Laurence Lavoie on Discipline, Hard Work and Building Confidence

Laurence Lavoie is a residential real estate broker with a background in business and marketing. Her extensive experience outside the real estate industry has taught her how to excel in the game very quickly. Just a year into the real estate business, she has amounted the skillset and the network to have a successful practice far beyond her expectations. How? Discipline, hard work and exuding such a confidence that anything is possible, when you believe you can.

Why did you decide to go into real estate?

I have been wanting to be a [residential real estate] broker for the longest time but at the time my parents told me to get a Bachelor’s degree as a safety net. A lot of brokers do not make it in the real estate world and don’t have anything to back them up after that. With my Bachelors I always have something to fall on. My Bachelor was in entrepreneurial marketing which touched a lot of parts of the real estate world. It only strengthened my desire to be a broker and my knowledge. I have always fascinated by the relationship you have with clients in the world of sales.

What is your vision for yourself in the real estate world?

My goal is to be independent and to build my own team one day. From my past experienced I learned invaluable lessons and I am forever grateful for the growth I have done in a team but for me to grow it is best for me to lead a team of my own. I want to be recognized for the value I bring my clients, and at the same time grow my brand under Laurence Lavoie Inc. I’m about to get an executive assistant very soon, so the team is slowly building. We will be serving both anglophone and francophone markets.

What areas do you work in?

I work in the North Shore and all part of the Laurentien’s. I mostly deal with houses but from time to time some condos do come across my desk. But ultimately it’s whatever the clients needs are that direct time. Its only been almost a year and a half that im a real estate agent but I have seen a significant increase in demand for my services.

Have you seen a shift in real estate over the last year?

With our curent situation under covid, it has cause quite the increase in demand for properties, especially for the vendors. However, for the buyer it’s quite the opposite, with so much demand that its not unusual to see multiple offers on properties with some of them getting over 100k over asking price. I never thought that my first year was going to be this busy, I was sure it would have been calm.

What do you want people to perceive when they see your brand/business?

I want people to want to work with me and that they could trust me completely because they know that they are in good hands. That is why I push all my content out on social networks to show that I have my boyfriend/friends and I show balance in life.

What inspires you?

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone – honestly! im a workaholic but love it. It’s my passion. I can work 24/7 without any problems. My boyfriend has to tell me sometimes to stop because I don’t catch myself.

Did you always have these character traits?

I’ve always been hard working. I was a figure skater for over 15 years, and it taught me discipline and hard work. After that I was in fitness competitions. I have touched different aspects in different fields ultimately teaching me to always be on my a game and on point which spilled over to my everyday life and consequently onto how I go about my real estate business. All this is entrepreneurship for me and the mindset that I always have.

Which of the qualities that you learned helps you the most in real estate?

It’s to always push to the limit and to always try and beat that limit. When I did my fitness competition, I did not really have the frame to begin with and was at somewhat of a disadvantage. With the skills of always being able to push my limits I won number one in Quebec. It just showed me that when you put all your energy into something and really give it your all everything is possible, you can overcome anything and make your dreams a reality. The sky is the limit.

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