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Meet Lucy Yordanou, a top realtor in the GTA area who focuses on the residential market and its sky rocket sales. A Mississauga born, Toronto lived business woman who credits her ongoing success to her tenacity, resilience and hard work. Not to mention having parents as avid investors from a young age who instilled the importance of owning properties to build generational wealth. Today she is building just that – alongside helping her clients find their own perfect dream home. With her actively growing her real estate portfolio an engaged social media audience, she is just at the brink of a very successful lifelong career. Here is her success journey.

Tell our readers about you.
I was born in Mississauga but lived downtown Toronto for a decade. I went to school for English at McMAster and then I switched into a business program at Ryerson towards the end (of my degree). From there, I got into sales – I started off in advertising sales where I would travel to the states and basically sell ad placements for Fortune 500 companies. After that, I worked in corporate sales for a legal software company. I’ve always been in sales and really enjoyed the process.
When did real estate become one of your passions?
I’ve always been around real estate – my parents are investors so even growing up I was always around flipping houses and around them building wealth for themselves through real estate. They always convinced me to get into the market early so when I was buying my first house, it was when I was still doing corporate sales. I found that the overall experience I had with my realtor was so positive and so it showed me the value of having a good agent.
I got into the industry about four years ago. Based with my current sales scale, I just felt like it would be a great avenue for me. I haven’t looked back since.
You did move around a few times in terms of agencies – what brought you to North Group?
I bounced around a few times, I like to challenge myself and always want to do better and try new things. It took me a few years to find the perfect fit for me.
So I joined North Group Real Estate because they have a really great presence on line and an amazing reputation. The agents on the team are extremely successful which is the type of people I want to surround myself with.
Did you have any business women mentors in the industry?
I do have a really good group of people that I surround myself with from the industry, I don’t have a direct mentor but so many colleagues who have helped me thrive.
When it comes to a more long term vision or plan for your career, where do you see yourself?
Each year that I’ve been in the business I’ve doubled what I did the year before and so far I’ve been successful at that. I like to push myself to keep hitting that goal as I have thus far. From a personal level, I want to keep building my personal portfolio, currently I have a rental property and I’m closing on a rental property soon and I have recently purchased a property with my partner. So I want to continue to invest in real estate and to create generational wealth for my family in the future.
What would you say to the younger version of you who was not an avid investor?
At the end of the day, everyone needs somewhere to live. I would say the best thing to do in the market now is to get in and hold. Especially in GTA, or downtown Toronto it will always pay off. In my opinion, the sooner that you get into the market – even if you have to co-sign with a family member or a business partner it’s always a good investment strategy to get in.
When it comes to the market right now in GTA, what has been your experience in locations or areas that are showing high returns?
It’s really high in pretty much all of Ontario right now – since covid started we saw a little bit of a low in downtown condos but now people that have bought there have made money because the trend has always been around downtown. Homes around the suburbs are selling really well, if you’re a homeowner it’s a really great time to sell because prices have grown in some areas, we are seeing a bit of what looks like some balancing in the market – between rate hikes and buyer fatigue, some areas are seeing less offers and more listings which is a good opportunity for buyers!
When it comes to what inspires you, what does that look like?
I have this vision of what I want my future self to be ; I want to be comfortable financially, I want to have a beautiful house, a healthy family and healthy life so keeping that in my mind and basically manifesting it is what pushes me to move forward every day and build myself. Especially in this industry there is really no limit to what you can do so that’s an exciting way to frame your career and personal life.
When it comes to balance, what do you do avoid burnout and create more space in your life?
I have always struggled with work-life balance. Even when I was in sales in my previous positions I would face burnouts pretty often so I make it a priority now to take time for my personal life. Whether that’s taking the mornings to myself to breathe, relax or I try to travel a lot.
My parents have a cottage in Parry Sound so we always go on the weekends in the summer which is really nice.
What new projects are you working on in the new year?
I recently just bought a home with my partner, and its a great little home in Toronto that we are planning on renovating! Most of the home will be getting some updating, so there will be some fun renovation projects I’ll be sharing on social media coming soon!

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