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Introducing the magnetic presence that is Homaya Amar. Homaya’s early life was a profound testament to the power of resilience. Given up for adoption at a tender age, she found herself in a family that, despite its love and connection, subjected her to a continuous physical and emotional harm. However, what makes her story truly extraordinary is her unwavering commitment to healing and transformation. A deep belief in Good.

Throughout her life, Homaya experienced connection to the spiritual realm, due to her upbringing, no one interfire or exchange about this tendencies, which brought her to assune everyone shared this connection. She was guided by an intuitive sense, active psychic and a profound awareness of the presence of something greater than herself.  Journaling became a vital outlet for her experiences and reflections. In her early twenties, Homaya began to feel the effect of the intense wounds that had festered within her. She embarked on a quest for answers to her physical and emotional pain. 

Traditional Western medicine offered no solace, prompting her to explore alternative routes. And Homaya’s journey took an unexpected turn when she turned to homeopathy, as a cure. Skepticism gave way to astonishment after just one session, as she felt a tangible change within herself. This initial experience led her to delve further into the recognition of conscious and subconsious mind, a path that would ultimately help her reconnect with her innate spirituality.

By her thirties, Homaya had established a successful career as an architect, complete with private clients and a dedicated team. Yet, something felt amiss. She couldn’t reconcile the routine of mundane life, and societal expectations with the sense of truth she felt within her. An intense desire for a deeper purpose fueled her decision to make a radical change. In a bold move, Homaya relinquished everything she had: her private clients, her position in architecture agency, her intimate relationship, and even her material possessions. She retained only the essentials, determined to unveil the profound knowing she carried. It was a daring declaration to the universe that she had done everything within her power to live aligned to what she felt within and now awaited its revelation.

The turning point came when Homaya underwent an exceptional awakening experience, one that many can only dream of. Graced by a profound spiritual awakening, she came to realize the facenting multidimensionality of the human experience while acknowledging that her journey is uniquely guided. A massive shift happened within her. Homaya’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for growth and transformation. Her journey from adversity to awakening inspires us to seek our own truths and boldly pursue the paths that resonate with our deepest selves. In her story, we find a reminder that, sometimes, letting go of the familiar and releasing control can lead to the most extraordinary discoveries.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Your challenges choose you, to transcend through you. Hold tight to the truth, it’s gonna open up even more beautifully than you can ever imagine. 

What brought you into this work? 

The awakening experience marked the beginning. One night, an experience started, as a dream, I was approached by light beings asking for my support.  I journeyed with them to the higher heavens where . they revealed to me my true nature, purpose, and life mission. It wasn’t conveyed through words but rather transmitted as pure divine light. This encounter brought me back to my core, and I felt like I was reborn into life.

Before this awakening, I had been an architect and, in some aspects, an atheist. I didn’t believe in God or angels, and I held a certain disdain for the spiritual community in my area. I rode a motorbike and wore high heels. However, once my awakening took place, my discovery of energetic healing and sacred geometry enhanced my transformation. As an architect, geometry, space, and light were my language, but now I grasped their fundamental essence and how they shape our reality way beyond the common. I delved into metaphysical and mystical knowledge, feeling I now reconnect to the source from which everything emanates—like returning to my true home.

I embarked on a journey of learning healing techniques and mastering the codes of creation to the extent that I could explain the very fabric of the universe. Five years ago, I channeled a comprehensive description of what I now refer to as the Universal Chakras and various heavenly realms. It’s as if I sit atop a fountain of boundless knowledge that continuously enriches me. I began by healing myself and then extended my healing to others, simultaneously immersing myself in the study of metaphysics and shamanic healing, and furthermore into advanced channeling, teachings and mentoring.

What offers do you have for the women joining your space?

My teachings and offerings highlight the topics of emotional maturity, sovereignty, self authority, mastery, sacred space, energetics, metaphysics, channeling, and wealth.

I offer a range of master classes that delve into omni presence, holy transmission, activations, manifestation, self-healing, empowerment, and personal evolution. I also impart the ability to tap into different dimensions, perceive the unseen,  communicate with light beings and access the Akashic records.

The pinnacle of my teachings, what I call “Evolutionary Codes,” represents divine wisdom that shapes human consciousness. These codes have the power to reshape our perception and reality. They offer a new liberating perspective on so-called negative emotions, profound healing, releasing old paradigms of transformation and manifestation, revealing hidden gifts and activating unshakable, irreversible evolution.

My “Windows to the Universe” course delves into the concept of Universal Chakras. Advanced chakras system that serves as a conduit for potential energies to integrate into our reality. This is a powerful path of ascension in all aspects of life. It’s a pathway to accessing talents, deciphering codes, conversing with ancestral wisdom, enhancing presence, and cultivating a supportive environment, to name a few.

What does emotional maturity mean to you?

Most people, as they advance in age, experience a certain emotional maturity where their hormones become more balanced, and they gain control over their emotions. But what if this state was available at a younger age? It’s about comprehending the healthy cycles of emotions and how they impact our reality and energy . When you master this you enter a whole new world.

Emotions follow specific cycles within our emotional body, and I refer to this as the “emotional energy flow.” Health and expansion maintain this emotional energy flow within ourselves and extend it to our relationship. Generations before us had entirely different emotional landscapes, and some would argue that early humans didn’t possess what we now know as an emotional body. This body developed as our consciousness evolved.

Today, our emotional bodies are inundated with information and data, often trapping emotional energy in pockets filled with the stories we tell ourselves. People feel constrained when it comes to expressing their emotions, we do not know how to feel our own emotions by ourselves, we need others to feel.  Each emotion appears to carry inherent risks. This disconnection affects our spiritual, mental and physical experience.

For many, emotions and reactions are intertwined, we live like handing the keys to their emotional body to someone else. This arrangement limits our mastery over our emotional responses.

When emotional energy intensifies, our emotional body comes to life. Take sadness, for example, an emotion I’ve deeply explored. Sadness, stems from the feeling of loss, separation, or unattainability. It’s that sensation of something missing or gone, whether through death or a sense of non belonging. A healthy cycle of sadness involves experiencing the impact of loss, delving inward to address it, create a new inner order and realignment and finally reconnect to life anew.. The cycle of sadness is crucial for growth and renewal, much like the changing seasons. However, a disrupted emotional energy flow often leads individuals to remain stuck in one of the stages: disconnection, powerlessness or self-pity and dwelling on wounds. To truly evolve, one must navigate through all stages, emerging in a dimension as the wise, empowered individual they are meant to be.

Each emotion has a healthy cycle, that we are born to master and embody, to feel true love, creativity in all aspects and, active life force.Among all my offerings I offer guidance on these principles, creating and maintaining an emotional energy flow and by that achieving personal power. By gathering and activating your energy within, remarkable transformations become possible.

What are you actively calling in now?

Currently, I’m manifesting two primary aspirations. Firstly, I envision a magnificent second home in a warm, inviting location—a place where I can host transformative retreats and call it my own. Secondly, my heart is open to share my wisdom with a broader audience who are eager to live life in high frequency and know the worth of self awareness.I am writing a book and about to launch a podcast, the prospect of connecting with thousands of individuals is an exciting and fulfilling goal for me at this moment. Thank you for holding space for that.

“Life is inherently balanced. The only potential hurdle is that your mind may not fully grasp it. Your mind might perceive balance within a limited timeframe or in a smaller context, such as the notion of giving and receiving.”

What rituals or practices do you have for an abundance mindset? 

My most powerful tool is self-inquiry. I embark on deep journeys  crossing through walls of  illusions that, for some reason, I still maintain, into extended presence of truth. Meditation is another profound practice I employ to delve deep within. 

Life is abundance, everything we have is made of an uncountable number of units- the trees, the body cells, the stars, the songs. This specific fact was at the core of my call for awakening.I also play with sacred geometry and I draw from the profound wisdom of “Windows to the Universe” as it plays a prominent role in my life because it resonates deeply within me. 

When I hold money in my hands, I offer it a heartfelt blessing. Blessings and gratitude are fundamental aspects of my practice. I firmly believe that the most potent way to invite more abundance into one’s life is by wholeheartedly appreciating what you already possess. Each night before I sleep, I immerse myself in an immense feeling  of gratitude. Even my son, who is now eight and a half, never goes to sleep without sharing gratitude for the day’s experiences, including inner breakthroughs and beautiful moments.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life? 

We want to be intentional, and with it becoming aware of where our attention is going. Where do I put my attention? Attention goes inward, not outward. With what attitude am I taking my attention inward? When I put my attention inward, my illuminated presence shines outward effortlesly.

How do you find balance?

Life is inherently balanced. The only potential hurdle is that your mind may not fully grasp it. Your mind might perceive balance within a limited timeframe or in a smaller context, such as the notion of giving and receiving. You might give today and receive in three months in another shape or form, but ultimately, the balance prevails. It’s like the natural rhythm of exhaling and inhaling — equilibrium is always achieved.

What is your superpower?

I feel that I am an embodiment of grace, I sense that when people are in my presence, they connect with their souls, with the light of consciousness and experience their higher truth effortlessly and naturally, by that they activate their life force, their strength, vitality and wisdom, life become an overflowing enhanced adventure This is my primary superpower. There’s something in my voice, something in my eyes, something in my presence that enables people to feel, connect and act with the immense power and beauty of themselves and life. They are being transformed to their highest version, same as I was transformed.

What do you want women to retain the most from the work that you’re doing?

I would love each and every person in my presence to rest in their power, beauty, grace, and wisdom, and to live in peace with what they have inside. People often work with an abundance mindset but struggle to accept themselves. The first thing that the divine  grants you as consciousness is the embodiment of this specific lifetime: your wisdom, your face, your weight, your hair, the type of humor you possess. Welcome this gift and you will receive so much more! You can not see anything within you less than pure love and beauty. When I see people around me embracing their light, grace, and beauty, it makes my heart and eyes shine. All the students who learn with me become beautiful. They were always beautiful, but now they can see it and feel it.

Photography by Renata Costa, Rebekha Eliza

“I believe that the elevated way to transform, free from brainwashing, is moving through the dimension like a flower that goes through the straw. There is a power that pushes a flower through the straw, the flower is already there even if no one sees it. The plant doesn’t die in order to bloom. It just holds the codes inside. Eventually  the bud comes out, then the flower emerges and the petals blossom.”

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