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Find and Embrace your inner doll!

Meet Jules Robert, Branding Expert and Founder of Dolls Media. She is an online sensation that has taken over the marketing and media space in Canada. With her brand growing out of Montreal, now expanding into the Toronto market, she proves that consistent and resilience are the power moves of any brand. Through her platform, she empowers women to step outside of their comfort zones and create a brand they love — all whilst embracing their inner doll. Here is her success journey!

Tell our readers a bit about your personal story and what even brought you into the entrepreneurship world.

I started the entrepreneurship with Social Mindset, which was also a marketing agency, and I had a few clients, and more and more client I had was more into the beauty industry, beauty salon, plastic surgery, and everything. So, I decided to niche that way. I changed the name of the company to Dolls Media, and now we are only focusing on beauty services, beauty products, online beauty company and brand. Dolls Media started in 2020. And so, it’s going to be two years this June.

It’s really fun working with women — and the more I was working with them, I saw the same issues, the same inquiries. I decided to build the app for them, for the beauty salon and beauty businesses. That is going to launch, we’re going to do the try-out with 350 salons in April, and then it we will be mainstreamed starting in October. It will be like an Uber service, but really to collect review, content, to facilitate the ambassador influencer contact with beauty brand.

“I founded Dolls Media Agency to help beauty entrepreneurs reach their goals! As a mom, entrepreneur, branding coach, and former procrastinator I am on a mission to help you build the beauty business you dreamed of.”

When you say it’s going to be a service, that’s going to really underline different types of services, like women, like a one-stop shop?

It’s really for the salon, you can grab any beauty provider to be able to collect easily the review, the content, to contact with the influencer easily, and to sell the products. So, it’s a bit like a fresh app when it comes to review and beauty businesses, but collecting the content, so it’s going to be a little bit more like Instagram. They have already the content. So, it’s for the people. For example, if I’m going to do my hair, I want it this long, I can scan it and do my before and after picture, and then I share all my beauty journey while I’m at the salon, then I’m going to review, and look for the beauty entrepreneur. They have everything they need, the review and the content, without having to stop their services and start taking picture and send an email two days later, “Can you leave me a review?” So, everything is done by the client instead of the professional.

How did you even think of creating such a platform? That is magical and just so empowering too, but it takes such a business savviness to have that kind of a vision.

That is really through Dolls Media, my agency, and I’m surveying all the beauty salons and entrepreneurs, and everybody had the same issue, collecting testimonial and review and having enough content to put on social media and everything. It’s really that. It’s like, having worked with a beauty salon for three to five years now, it was like my market research without me knowing, and there must be something which I can do. I used to do some of those survey for the client and then call some of their clients to leave a review and give free services for a review, and they’re all facing the same issue. I saw the potential and the need in the marketplace.

You’re also a mother of a beautiful six year old girl. Tell us how she inspired you to create your brand?

I really do it all for her. Yesterday, she saw a video, she took my phone, and she started a video on social media, and she said, “Oh, this is so Dolls, mom.” Now, she can understand like my company, a little bit more, and she’s like, “This is so Doll, right?” I’m like, “Yes!”

When it comes to, how you’re able to do that and being a full-time mother, can you tell us what is like a morning routine or how do you set up your day for success?

I work out every day. I wake up very early, so I can work out while she’s sleeping. And I don’t do meditation because my workout is meditation. I go to bed very early. I’m like a grandma, I’m in bed at 9. So, I start at 4 or 5, but I am out at 9. And really, I don’t negotiate with my beauty sleep. Also, I ask for help. I always ask for help if I need to. I have an assistant. I also use a lot of tools and delegate.

Did you have any women mentors or just women who inspire you to soar?

Arian Simon, for her commitment in funding black female businesses, and being a diversity advocate. Chrishell Strauss, for her real estate branding while she started this career later in life and for her strength and come back after a divorce. Rihanna for changing the entire Beauty industry by promoting inclusivity and also for being 💯 unfiltered RIHANNA always.

For more information, visit Dolls Media.

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