Nicole Hill, Registered Practical Nurse Turned Business Owner

Meet Nicole Hill. At just 31 years old she went from being a Nurse Practitioner to opening her own cosmetic injections clinic out of Hamilton, Ontario. When you first encounter this #Gossybabe, you will notice her beauty and brains. She was not always as confident and skilled as she is today. The younger, Nicole would even called herself insecure and did not think she would amount to such success.

When I was younger I thought one day I would just find a man that was successful and hard-working and would help support me. Never as a young, insecure and shy little girl would I have ever imagined that I would be so strong, independent and thriving on my own.

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic and the future being so uncertain, she decided to follow her dreams and open her own company. Did you always know you would own your own business?

I always had a cosmetic background doing make up and hair, I did not do well in school and was told that I wouldn’t really be much of anything. It wasn’t until my father passed away when I was 21 years old that I decided to take things seriously and make him proud by being a nurse like he always wanted me to. I started off working in the hospital and I truly love bedside nursing, seeing people every day that reminded me of him that I was able to help.

What made you decide to go from Nurse Practitioner to business owner?

When I was pregnant my partner and I separated and it was uncertain if he would be involved, I was alone pregnant and working my butt off 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I decided to take an injection course while I was pregnant to have something to fall back on, possibly something that was better hours and great money so I could support my daughter on my own.

It has been a long rocky road for me as a single mom with a four-year-old, doing online school balancing my own apartment, car and now business all on my own.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that I started to practice with injections, I wanted to open a clinic that was everything that I wanted in an injection clinic. An honest, trustful Injector that wasn’t intimidating. That gave me natural results and made me feel comfortable. I pride myself on my relationships with my customers, and I feel like I have establish exactly what I wanted in my clinic.

I think back to my lowest points and how I always told myself one day things will get better. Now I have a new great partner, a beautiful daughter, an amazing business doing what I love with some kick ass clients that I look forward to seeing every day.

Some people think this industry superficial, but I think that making people feel a bit better about themselves and bringing out their inner beauty is something so special.

I am continuing to work hard every day to make my father proud, my daughter proud and that young, shy, insecure little girl I used to be, proud.

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