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Meet the influential voice that is Christina Deering. Powerful Shaman Healer and Spiritual Awakening Guide on a mission to help you create your most soul-aligned life. She combines ancient wisdom with revolutionary healing modalities to release energetic blocks held in your subconscious and even deeper, your past lives. She’s the Quantum Energy Healer best known for creating more powerful results in one healing session than decades worth of therapy!

Do you recognize the impact you’ve had on transforming an archaic teaching into this magical / divine space? 

Absolutely, there’s been a significant shift in the coaching industry. While mindset work is undeniably valuable, it’s only a piece of the puzzle. It can take us as far as our conscious mind allows, but the most profound transformation unfolds when we delve into the depths of our soul, the unconscious realms, and the very cells of our being.

I’ve found that the most remarkable changes occur when we connect with the Akashic Records to explore our soul’s journey, healing not only our current lifetime but also our parallel, past, and future lives. This soul-level connection is where the true magic resides.

And by harnessing the incredible power of light language, the language of the soul, we’re able to transcend the ego, and experience one of the most potent healing modalities available to us. 

And our body is equally transformative. Our cells hold the stories of our soul, and by releasing old narratives and reprogramming them with our desires, we create a fresh operating system. And this shift allows us to manifest in ways we never thought possible.

So, while the conscious mind is a valuable tool, it only takes us as far as our awareness does. The real magic happens in the unconscious realms, across all dimensions of time and space. That’s where we discover our true potential, which is limitless when we transcend what’s been holding us back.

What has been the biggest intuitive pull to continue down this path?

What keeps me on this path is the incredible transformation I’ve witnessed in myself and my clients, on what seems like an impossibly fast timeline. For instance, one of my clients saw her business 10x after just one light language healing. Because we healed deep ancestral trauma that had her realize she didn’t have to choose between being an incredible mother and a thriving 7-figure CEO. That gave her the permission on a soul level to go all in in all areas of her life and transformed her relationship to what’s possible. Quantum transformations like these blow my mind and have me realize how infinite we truly are.

What is your brand ETHOS?

 My brand ethos is all about the transformative power of healing on a soul level. When we can clear out everything that’s in the way of what we want, suddenly anything is possible. So when we dive deep into the unconscious and clear out everything that’s weighing us down, it raises our frequency and gets us into alignment with people, circumstances and opportunities that allow our dreams to manifest. 

When we dare to go on a journey of understanding our souls, we feel seen in a way we never have before, allowing us to shine more brightly than ever. It’s all about uncovering our unique soul blueprint and living in alignment with what feels like home to us. 

There’s a divine shift happening in this industry that is activating women to step into their power; what do you wish to see more of as this continues to evolve?

What I find so fulfilling is helping my clients heal their need for external validation of their unique soul blueprint. It’s life changing when we realize we don’t need permission to be ourselves. When we encounter skepticism or hear “that’s not possible for you,” we’re actually encountering their limitations, not ours. 

Then it becomes a game of us honoring our truth even when it’s not understood by others. Because it’s not meant to be fully understood by others, it’s not their blueprint, it’s ours. And when we step in with both feet and celebrate who we are, our deepest level of freedom unfolds.

Introspections: what have been some of the most compelling moments for you since launching your brand?

The more I gave myself permission to be me, the more successful my brand became. Because there was a lightness to doing things in alignment, which was felt by my clients who wanted that for themselves. 

The Universe wants you to live in alignment with your soul. We were given unique gifts for a reason, to bless the world with them. We’re not meant to be cookie cutter versions of each other. We’re meant to play the melody in alignment with our soul, creating a collective harmony that wouldn’t be the same without each of us.

What do you want women to retain the most from the work that you are bringing to the world? 

The profound realization that when they connect to the entirety of their soul and heal across all time, space, realities, anything is possible. 

To remember that their current reality is actually a manifestation of their old thoughts and patterns, and to keep going because their next greatest adventure is right around the corner.

For them to find a coach and healer who works with the most powerful healing modalities in the world like Light Language, Quantum Energy Healing and Shamanism, to achieve a level of success that transcends the 3D experience. It’s like accessing a higher dimension of consciousness, where they can suddenly manifest in ways they never thought possible.

And lastly to remember, the challenging moments in life aren’t meant to break you down permanently but to build you back up even stronger. These difficulties, the ones that infuriate you and make you question everything, are actually catalysts for your personal evolution. So keep going, you’ve got this beautiful soul!

If you could give the women in this space one thing, what would it be and why? 

I would love to give the women in this space 3 powerful exercises to connect with their intuition. Our intuition is the internal compass for our soul, and our lives transform when we’re in tune with our internal operating system. Just scan this QR code and these exercises will be sent directly to your inbox.. I can’t wait to see what unfolds when you start living in alignment with your soul!

For more information, visit her website here.

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