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Meet Marcela Miceli @TheHypnoQueen a Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach, and Neural Manifestation Expert. Marcela specializes in helping female creatives and entrepreneurs break down inner barriers, empowering them to share their art with the world and make a living doing what they love.

Originally from Miami, Marcela has spent the past thirteen years in Brooklyn, New York, a place that profoundly shaped her. Almost four years ago, her journey led her to the world of mindset work through synchronicities and kismet moments. She’s passionate about understanding our place in the universe and helping others self-actualize into their greatest callings through hypnotherapy. Marcela thrives on exploring mystical, unseen ways of knowing, the mysteries between where we are and where we want to go, and the creative potential of human consciousness. She believes that mastering mindset opens countless doors, and she’s always seeking new tools for transformation.

Aside from her mindset work, Marcela wears many hats. She’s involved in event creation, community nurturing, curating and DJing music, experience design, and event production. Her creativity shines through in everything she does, aiming to evoke a sense of wonder and child-like curiosity in every aspect of her work.

What has been the big catalyst that brought you into this work?

My journey was fueled by a deep curiosity about human psychology and a tumultuous childhood that left me feeling unworthy. As an adult, I grappled with the aftermath of those experiences, finally realizing I could take control of my narrative. I yearned for a purposeful life but faced doubts and fears. In 2019, at a life-changing festival, I met my first coach, who revealed I could transcend my thoughts and emotions. This revelation marked the start of my transformative journey.

What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself now?

Stop overthinking. Create space to truly listen. Everything you desire already resides within you. I understand this is a challenge, especially for women who often get entangled in their thoughts. Overthinking stems from a need for control and wanting to predict outcomes. To find your way, trust your inner nudges as they guide you toward your deepest desires. Quiet your mind, act with self-trust, heal self-doubt, follow your curiosity, embrace life’s challenges.

When it comes to you and your personal story of stepping into this embodied version of yourself, what do you do on a daily basis to bring yourself into this state?

I consider daily mindfulness a vital self-care act. In a fast-paced world, even 5 minutes of presence matters. My mornings begin with meditation or self-hypnosis, visualizing my goals. I add practices like stretching, tarot cards, journaling, or affirmations. Creating space helps me listen to life and receive its guidance.

Now when it comes to the work that you’re doing for women, what are the different offers and programs you currently offer?

The main way to work with me right now is through my signature program called The Leap: a three-month journey of mindset and energetic mastery.

It’s for the woman who KNOWS she’s here to do something meaningful; to share  her voice & art with the world, to show up as the leader she knows she can be & who is ready to create an impact and leave her legacy. 

This journey is about learning how to work with the power of your mind to access the deepest levels of consciousness you’ve experienced so you can create profound life shifts & unlock the next level version of yourself.

Over the course of 3 months, we work 1:1 to shine on a light on any subconscious baggage and old programming that is holding you back from the life you desire, from using your voice and being seen, from leading powerfully and boldly, from sharing your art with the world. And we use proven hypnotherapy techniques to remove those old blocks. 

It is a coming home to yourself and to your own power. And you’re sharing that journey with a tribe of other soulful women who are walking the path, through monthly calls and access to a private digital community. There is a medicine in women coming together to claim their seat at the table, and that’s what we’re doing inside THE LEAP. 

This subconscious reprogramming process is what my clients are using to: break free from self-sabotage; go from the heart-palpitating fear to showing up confidently, writing their book and leaving their legacy; overcome negative self-talk to find more self-love, trust and creative expansion; shed years-long layers of sadness, unworthiness & more in weeks; deepen their intuitive channel to receive lightning bolt moments of clarifying insight and to finally heal from childhood wounds & old traumas. It is a profound and powerful journey and I’d love to share it with those who feel the call.

What are you actively calling in now and manifesting?

After two nomadic years, I’m ready to settle and create a nurturing home to focus on my work and life. My vision extends to growing a community of inspiring women who empower each other. I believe in women claiming their place at the table to drive real change and aim to make that vision a reality.

What is your magical formula for a harmonious life?

I really believe that it always comes back to surrender – an ongoing lesson we seem to learn at deeper and deeper levels of profundity as we move through life. It’s when we truly surrender to the present moment and release our attachments to specific desires and outcomes that life can flow harmoniously and present us with what we need. It’s what allows the synchronicities to appear, for the right person to appear in our life at exactly the right time, for the right doors to open when we allow the old ones to close. 

Photography by Daniel Miceli & Mike Alicia

“Trust the inner knowing it’s trying to guide you in a direction that you do not yet understand.”

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