their soul paths and tapping into unique channels of divine wisdom—a gift recognized by her esteemed mentor, Bobby Klein, known for his work with the Navaho and Hopi Elders.

In an extraordinary journey of transformation, Inarra has shape-shifted her path several times, successfully leading a property development company in London, UK, with an impressive turnover of 10 million, hosting more than 60 international retreats, running a yoga festival and managing investments. Alongside her business ventures, she has earned acclaim as a branding expert. Inarra Aryane Griffyn is an extraordinary force, illuminating the path for those seeking to embrace their inner potential and impact the world as New Earth Influencers. Her unwavering dedication to guiding others toward spiritual nourishment and personal growth marks her as a luminary in the realm of transformational leadership.

Can you walk us through your path of enlightenment?

I dedicated the initial phase of my life to an immersion in spiritual pursuits. My journey led me to the path of becoming a High Priestess within the esteemed Avalon tradition of British High Priestesses. Within this tradition, we diligently attuned ourselves to the rhythms of the moon, seasons, and natural cycles learning how to move in tune with the natural order of life.

However, as I ventured into my thirties, fate introduced me to the world of big business vision and corporate giants. I had never received formal training in economics, yet an inexplicable internal calling led me to make a pivotal decision. After years of working as a professional photographer, I decided to step away from that path into the unknown. I had no idea what came next but I was sure that the photography cycle had ended.

It was during this pivotal moment of change that an unexpected email arrived in my inbox, posing a simple profound question: “Do you want to change your life?” My answer was a resounding “Yes”. 

In a conversation with the coaches of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute, they presented me with four distinct choices, and I opted for a path I had never explored before – property. With just three months of coaching under my belt, they assigned me the audacious task of purchasing a property, a task that seemed outrageous. My homework was to go buy an apartment. 

This daring venture ultimately led me to establish a thriving property portfolio business valued at 10 million, 20 years ago. My journey through the world of business has been diverse, and I’ve had the privilege of coaching individuals pursuing a wide array of endeavors. Presently, I find myself on the cusp of a new venture—launching an aphrodisiac product line, The Queen’s Pleasures. I want to give pleasure to the world. If more people were in tune with pleasure I believe there would be no conflicts. My life’s journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to listening to my intuition, allowing it to guide me through unforeseen twists and turns, often without a clear destination in sight.

One consistent thread throughout my journey is my deep connection to the wisdom of the seasons, cycles, and ancient festivals. This is the energy of perfect timing. You learn to flow with a current rather than against it.  I utilize this knowledge to orchestrate product launches, take deliberate pauses for reflection, and gather essential insights. My work is deeply entwined with the rhythms of the moon, the sun, and the changing seasons, as I intuitively discern when one cycle is completing and another is opening. This is how I position my clients for success, at their pace.

Recent developments have taken me by surprise as I unexpectedly found myself launching a series of aphrodisiac products. Initially, I envisioned this as a small side venture, a delightful diversion while continuing my coaching work. However, a mere two weeks ago, while in Canada visiting my parents, I experienced the full extent of my vision. 

As I immersed myself, wild swimming,  in the pristine waters of the Indian River, a sacred place with First Nations significance,  a powerful vision unfolded before me. I realized that I am destined to delve into the world of aphrodisiacs, researching and crafting products inspired by herbs from diverse cultures. This vision encompasses creating distinct lines, such as the Egyptian range, the First Nation range, the French range, and more. It is a grand undertaking, far from a mere sideline. Aphrodisiacs are herbs that are honored in different traditions as causing curiosity, sensuality and deep connection to your body. They have two powerful activators;  scent and blood flow. What I experience as following an intuitive thread, underscores a profound truth: my journey, rooted in spirituality, consistently intersects with the realms of substantial business and financial success.

Have you always been guided by your intuition, but also responding to your intuition, as clearly as you do now?

Indeed, some of the most profound decisions in life can arise from unexpected moments of clarity. I’ll share a story from my late twenties when I embarked on a transformative journey to India. At that time, I was deeply entrenched in the world of film production in bustling London. I firmly believed that this path would define my career, mirroring the earlier dual pursuits of photography and film.

Yet, an instinctual urge prompted me to set out on a journey of great significance. I found myself wandering through the heart of India for two months, exploring sacred sites and absorbing the rich tapestry of its culture. My travels eventually led me to a renowned shrine in the desert of Rajasthan. As I ascended the mountain leading to this sacred site one morning, I decided to meditate there. It was during this serene moment that I received a profound insight: “Happiness is a choice.” At that juncture, I had not fully grasped the concept that happiness could be a conscious decision; rather, I had assumed that some people were naturally happy, while others were not.

Shortly after this epiphany, another message emerged: “You will never find happiness in a nine-to-five job.” The impact of these insights was instantaneous and transformative. I descended the mountain alchemically altered,  with a deep understanding that happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Upon my return to London, I was met with an unexpected twist. The job I had arranged for a replacement during my two-month absence had been given away, leaving me without a nine-to-five obligation. Although I initially felt a twinge of irritation, this turn of events proved to be a blessing in disguise.

From that point onward, I developed a personal blueprint that I now share with entrepreneurs. It involves identifying the activities or moments that bring genuine happiness and transforming them into a non-negotiable daily map. This blueprint became the cornerstone of the life I would go on to create. Each day, I prioritize activities that are unwaveringly dedicated to my happiness.

Talk to us about your awakening journey, when did this happen and what ignited it?

My awakening journey has been quite unique. Unlike many who experience a catalyst or a life-altering event, I was born with a heightened sense of awareness. Even as a child, I recognized a profound spiritual destiny awaiting me. However, I encountered a significant turning point in my life when I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, and it was a wake-up call of intense magnitude. The realization that my days might be limited spurred me to question my true purpose.

In the face of this daunting diagnosis, I heard a deep voice within me, one that said, “That is not your story.” It ignited a powerful shift in my perspective, and I embarked on a journey of healing. It became a catalyst for my most risky and profound choices as if tomorrow may not be.  I’ve now thrived for years with no issue.  This experience deepened my understanding of what it means to embrace each day as if it were your last, making every moment count.

It was during this period that I cultivated a penchant for making daring decisions, refusing to settle for mediocrity. I often challenge the status quo and opt for the extraordinary, a quality that I now instill in the people I work with. Whether it’s in public speaking or guiding others toward greatness, my aim is to help people create exceptional lives, stepping into their power and letting go of the constraints of the old patriarchal order.

My current focus is shifting towards public speaking, a passion of mine that allows me to infuse humor and wisdom into large gatherings. I envision guiding women to embrace playfulness, shed the weight of competitiveness, and move forward with a feminine force of power. My mission is to champion other women, promoting collaboration and mutual support in our journeys. Aging gracefully and with humor is also a part of this journey, appreciating the beauty of life’s natural evolution.

Regarding my origins, I was born in Yorkshire, England, and spent significant time with my grandmother Ida, who was a beautiful influence on my spiritual path. At the age of nine, I had a profound experience under the starry sky that connected me deeply with the world. My grandmother recognized my gifts and encouraged me to explore the realm of healers and witches, setting me on a path of seeking wisdom from diverse cultures and traditions.

While my parents emigrated to Canada, I chose to return to England after university, feeling a strong connection to its rich history and heritage. Britain, often seen as the heart chakra of the world, holds a unique position as a center of influence and creativity, despite its small size. This connection drew me back to my roots and fueled my work, including running international retreats focused on various aspects of personal and spiritual development, with a special emphasis on pleasure, in a place of natural wonder and sacred sites like Glastonbury.

Do you have any morning practices that set you up for success? 

Absolutely, it’s important to delve deeper into the realm of real rituals, the kind that extend beyond daily routines. My connection with the lunar and solar cycles, as well as ancient festivals, has been an integral part of my life for over three decades. I approach product launches and events with entrepreneurs with a deliberate and patient mindset, prioritizing energetic alignment. I am always aware of the lunar cycle and I do things in honor of it. So on a Dark Moon I do divination which includes reading Tarot cards, on a new moon I work with new energy and fresh starts in my own life,  and at full always celebrate: this is ritual life. I meditate in the morning and have had years of a strong Vinyasa Yoga path. I also listen to coaches such as Melanie Ann Layer who I love for her wisdom and insight.

The moon, with its various phases and themes, serves as a profound source of inspiration. Each lunar alignment with have themes that I Use and give to my clients to engage in. For instance, with the recent moon in the astrological sign of Cancer, I immersed myself in its teachings, seeking to understand its script. It’s teaching was about exploring the depths of emotion, to truly feel. In my work with entrepreneurs, especially those ensnared in the analytical realms of their minds, I guide them to confront their suppressed feelings. So I used the information to delve deeply into my own feelings, even the uncomfortable and also coached my clients to do so at that time. My morning practice is to meditate on the aspects of the year and lean into the teachings so that my work is infused with wisdom.

During these moments, I encourage my clients to embrace their emotions rather than evade them, to expand upon their experiences, and to make their encounters with these emotions profound. For example, one entrepreneur I worked with found herself engulfed in a justifiable rage due to challenging life circumstances. I taught her she can handle any emotion and do breathwork practices to expand the rage. In doing so, it is recognized and it dissipates. Suppression of emotion causes constriction. You have to learn to recognize that your power is in accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly and being magnificent throughout. You are able to hold a bigger capacity and still move forward, no longer paralyzed.

In such cases, these emotional states become a gateway to healing and growth. Rituals, in the form of guided emotional exploration, serve as powerful tools for acknowledging and processing these feelings, enabling individuals to emerge stronger and more resilient. These rituals transcend the ordinary, becoming transformative ceremonies that honor the intricate tapestry of human emotions and experiences.

Just like our emotional landscape my new aphrodisiacs also engage with emotion. The essence of this creation lies in enhancing pleasure and sensuality, not just in a sexual context, but in all aspects of life. It’s about indulging in the pure delight of existence.

The Queen’s Pleasures Aphrodisiacs are carefully crafted using all-natural ingredients, with a blend of spices from ancient traditions that are known to stimulate blood flow and awaken the senses. They’re meant to be a form of self-care and self-love, where individuals can take the time to connect with themselves and experience profound sensations.

The first aphrodisiac in the series is called “The Queen’s Pleasure,” which is designed to empower individuals to prioritize their own pleasure and self-indulgence. It’s about embracing one’s inner royalty and savoring every moment. The product can be applied externally, acting as a stimulating and lubricating elixir. It takes about ten minutes to activate and can be used for personal pleasure, foreplay or shared experiences with a partner. The intention is to eliminate shame, encourage self-love, and foster a deeper connection with one’s desires.

I’m incredibly excited about this project because it aligns with my vision of spreading joy and pleasure in the world. It’s about celebrating life in all its dimensions and allowing people to tap into their sensual, vibrant selves.

What is your vision when it comes to the products and how you want them to launch?

As a child, I had a penchant for crafting potions, an enchanting practice that carried a distinct mystical allure. My fascination with scents, a profound and enchanting trigger, has been a lifelong affair. It was during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as I found myself immersed in indoor coaching and yearning for ways to enhance the indoor experience, that I stumbled upon a transformative idea—scent.

The sensory impact of scent, particularly in the context of the indoor environment, became a powerful muse. I embarked on a journey to discover how scent could dramatically alter and uplift one’s mood and overall experience. This journey led me to a quaint town in Canada, where I encountered a talented artisan who specialized in crafting organic, vegan, and entirely natural soaps.

Intrigued by the potential of scent to stimulate, I posed a question: Could we create an organic aphrodisiac that would engage the senses and invigorate passion in the most natural and pure way? The answer was a resounding “yes,” and thus began our collaborative effort. Extensive research into aphrodisiac ingredients revealed that they primarily revolved around two essential components: scent and the promotion of blood flow.

We delved into the vast array of spices, tracing their origins to ancient cultures across the globe. These spices, revered for their ability to enhance blood flow to intimate areas, became the cornerstone of our aphrodisiac formula. Through diligent work and experimentation, we perfected a formula that incorporated these aromatic treasures, creating a sensual elixir.

“It’s about indulging in the pure delight of existence.”

Tell us more about the aphrodisiac’s purpose and what it can help with?

My core mission is to emphasize the importance of self-care for women and to empower them to prioritize their own well-being. It is also for lovers and men. To me, being a Queen means granting oneself the precious time and attention needed to explore personal desires and pleasures fully. This vision is inclusive, encompassing all individuals who seek to enrich their sensual journey.

The Queen’s Pleasure is more than just a product; it represents a movement—a celebration of sensuality, self-discovery, and personal empowerment. It embodies the idea that every person has the right to reign over their own pleasure with confidence and self-assuredness. This endeavor embodies the richness of human desire and the limitless potential for personal growth and fulfillment.

When it comes to the work that you’re doing, do you want to walk us through your different offers when it comes to the coaching?

My primary focus is one-on-one coaching, which has become the cornerstone of my practice. I love working with people and  helping them achieve their vision. While I occasionally offer courses, I tend to collaborate with individuals who are already well-established in their businesses. 

My expertise extends to working with billionaire property entrepreneurs, some of whom operate at the highest levels of wealth and influence. I guide them toward sustainable and responsible practices that harmonize with the planet, ensuring they avoid overdevelopment and contribute positively to our world.

What would you say is your superpower?

My superpower lies in the ability to elevate individuals to the archetypal realm of kings and queens, imbuing them with the energetic frequencies of high royalty. In this exalted state, they radiate an unparalleled aura of authority, making decisions and choices that resonate with a commanding presence rarely found in ordinary individuals. This transformative work is steeped in a kind of magic that empowers people to reach for their highest potential.

I’ve often reflected on my own abilities, particularly when asked as part of my journey to becoming a high priestess. I realized that in my presence, people unlock the gateway to their supreme potential, akin to embodying the stature of a high king or high queen. It’s from this elevated perspective that the realm of limitless possibilities opens up, and the extraordinary becomes attainable.

Tell us about your Retreats launching this summer?

The Path To Pleasure Summer Solstice Retreat from June 20th to June 23rd, 2024 is hosted in sacred sites and ancient forests of Cornwall, England. It’s perfectly aligned with the summer solstice and with a rare event of the Full Moon occuring on the Summer Solstice. This is the symbolism of full masculine meets full feminine and there’s no doubt something extraordinary will occur. While it officially spans three days, the magic of the experience extends for five days, with three nights of transformation and celebration. The event is facilitated by several teachers who all bring their own focus on pleasure to the fore. My work will be to host the ceremonies in the retreat so on the Summer Solstice and Full Moon. Expect to be deeply transformed!

 Later in the year November 8-17,  2024 is The Queen of the Nile 9 day retreat in Egypt also over a full moon. I’m excited for this collaboration with the photographer who shot my photos for Goss. She and I are taking people down the Nile and stopping off at temples and experiencing the energies and ancient sites of this mystical country. Lousie will be photographing people at temples and I’ll be hosting frequency  activations of  your King and Queen,  so you shine in the photos. This is using the art of photography to capture the frequency shifts of the spiritual work I do with women and men. They are to use for your website, social media, business or personal profile. It’s a once in a lifetime trip. I’m super excited about this. I needed some great shots for this article, but working with the artist Lousie Sixtensson was next level as she delivers mythical rare glimpses of her subjects. 

Next year is buzzing with positivity I feel. The retreats are a way to physically connect.. Time to celebrate and elevate our communities.. Hopefully some of Goss readership will join us. Thank you for having me for the interview. 

Photopgrahy by Louise Sixtensson @Zenitarto  

My superpower lies in the ability to elevate individuals to the archetypal realm of kings and queens, imbuing them with the energetic frequencies of high royalty.”

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