Kiera Noelle : The Aligned Journey of the Soul

Mentor of Multidimensional women + femme leaders

In today’s interview, we got to dive deep into the purest form of love and magic that is the soul of Kiera Noelle. She shares her raw + authentic story of combatting an eating disorder, falling in love with herself and teaching women worldwide to embrace their inner goddess. She embodies what it truly means to be in true feminine power and leads her life from this place. Empowering other women to find their inner light, her story remains one of our favorite fairy tales of how a woman comes home to herself and guides others to do the same.

Tell us about your background ; education, nationality.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada but my family is of Lebanese and Greek descent. There was always an exotic nature that ran through my blood… even to the point where my parents are convinced I am mixed with so many other things! I have a four year University degree from the University of Western Ontario. My degree is in business however, I want to be honest with you — learning how to sell widgets from 1940 and being an entrepreneur are two totally different worlds!!! I am so grateful for the journey in University. It was a contrast and showed me what I didn’t want.

When did you decide you were going to pursue your entrepreneurial journey?

I’ve always had this “rebellious” nature — and not in a ‘screw the rules’ type of way… but a very clear knowing that I am meant to follow the beat of my own drum. I did this unapologetically as a young girl and after going through the school system (literally “being in a system”) it felt VERY uncomfortable to me. My candid answer is this… it felt like soul suicide — putting myself into a box of limitations versus creating a limitless life where my soul and true essence could be free. I really don’t believe in limitations – it may sound crazy but there’s a full body resonance to this truth and it continues to be a North Star for me — I trust it will lead me to where I truly am meant to thrive. 

What are the things you do to keep yourself in this harmony/energy?

This path is a personal devotion. It’s your daily practice, it’s your priority and a moment to moment commitment. I don’t feel I need to “try” and stay in the vibe of magic and possibility ….it has become who I am and I can’t imagine anything differently. The sweet spot is when you get to the place where you know you can’t not do this for yourself. You choose it. You embody it. You become it. It becomes non-negotiable. It’s your destiny. You become a walking, talking being of pure harmonious energy that others magnetize to. When your vibe becomes the priority without even thinking about it — that’s something special. That’s the sweet spot.

Talk to us about your platform?

It’s business and life coaching all in one. It touches energy, personal development, soul work and so much more. It’s a multidimensional line of work. It’s about bringing all parts of you online – liberate AND home, aligned with soul. It takes the form of one-on-one coaching, live group coaching, live masterminds and I also have self led journeys that anyone can take themself through at their own pace!

Tell us about a challenge you surmounted recently.

It’s interesting because we think that having a business comes with all of these challenges that we must travel through but I truly believe the biggest “challenge” is us…. getting in our own way, regulating our emotions and nervous system, leaning into discomfort, meeting our edges. It’s the game we chose to play. It’s the joys of being human. We are complex beings! 

I’m a business owner, I own different projects (an Airbnb and property) while travelling and supporting my clients while listening to life and creating new offerings and transformational spaces. I love it so much — it’s just life’s way of expanding you. 

The real “problems and challenges” arise when I’m not regulating my emotions, taking care of my body, mind, and spirit. It is all an internal game and that’s fundamental for everyone — your aligned path will never ask you to sacrifice yourself.

Through your journey what would be one thing you give yourself as advice and to another woman?

3 things:

  1. Self sacrifice is not needed.
  2. Bring you with you everywhere you go.
  3. You are worthy of it all.

Embracing who you are is the key to becoming more. Ground deep, fly high.

This has been a constant in my journey. It’s a constant drop into gratitude —  “I’m right here, thank you – I’m enough, thank you — I am exactly who I need to be at the place and time, thank you.” Through my darkest moments I always had my mantra with me: “Bring you with you everywhere you go”

What do you recommend to people who want to take this leap of faith and this journey of entrepreneurship?

The question is the answer. Bet on yourself. Lean in. Have faith. Devote your life to this path —  you are your greatest investment.

How do you stay balanced? What rituals do you have in place to stay “grounded” or come back to yourself?

I thrive off newness — so my days look different quite often. I don’t believe it’s just ONE thing – I believe it’s many little things compounded. Being present and meeting each moment is the most important practice. Life is happening now — presence is everything. Certainty in the moment and of the moment.

And like I mentioned before, bring you with you everywhere you go.

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