Jocelyn Sandstrom | A Journey from Hawaii to Global Leadership

In the realm of personal transformation and holistic well-being, Jocelyn Sandstrom emerges as a captivating figure. Originating from the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, her journey is one of global exploration and self-discovery. Jocelyn’s personal development journey began with a deep-rooted passion for an active and healthy lifestyle, a passion that fueled her remarkable journey through 12 different countries. Since 2014, she has been guiding clients worldwide through transformative Quantum Energy Sessions and, in 2022, founded Wellness and Metaphysical, a platform dedicated to elevating collective consciousness through expos and retreats.

What truly sets Jocelyn apart is her gift for helping clients overcome deep-seated issues from their past, barriers that have thwarted their peace and fulfillment. Her array of certifications, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Reiki, reflects her dedication to personal growth. As we delve into Jocelyn Sandstrom’s remarkable life and mission, we are invited to join her on a path toward personal transformation, a journey that promises to inspire and enlighten. Explore her journey as she shares the secrets to living an aligned and fulfilled life.

Walk us through your awakening journey.

My mom first got sick in 2004. They wanted to do the strongest proscript medications and surgeries. I knew that there was a holistic way to do it. I knew, even before I delved into this work, that everything came from the mind. I knew that their way wasn’t the answer. My gut told me that there was something else, and that opened the door. That’s when I was certified in NLP, neurological repatterning, and hypnosis. I became a practitioner and a certified teacher, but I knew there was still something more than that. I delved into the energetic world and started with Jung’s method. I then went into something called the Millennium Method, which is my main energetic modality. It’s based on quantum physics, utilizing fractals. That was a game-changer. I also did Reiki. Now, I combine NLP, neurological repatterning, hypnosis, the Millennium Method, and everything else into something that I call Quantum Energy Sessions. That was the first awakening for me to realize that we don’t need to be a victim in our life and our world, that it’s a choice. It’s a choice of how we look at the world. It’s a choice based on our perceptions. Everything is a story so why not write a good story instead of a bad story? 

Through that, I was able to get my mom to a certain point, but she plateaued. My teacher kept saying, “You need to work on yourself.” And I thought that if my mom got better then everything would get better. So I ended up working on myself and then she got better. That showed me this whole other pattern, on a soul level. I believe our souls come to earth, we choose our families, and we choose what we want to help each other go through. If my mom had never gotten sick, I never would have found this path and I never would have done the work I’ve done on myself. I believe my mom’s soul was able to evolve because I evolved. I believe we came here and we said, “Okay, let’s do this.” That’s the key — it’s interconnected. From that point, I started to dive deeper and deeper into everything. I originally got sick when I was trying to help her. And when my grandparents passed and my mom had a stroke, that was another massive rebirth. Death and crisis put everything into perspective. It kind of gives you this clarity on life — what’s important and what’s not — and you get this opportunity to rebirth. For me, it made me stronger. I tell people that there’s a Jocelyn before October 2016 and there’s a Jocelyn after October 2016. I went through multiple of those through that rebirth.

I went through five miscarriages. Each miscarriage made me stronger. Each miscarriage worked the same as losing someone because I did lose my baby. It put everything into perspective and showed me where I needed to start having healthier boundaries. Even though I’ve been doing this work since 2004, there are so many layers that you can go into, and life keeps getting better and better as you uncover those layers and shed old beliefs and issues. I feel there are three Jocelyns. There’s the one that grew up in Hawaii. There’s the one that worked overseas for 20 years. And there’s the one that came home and integrated both of them. I thought I was at the top of my career in Hong Kong even though I didn’t have fulfillment on the inside. Outside, everything looked amazing. I thought I was going to come home and make an easy transition. But as soon as I came home, all the childhood stuff that I thought I resolved overseas came up on a deeper level. I was allowed to see this whole other layer. Through a lot of work, I was able to rebirth and stay in my power no matter what became this new chapter that I’m in. And I want to help people through all of it.

What advice would you give to the younger version of Jocelyn?

The advice I would give is what I’m going to be doing with my four-year-old son, and that’s basically cultivating his inner power. Cultivate your inner power and discover who you are and what makes you magic, because every single person in this world is magic. We have lived in this old way of being — to fit into this box. When I did my last rebirth I had a clear visual that I was this clay mud human that was molded into what everybody wanted me to be molded into. As I was doing this last rebirth, I cultivated my inner power and I discovered who I was — Who is Jocelyn? What does success look like to Jocelyn, not the world? What does happiness look like for Jocelyn? What fulfills Jocelyn, not the people around her? The mud started to crack and I saw all this light coming through the cracks. The light started getting brighter and brighter, and then it shattered that clay molding around me. I became who I truly am, and now I help other people to do that. 

My ultimate dream is to set up a nonprofit that would be an afterschool or weekend program for kids to help them cultivate this from childhood, especially from the zero to seven imprint period. If we can cultivate that from the imprint period, then we don’t have to spend the rest of our lives healing the wounds that heal the suppression. Imagine what you would be able to do with your life if you truly believed in yourself from the core if you knew that you were more than enough and perfect just the way you are. You don’t need to be anywhere else because you’re exactly where you need to be for your evolution. You could then love and value yourself and your life and continue evolving for the rest of your life. You would be brave enough to listen to your soul and know that even if your mind is telling you something else, your soul is communicating something that’s part of your evolution, even if it seems scary. You would listen to that and then create a new reality here on Earth. I think if we all do that and we all step into that, that’s how the world’s going to change. It’s coming from personal revolution versus external. It’s going to happen. It’s part of our evolution. And you could do it easier or you could do it harder. 

As a young woman, you can learn what your inner authority is. Our mind is going to tell us to do the safe thing because it’s there to protect us. The mind does have benefits, but if you live through your mind, you will always live in that box. You’re not going to evolve. Your soul is there to expand. I believe manifestation is you truly listening to your soul and then allowing that to unfold in the physical realm so that your soul can live at its highest potential. Your desires come from your soul. The things you want to manifest come through your soul, but you’re not manifesting on your timeline. You’re manifesting because your soul tells you what the next step of your evolution is. Manifestors are meant to initiate. Generators are meant to respond. So responding, if you can discover that and give yourself permission to do that, your life completely changes. 

I’m an emotional authority. I have to keep checking into it throughout the day, and the week. The thing that I learned through my studies and through these books that I’ve been reading — and I am not an expert on human design — I read things that woke these things inside of me. I discovered myself and gave myself permission to live my life instead of asking someone else, “What do you think about this?” We give our power away all the time instead of asking ourselves. So for me, it’s about whether something is in energetic alignment right now — is this right for me right now, and is it an energetic match for me right now? And even if it’s not right right now that doesn’t mean tonight or next week or next month it’s not going to be. You have to give yourself permission to live in the now, and you have to trust in your gut. I started doing that from this amazing book that I read called Revolution of One. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and it changed my life. She’s a generator that goes on a journey to stop living for the outside and start responding. As I started that experiment, all these amazing things showed up in my life when I did less. My brain said, “But you gotta do it, that’s what success means and you’re just being lazy.” But my body said, “No, rest right now.” I started listening to my body. I started checking in with my battery. If I wanted to see a person or if I thought about seeing a person, I asked myself how it would make me feel on the inside. If it felt awesome, I would go, and if not, I wouldn’t. And it didn’t mean anything about that person or that situation. All it meant was that right now, I’m not an energetic match to that person or that situation and there’s nothing wrong with it. We used to have to make things wrong with it to say no, but now it’s so simple. 

I think in the personal development world people get caught up in strategy. You have to wake up at 4 a.m. and you have to do this and this and this, and by the time it’s 11 o’clock you’re exhausted. Then you keep going and you keep repeating, and when it doesn’t work you push harder and harder until you burn out. That’s why so many people are burnt out, they’re not listening to their bodies. You should be waking up in the morning and asking your body, “What is the most important thing for me to do? Yes, doing all these things is amazing, but what is going to be the most important thing for my soul right now and for the evolution of my soul and for me and everyone around me, the world, my business, everything?” Then do those things and don’t feel guilty about it. If you can live by that, you can let your journey unfold. The old me would have the energy to go and hammer it out until I burnt out, and then I’d have to do self-care again. I’d get to the point where I’d have energy, burn out, self care, and then repeat. I finally got it. I said, “I’m not going to do that. I’m going to ask my soul what is the next thing that I need to do today and I’m going to listen to it.” 

One day it was to sit on the couch and watch TV, which to my brain is the worst thing to do. I sat on the couch and then within half an hour got a text message with a purchase. Because I was listening to my authority to rest and to let the world come to me, versus pushing and pushing and pushing. In general, it’s a super magnet, it’s a vortex. But we were trained to do the opposite. So if we can learn to retrain ourselves, that’s when magic shows up in our lives. That’s when you quantum leap, because you’re doing less and you’re feeling more incredible than you’ve ever felt in your life. The universe is helping you to do it versus you trying to pull this big tractor on your back. Less is more. What does your body ask of you today? What does your soul ask? Whatever that inner authority is for you. I teach people to go down into their heart space and ask their soul, “What is my next step of evolution today?” Or, “What does my soul want me to know today?” We were trained for external validation, asking teachers and asking our parents and all of these things. But the thing is, nobody knows us the way we know ourselves. And we don’t even know ourselves. 

Your mom thinks she knows you, but she doesn’t know you because you don’t even fully know yourself. If you ask her for advice, she’s going to give you advice from her perception of the world, from her soul’s journey, not from your soul’s journey. Her soul might not want a quantum leap and your soul might want a quantum leap. If you ask someone and you live for everybody’s advice — is this right or wrong — you’re going to be living their soul’s journey. And that’s where the lack of fulfillment comes in. The more you can discover yourself and then be brave enough to honor that, to go against what your mind chatter and decondition and reprogram your mind, to live in the most alignment that you can, the magic happens. I never would have gotten your email if I hadn’t listened to my sacral authority. I truly believe that you reached out to me or found me through my being in alignment, because I was working on my alignment that week and that is why I made a decision. Oftentimes when I make a hard decision, somehow I always get a text message or an email — something pops up completely out of the blue to give me reconfirmation that I made the right choice. Because there’s no right or wrong, you just made the easier choice. I do things the easy way, I don’t sit in things. 

In my programs, it’s so important to reframe crisis, trauma, fear, and pain. We reframe it all because we know that if something happens, you’re about to up a level. I know that because I’ve lived it. In the first miscarriage, it was devastating. The next one through all of them, I rebirthed into something else. I never thought that I would have the conversation with my husband and I literally thought I was very grateful for each miscarriage. I would not undo any of those miscarriages. I can completely see why I was not given a baby, why the baby was not here — not for me, but also for my son’s development, for my marriage, for my business, for my family, and how it’s breaking ancestral patterns. I can see the beauty in it. Now, if I’m not trying, I’m not trying for me. I let life unfold. I surrender to the magic of it. Each day is about discovering something and practicing. Everything is practicing your skills. 

If there’s a trigger, that means I’m about to level up. If someone’s triggering me, it’s giving me an opportunity to practice, to show me that I still have a trigger here that I can uncover. Why is it triggering me? Because it’s not about them, it’s always about me. No one can trigger you unless you have something there. Then I’m grateful and I’m awesome. What is this going to help me to up-level? Who do I need to be? What do I need to shift to shift this trigger to then hold space for them so that they could shift as well? It’s this beautiful discovery, and there’s no bad, there’s no wrong, there’s no fear anymore because it’s all happening. My favorite thing that I tell my clients is,”It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you.” If you can embrace that, then you can live your life in a completely different way. You may not know what it is right now, you may know what it is in one week or a year, but it’s all going to come together into this beautiful painting or orchestra where you’re like, “If this didn’t happen then this wouldn’t have happened.”

What manifestations are you currently calling in?

I want to help more clients. I want to help people break through this. I want to set them free. I want to help them live their most authentic life. I want them to have their success, but their fulfillment at the same time. I don’t put a number on things anymore because I know that it evolves as it goes. I put numbers out there as goalposts. But it’s more the evolution of going all in, finding those people, putting myself out each and every time, and evolving through each message and each master class. Of course, business-wise, it would be to help more clients. 

What programs do you offer?

My basic intro to my world would be the free masterclasses, then I have Quantum Leap Group Coaching. The basic program is $888 for six weeks. That includes my six-lesson foundation program to decondition and reprogram the mind and put the tools in your hands so that you’re not reliant on me. I’m teaching it and you’re doing the actual workbooks and exercises to reprogram the mind so that you can take it out into the world on a daily basis. Then, even when you’re not in my programs, you can always reflect back onto it if there’s something that you need to go down deeper on — because there’s always going to be. As they say, life is a spiral. Then a couple of years later, you work on it deeper. You’re like, “I thought I got rid of this?” But it’s deeper layers of it. So you have this program to be able to go back and do another rebirth, dive deep, decondition, and reprogram. I hold four live webinars a week. Two are quantum energy sessions including Q & A, two are a study group where they get live coaching if they want it. That’s optional for them.

Then bi-weekly, I do a mastermind every other Thursday for them to continue their breakthroughs. I started out in one-on-one sessions and I would do weekend courses or retreats. I would get a little frustrated because after the retreat or after the course, you would get these breakthroughs and you’re in this new energy then you go back to your normal life and don’t have the support to continue that forward momentum moving forward. So you do have a shift, but it’s hard to continue that shift unless you’re super dedicated and you can be all-in. That’s why I’ve created this program, so that you’re doing my program every single week and I’m working with you in real-time as you implement it into your life. Then if they want to stay in, I do have the six-month and 12-month program for them. It’s the same thing. It’s going to be six months or 12 months. Six months is $3,333 and 12 months is $5,555. And this is by application only, because it’s going to be more close-proximity. With the Quantum Leap, they also receive a breakthrough session. First, I go in and I clear as much as I can. We do some NLP, we do some reprogramming, releasing past traumas from childhood or past lives so that we could get them to do a quick quantum leap in the beginning. That makes it easier for them to go through the program. 

The Transcendence Mastermind is more in-depth. They get the Quantum Leap program, but they get masterminds that are with the Transcendence group. It’s a very small group. They get two more masterminds per month, plus Voxer chat so that I can coach them Monday through Friday in real-time. For me, Voxer has been a game changer. You need to do the foundation. If you haven’t done the foundation, then the Voxer isn’t as powerful. I mean, it’s still powerful, but if you do the foundation, your brain already thinks a certain way. The Voxer is for tweaking, taking it to the next level, and expanding a quantum leap. That one for six months is $6,666 and the 12 months is $12,222. I have personal coaching as well. They would get four sessions of private one-on-one coaching. They would get four breakthrough sessions a month, once a week. And then they would have Voxer support. That’s also application-only. For one month, it’s $2,222 and then six months, $12,222. I don’t go above six months because our clients shift so fast.

What do you do on a daily basis to step into this version of yourself? 

I honor my authority every single morning when I wake up. I make a list of the things that would be good for my life and for my business, and then I tune into my body throughout the day, multiple times a day. When I’m done with a task, I tune in and say, “What’s the next thing? What do I feel?” And if I can live through my inner authority, there’s no fear, there’s no doubt. There’s no, “Am I doing the right thing or wrong thing?” Because what I’m doing is what’s right for me at that moment. I don’t have to plan. Before, I used to have to plan a million steps ahead, and then I’d be like, “Okay, if I do this and I do this…” and I would go down this track, and then sometimes I’d do nothing, or sometimes I would and it would look completely different. Why waste all that energy? Why not just have a plan but then show up and make it so simple? So in my daily life, I look at everything happening as practicing my skills, even to the point that I’m good at manifesting parking stalls. But there was one day that, for whatever reason, I wasn’t manifesting the parking stall. I didn’t even realize that my brain would still go to this place where I was like, “What’s wrong with you? What are you doing wrong?” And I think that’s why I didn’t manifest it, because my brain still went to that default. 

There’s learning and there’s a growth opportunity in everything. The fact that happened allowed me to realize that I still made myself wrong instead of trusting in the divine timing of everything. I don’t need to stress and be like, “Well, now I have to drive around until I find another spot.” Maybe I should be there. Listening to my gut, my gut says, “Sit here.” Okay, so now what do I do? How do I make this the most enjoyable wait? And then I opened my book and I read an empowering chapter. Maybe that’s why that happened — I needed to read this. We don’t have to figure out the why of everything, we just have to let it unfold. I’m nauseous and terrified of heights so I did a post about jumping off rocks. I would only go off the lower end to force myself to do it back in the day, now I did it with the intention. I wanted to master my mindset. Any triggers that there are in the world, I use as an opportunity to practice my response and my alchemy. So as I was walking up the steps to the rock, I noticed I was praying, asking the angels to protect me. I was like, what am I doing? 

Hundreds of people jump off this rock. Fear is an illusion. This person standing next to me does not have that fear. I have that fear, but we’re both going to be fine. If whatever caused that fear to begin with was a perception and a story, I can just as easily release that and let it be me taking the step off the rock. I have to go up the rock and then my mind would be thinking, how do I do this? How is it going to feel when I jump off the rock? How’s it going to feel when I get in the water? I don’t have that stomach feeling. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Hundreds of people do this. Then you look for examples to confirm that in your mind, to calm your subconscious and your paradigm. I literally made it a step off the rock, nothing else. Because as soon as you take a step, gravity does everything. Then before you know it, you’re in the water and it’s done. But you don’t have to make it mean all these things or make a million steps forward. All you need to do is step and then everything will unfold from there. But it can’t unfold if you don’t take that step. Anybody that’s afraid of anything, if you can reframe your brain knowing that you’re safe no matter what, if you look at the grand scheme of life, everything works out for you and it makes you into who you are. You’re more resilient that you’re going to be able to get through it. It’s a step every day. 

When I was in other countries, I observed people, I observed the situation, and I observed myself. Now, instead of being entrenched in it and consumed by it. I was the biggest people pleaser. I said yes to everything. I always would have social anxiety because I go to things and then I’d analyze. Did I say the right thing? I was bullied as a child, all the way up till I left Hawaii, until my sophomore year. I did my first contract overseas in Tokyo when I was 16. That was the first moment that life changed for me, but I still had the programming of pleasing and trying to be what everybody wanted. I tried so hard, my whole childhood. I tried to wear the right clothes, say the right things, and listen to the right music. But nothing worked. Now I’m so free. All I need to do is be me. I don’t need to please people. I don’t need to make people wrong. I can be completely honest and vulnerable with them. If we communicate with people they wouldn’t be upset that we say no, and if they are upset then they shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. 

I would go into Whole Foods to buy fish and the guy there was so grumpy. Normally it would trigger me because I’m a people pleaser. I’d be afraid to say whatever I wanted to. But I went up and I sent him love and I imagined that my light and my energy was going to him, enveloping him. Then I talked to him and asked him questions. He was super grumpy, giving me one-word answers, but I kept talking and trying to connect. Then all of a sudden it shifted. He started smiling, then he started joking with me, then he gave me an extra piece of fish. I was like, “Oh, my God, this is magic!” That’s when I first discovered this. I was returning something to the Amazon counter. Normally, the people are looking down, they take your box, and there’s no connection. I try to connect and I try to bring people out of the autopilot. I talked to the woman there and I joked with her. All of a sudden she looks up into my eyes and she connects with me. I smile, and then she has the biggest smile on her face. If you look for the highest purpose in people and it ripples out, you can make a difference in your world. You’re doing it for you and for them because for you it feels so good and it fills your battery up. But again, you can’t do it unless your battery’s full. You have to first care for yourself, then for them, and then for the world. We do it backward.

That’s why I give 10% of my profit to my charity funds. Everything that I do, I know that it’s going to ripple out. I know that 10% of what I make is going to either go to my school in Nepal or go to a local charity of my choice. I have a scholarship fund and I also want to do things locally or to support other women entrepreneurs. It gives me so much more motivation to build my business because I know I can see a direct result in every paycheck. 10% comes out and goes into a separate bank account that I can use for whatever charity I choose. The Maui fires that happened, I donated that to Maui. It’s how we live and become the best humans that we can, not for ourselves, but for everything. That’s how I live my daily life. How do I drive down the road and be present and let people in front of me and not have to rush because I have to go to this and that and miss out on my whole life? How do I be present? I used to be a master multitasker and habit stacker. I’d be doing my makeup while listening to a podcast and all these things, but are you living or are you able to be present? When you’re present, you have so much more time. 

I have this bioresonance meditation machine that hooks up to your ear. It has a breathing circle that breathes a metronome. It goes in and out, in and out. It’s a computer program. You can’t change this computer program. But as I was doing the bioresonance, the breathing circle would go slow and fast and I noticed my mind would wander and start thinking about things. Then I’d look back at the breathing circle and it was going fast and I couldn’t even keep my breath up with it. So then I would focus on it and, literally with my mind, slow down the computer program. I would slow it down and then I would think about something else and it would speed up. I realized that time is relative. If we’re doing a bunch of things and we’re not in the moment, time flies by. But if you’re in the moment and you’re in the zone and you’re in the presence, you can slow it down. I was listening to a podcast while I was doing my makeup. I looked at the clock and 15 minutes went by. I turned off the podcast and I did my makeup. I looked at the clock again and two minutes had passed. When you look at the time and play with the time, you realize that we are the ones in control of time. It’s all an illusion. In quantum physics, nothing’s real until you observe it. We keep trying to make people live in our model of the world, but their model of the world could look red and purple to them. There’s no reality. My reality may not be the same reality as your reality. You can live simultaneously with other people. You don’t have to make them live your reality. You have to live your reality the best that you can live your reality, and you don’t have to prove it or make it right or good.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life? 

To me, the magic formula is alignment with your inner self, living in your inner authority, and reframing your mind. My soul is the one that’s going to evolve me through my life. My soul is the one that’s going to help me release these issues, these fears, and these doubts. If I trust in it, I can live this life. Because before, I had a hard time with boundaries and saying no. Now there’s no right or wrong, there’s no good or bad, there’s no toxic people or un-toxic people. If my authority does not want to be in this space or with this person today I’m going to trust in that. Harmony, to me, is checking in with myself, and if I get off course, going back in, not punishing myself, not beating myself up, just harvesting the learnings. The only time a generator is frustrated is when they’re out of alignment. Before, I used to work through frustration. Now I ask myself what’s causing the frustration. Listening to your body is so simple yet it’s one of the hardest things to do because our mind is so afraid to do what our body tells us to. A lot of times our body is going to tell us to do something different because it’s evolving us. It’s not going to be comfortable. It sucks as much to sit and stay in the pain as the pain that’s going to come from you evolving. Why not do the thing that’s going to evolve you versus sitting there and having it suck? 

I learned from one of Melanie’s courses about being the one. When I’m feeling doubtful or anything, I literally walk around, and in my head, I’m saying, “I’m the one. I’m the one. I’m the one.” Then I anchor it through NLP. I think about the most powerful things I’ve done in my life or my most powerful achievements or moments, then I use a physical anchor to anchor it into my body. I also step into a future memory of my goal to achieve who I am in my highest purpose. What does that look like? Where am I? How do I feel about seeing myself helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world? Then I bring that into my now so that I can start living as that person now so that it can ripple out into the world. If you can start your day like that and then every time you wobble, put yourself back in your power, you’re going to be making completely different decisions. You’re going to be able to handle triggers so much more because you’re in your power. The only reason we get triggered and can’t handle them is because we’re not in our power. The doubt starts creeping in and then not good enough starts creeping in. All you need to do is love yourself, hold space, and be the best version of yourself. If there’s something you can tweak, tweak it. If not, love yourself for being that power and know that people projecting onto you is them projecting their stuff onto you. 

A lot of times it’s not even your stuff. You can hold space for them because when they project onto you, that’s because they’re suffering. Hurt people hurt people. So if they’re suffering, you can hold space for them, send them love, and have healthy boundaries, of course. But you can send them love instead of attacking back and playing in that energy. That, I think, is harmonious. Truly value every single person in your life, even if they’re being difficult. Honor their highest truth, their highest light. Everybody has a darkness and everybody has a light. If you look for the light in them, your energy and your aura will ignite that light in them. Even if they can’t see it, you see it. They will feel that, not consciously but energetically. If you look for their darkness, that will expand their darkness. That’s why if you’re around certain people and you don’t know why you feel good, it’s because they’re looking for your highest light, holding space for you to shift, and for you to be your highest version. It’s an energetic connection. That’s all it is. 

If you could fully immerse yourself in the love of the things that you have, or in the moment, and feel it inside of you, life becomes magical. I used to be so afraid of life. I used to be so afraid of losing my parents and losing my grandparents. I was terrified of it. I went through the storms, went through multiple fires and I realized there’s nothing to be afraid of if you have the right tools and the right resources. That’s all it is. I continue to do the work and through the work, it frees me bit by bit and I start loving every single part of life. That’s why we’re here. We’re not here to be anybody. We’re here to experience and to love and to live and to know ourselves. We’re here to discover ourselves through our entire life. I wish I could help everyone do that. We’re doing that, and everybody in this magazine, and you guys. Thank you so much for doing this for all of us, for us as practitioners and coaches, as well as for the people who are going to be reading it. You guys are rippling so huge and I’m very grateful for the opportunity that you give us all. 

Also, I put on the Wellness and Metaphysical Expo last year because I want to support the community. Because I’ve been there and it’s so hard. I wanted to bring a community together to give them a platform as well as to help. They help people to find them and to introduce them to this world. I did that expo, but the next one’s going to be more of a festival. I would love to bring that into the world and share that with everybody. It’s going to be bigger. I had an end goal of what I wanted it to be. I thought that it was going to take a couple of years to even get close to that but so far the universe is pushing me to take it to the next level now. 2024, look out for the Wellness and Metaphysical Festival. Once I build it in Hawaii, the next place I want to take it would be Vancouver, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong, and London. My main goal is to connect the world. We’re all the same and we can learn so much from each other and connect with each other.

Photography by Megan Moura

“If you really want to take your careers/business to the next level it comes down to the inner work and that’s what I focus on in my programs because once you do the inner work that’s when the magic happens and takes everything to the next level!”

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