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Meet Tanya Buliga, a young mother of three boys who has taken the leap of faith and began her real estate journey. Just five years ago to date with no network or connection in the industry, she has made a mark and name for herself, with great customer service, and a complete referral based business. She talks about keeping her balance as a mother, and the ever-growing market in Portland, Oregon. Here is her success journey!

Tell our readers about your path that led to real estate.

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine but my family moved to the US when I was just a year old, I was raised in Portland, Oregon, where I have lived my entire life. I got my Bachelors degree in Business Administration at Concordia University, and accepted a job in Human Resources shortly after. With two kids at home, it was so hard for me to constantly work and have them taken care of by outside help. 

My husband is an electrician and came across clients’ who needed to sell their home, which gave him the idea of encouraging me to get licensed in Real Estate. I haven’t looked back since. The flexibility in how I manage my time, and begin in control of the amount of work I do while still being very much present as a mother is super important to me. I’ve been married to my husband for over thirteen years now and we have three amazing boys. With three boys under ten, it’s been a full house and definitely a little crazy to manage.

With your youngest being under one years old, how do you manage to back at work at work so soon?

I was actually showing houses and writing offers just a week after giving birth (laughs). Even in the hospital room, right after my surgery, I was answering phone calls and emails.  It’s been a little tough now but we make it work.  I got my license in April 2017, so I’m going on my fifth year in the industry. I started off at Windermere Real Estate which is a very small office-so I decided to transition to Premier Property Group just two years ago! It’s been really amazing. PPG is a larger brokerage with a lot of resources and connections which has amplified my business greatly.

When it comes to the market currently ; what have your noticed has changed in the market and how people are investing?

The market is just insane. With COVID 19 around the past few years, people have been able to save more money and increase their buying power because they have not been traveling or going out as before- it is also helpful that the interest rates on loans are still low. It is still a great time to buy, and will continue to be so for the foreseen future. When it comes to selling, I had a listing last year that sold $150K over asking price, which is becoming the new normal. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder for first time home buyers with lower budgets to get into the market, due to the multiple offers and higher prices, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right agent, the right strategies and an effective game plan, homeownership is definitely very much achievable.

Has that been in particular areas?

It’s really been everywhere. The inventory is very low, and people are outbidding one another on almost all properties. People who want to sell and list their home have the fear of not finding a suitable replacement property, so they do not sell. This causes a domino effect in the market.

When it comes to your professional journey in real estate what has been one of the biggest challenges you had to surmount?

I think in the beginning, one of the challenges is finding clientele – building your network and getting people to trust you. I volunteered at my children’s school and received a few referrals from my husband. At this point, I have an established client base, where the majority of my business comes from. Another challenge that has been around for a few years now is the extremely low inventory. Sometimes it takes six, seven, or more offers just to get an offer accepted on a home, and clients tend to get discouraged.

Although I’ve seen the opposite where clients’ call me on a Wednesday, and we find their perfect match by that same week Saturday. So I think there really is something for everyone.

And on that note, what advice do you have to give first time home buyers or searching for the perfect one?

I advise to start small. Even if you can’t get a house – get a townhouse, get a condo. I had clients who couldn’t afford a house two years ago who had purchased a townhome, and this past summer sold it for $100K more than what they paid previously.  With the equity of their sold home, they were able to purchase a beautiful home! Even if you can’t buy your dream home at this moment, I just advise to get into real estate. Get in the game— wait two years and sell to get what you really want. Real estate will always make you a return on your investment.

Now when it comes to being a full time career women, running a house with three young children and married to her soulmate, what do you do to keep yourself cantered on a daily?

I have a very supportive husband, who is also a business owner. We are both so busy with life, so it’s really about finding that balance and leaning on each other to find what works for us. I prioritize based on what is most important in my personal life and work life in every given day. For example, if I have a deal closing, or if my children have an event I prioritize, and work towards my goals to complete my checklist for the day.

Where do you see your brand and real estate career in the near future?

I will definitely to grow organically with new clients’ and prospects. I have my younger sister who will soon begin her career in real estate. I’m hopeful that we can work together. That is my vision, to have her join my team so we can build a team together. The most important thing for me is to maintain the outmost quality in our customer service and giving the best experience to any buyer or seller we have the pleasure to service.

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