Maii Vu’s Journey to Freedom and Empowerment

From Limitations to Independence: Empowering Women for Fulfillment and Success

Maii Vu‘s journey began in 1990s Vietnam, a time and place where societal beliefs limited women’s potential and success, often conditioning them to rely on men for prosperity. Despite these constraints, Maii has forged her path to personal and professional fulfillment. She’s dedicated to empowering women to break free from traditional expectations, pursuing both career success and a fulfilling personal life. 

Her story of transformation started at 28 when, two weeks after her wedding, she discovered she was four months pregnant and that her partner had been unfaithful during her pregnancy. Despite the pressure to maintain appearances and her initial financial dependence, Maii chose to leave the relationship. 

Her journey from being broke and broken to a successful, independent entrepreneur who achieved her first 6-figure income has fueled her passion for helping women discover their hidden potential and thrive in every aspect of life.

Was leaving your relationship the catalyst that led you into the field of healing?

Of course, it was the turning point in my life. I transitioned from a Princess mindset where I had to resource to a male figure for savor- be it my father, my job, or a man, to realizing that I had to take control of my life independently. It was then that I made the deliberate choice to delve deeper into my personal growth journey and lean onto my Woman Power- feminine magic.

What was the most significant lesson you gained from this experience?

You know, embarking on my own business journey and evolving into the person I am today, it all began when my baby was just six months old. About a year after I had undergone a transformative healing process. I took this step because I was determined to provide my little daughters with a different upbringing, a different way of life than what I had experienced.

In order to achieve this, I embraced the philosophy of simplicity and efficiency. I asked myself, “What’s the easiest way to do this?” And I discovered that modeling was the most straightforward path. I realized that if I wanted my daughter to live up to her fullest potential, I needed to lead by example. I chose to be brave, to be courageous, and to encompass everything I wished for her.

“Whatever you think of, you create.” Maii Vu

In terms of the work you are doing, can you walk us through your different offers and how women can join your spaces?

In my world, there are three realms: Reality (what you currently have), Magical Space (stretching beyond your comfort zone), and Miracle Zone (unlimited potential where wishes come true). Start with a free masterclass, your gateway to the intriguing quantum world. Experience the magic and miracles that await exploration in my realm.

Advance to the next level, where you break through limitations, redefine yourself, and overcome barriers related to money, family, and relationships. Create a uniquely magical life. The pinnacle is the Limitless Living mastermind. Here, I provide a strong foundation, teaching advanced techniques to control your thoughts and emotions, navigate the quantum world, and avoid breakdowns. These levels cater to diverse desires and dreams. Connect with me to find where you are on your journey.

Now when it comes to manifesting, can you walk us through what that looks like for you in terms of what you are actively manifesting?

I’m currently certain that everything I desire is attainable by aligning my aspirations with the power of my mind. I’m actively manifesting a vision to become the first self-made millionaire, leading a Millionaire Club for women in my country in this field.

My ambition goes beyond personal success; it challenges societal norms and aims to redefine possibilities for women in Vietnam. Coaching is still an uncharted field there, and I intend to pave the way for Asian women to achieve millionaire status and equal opportunity.

How do you claim balance? You’re also a mother, so there’s a lot going on in your world. What do you do to make sure that you stay in your element?

I advocate women to transcend their current reality and embrace their lifetime goals in the magical realm. I offer a key tool: time management and productivity hacks. I encourage honest self-assessment of time allocation between family, work, and other interests.

Mothers often feel pressured to spend all their time with their children, but quality matters more than quantity. Children typically need just a couple of hours of quality time daily. Efficiently utilize the remaining time through school or daycare, prioritizing activities over rigid work hours.

Can you elaborate on your definition of “Quantum Leaping” and why it is so important to master this?

Mastering the art of “quantum rolling” is key when you have multiple goals. Shifting your identity and approaching these goals with a quantum mindset are essential. Quantum Leaps are like moving to a new penthouse: packing and releasing old thoughts and emotions, experiencing a dip (like a wobbly elevator), and then reaching new heights.

During the dip, stay committed to your goal and recognize the upgrades in other areas of your life. Transformation encompasses health, mindset, energy, wellness, finances, love, and relationships. My work focuses on helping women navigate Quantum Growth, stay grounded through ups and downs, and remain committed until the big milestones are achieved.


You can learn more of Quantum growth 4 stages inside my Free Masterclass:

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Photography by Gabrielle Desmarchais

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