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Dr. Nancy Crowell is the creator of the Resonance Program–a proven 12-month process that specializes in helping clients with hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, gas, bloating, stress and anxiety to be set FREE.  Her unique approach uncovers the thoughts and emotions at the core of any dis-ease and then incorporates this inner healing along with client-specific protocols for nutrition and well-being.

This approach creates optimal success for her clients to reverse symptoms and live a highly energized healthy life. She’s been featured in places like Every Day Health, hosted the 5 season, Conscious Eating Summit and is known among high-achieving entrepreneurs and celebs as THE expert and coach to radically transform their health so they can actually enjoy the freedom lifestyle they’re creating.

Nancy is a trained Doctor of Oriential medicine, functional medicine and a transformational mindset coach.  She’s passionate about sustainability practices. She’s  also a  traveler at heart and is currently enjoying living in Santa Fe, New Mexico—in a partially off-grid dwelling and large garden with her beautiful son, and adorable rescue shih tzu, Bodhi.

What began your path into holistic medicine? 

In my twenties, I woke up to the fact that there were deeper underlying issues that needed to be addressed in order to address my chronic cystic acne, anxiety and insomnia. That started my personal health journey that led me to finding holistic medicine, I went through a long windy path, like many of my own clients do, of trying to figure out what was going on. I inherently knew that my anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia were not normal and I was on a quest to get to the root cause. This led me to study East Asian and later Functional medicine.

What happened when you started to go inwards and heal yourself? 

Things improved at that point, I got to a maintainable place where I knew what to do for my body to feel good and function at a high level, but then my son was born. During the post partum period, my health hit a wall again. I was faced yet again with debilitating anxiety, it was the same symptoms, but heightened.

I was finishing up my studies with a new born along with, high functioning anxiety, high functioning depression, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues. I was a high functioning hot mess.

That’s what led me to start looking deeper into functional medicine. I wanted, to identify the root cause from a different angle.  So I started to look for underlying infections, running blood work and hormone panels. I saw a lot of improvements in my energy levels and quality of sleep. At the same time, I also started to do a lot of self development work and began to see the intersection between my emotional patterns, beliefs and how that manifested in my health and my nervous system.

I saw huge strides in my own health and that’s when I decided to take my business online to help others. My business has evolved over the years. Now I support online entrepreneurs and high achievers that have been able to identify how their health has taken a backseat due to their business and high performance. They are in a place where how they feel is capping their potential and capacity to reach their next level.. If they’re not at their best, they’re not producing the results that they want.

What are the various containers, whether it’s one on one or group coaching or things like that should basically have for women to join your world? 

I’ve got four different offerings at the moment. I have my signature program, which is called Resonance, a 12 month health transformation program that includes all the bells and whistles. It includes functional labs and  bio-identical lifestyle and supplement protocol. The Resonance Program also includes monthly embodiment workshops, group coaching and private coaching. It’s a group private hybrid that addresses all of the aspects needed to support someone in creating not only transformation but an integrated new lifestyle.

I have private coaching as well, that includes all of that, but in a more intimate way. This option is better for the person that is extremely busy or wants to stay private.  

I have a six week program called Flow Medicine, which is focused on opening up the detox pathways in the body. It’s optimizing your body’s own ability to get toxins out of the body through hands on techniques, herbal protocol, dietary guidelines and coaching.

I have a program that I just launched called Adapt, which is focused on the nervous system and the vagus nerves. Its focus is teaching individuals how to activate their vagus nerves so that they can have more calm, less anxiety and more energy. 

I do believe the group coaching is a great way to be in a community as it holds my clients more accountable. When they hear another persons breakdowns and breakthroughs and share the experience, it gifts them connection as well as deeper awareness. Most of my clients go through the Resonance Program in which they also have access to all the smaller programs.

When it comes to you and your own personal success journey, what has been the biggest reoccurring theme of your transformation? 

Stepping into my worth and value independent from outside validation or feedback.  Four years ago, I began to recognize that I was staying stuck in situations and relationships that no longer served me due to self worth issues. I never thought of myself as not valuing myself or not feeling worthy. But over the last four years, I think I’ve really made huge transformations of ownership over my own personal power and sovereignty and shifting out of any sort of victimization.  By deciding what I want and creating it and not letting others opinions or views dictate what it is that I do. A lot of it in my own personal journey and even the work that I do at its core is about reclaiming our personal power and knowing that we are worthy of receiving.

When it comes to your morning routine, do you have certain regular things that you believe has brought you to this level of success that you’ll obviously keep on growing with? 

I think a morning routine actually is really important, but I do believe that it starts the night before. So you can’t really have a good morning routine if you haven’t gotten good sleep. For me personally, if I don’t get my morning stuff done before I start my day, I don’t get it done. So I do this whole length drainage technique that I teach in my flow program, I meditate, I do typically like a Tracy Anderson work-out so we have this system, there’s some that are in your throat, like on your neck, and sometimes those get swollen when you’re sick, but we have them throughout our whole body and they’re connected to our immune system. 

I also try not to look at any devices until after all that’s done as well and do something that’s called dopamine fasting. So our brain gets really addicted to the dopamine hits of emails and likes and all of that. So the longer that we can wait to engage in that sort of activity, it also allows for us to have better concentration during the day. 

When it comes to inspiration for you, what do you think is something that really motivates you to just keep growing in this world and in this space? 

I feel like our internal health and health of our planet are very much intrinsically connected. For instance, microbes in the soil diversity are being seen in lack of biodiversity in our gut microbiome as well. And so on some level, like there’s kind of the micro and macro levels of why this matters on like kind of a micro level. 

I believe that entrepreneurs have the power to really create transformation and change on a global scale because they have a broad reach of influence and they have the potential to create financial abundance, which is voting power hours in many ways. 

If they’re prioritizing their health and they’re standing in their self worth, then my hope is that there’s also this overlap of an environmental level as well because you can not really prioritize your health and not take into consideration the environmental aspect. And so just the ripple of fact of what that’s possible it’s really beyond just eating vegetables and exercising it’s like, what’s possible whenever you have emotional intelligence because you’re no longer in a trauma response and you’re not inflamed. And you see the value of what it means to have a healthy environment. I believe it changes people when they really see the impact of what our society has done to everyone, to their personal health and it’s a journey.

It’s a constant journey that once we embark on, can only get better over time.

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