Meggie Gagnon | Founder of Alice Beauty Bar

Meet @Meggie.AliceFam Meggie Gagnon, of @AliceBeauteCafé a momtrepeneur who launched herself into the beauty industry. She started Alice Beauté using money she had saved and launched herself into the business world. Even during the hardest time for non essential businesses, her company thrived. Located on the Sud Ouest side of Montréal in Griffintown her beauty bar offers over 20+ services and you can even enjoy a coffee from @barabeurre while you wait! Her vision is big on what she wishes to accomplish in the future.

When it comes to her entrepreneurial spirit, Meggie states: “it’s just a part of my character – leadership and work ethic is what defines me. It sounds cheesy but it’s the example I set for all my girls at the salon and that’s why they always work hard, love what they do and it shows because we’re always full.”

When did you launch Alice Beauté?

I started October 2019. I was mother of two young boys, my son James, who was nine months old and Jacob my other son, who was four years old at the time. It was definitely to take care of my boys and to provide for my family foremost.

Alice was a beauty institute, with time it became a more lifestyle brand with a coffee shop now inside. My background is in beauty aesthetics, I was working for myself for years but I didn’t have a physical location. I always wanted something that would fit my brand, and I always envisioned it. I wanted it to have a French style that resonated with a true Montrealer. 

How long have you been in the beauty industry for?

About ten years.

What services do you offer at Alice Beauté?

We have over 20 services that we offer right now – with a medical doctor that comes in once a week for services like injections. From manicure and pedicure services to lash extensions, body treatments, spray tan.

I have a client who owns Bar a Beurre who was looking for a local and we decided to merge together and have her inside hence why we are now Alice Beaute & Cafe. So we offer everything from your beauty needs to coffee or tea during your services.

What was a big challenges for you that you surmounted recently?

The opening happened five months before everything shut down – so the damages were minor. We really evolved with it gradually. We’re very blessed and grateful that we were able to offer services throughout so we didn’t have to shut down.

What is a five year goal? Ten year goal?

I would want to own a few others. Two more would be ideal. My success short term is to have my clients be happy and to have our clinic full all the time.

Which locations would you consider in the future?

One in Rive Sud, Brossard and another in Montreal. Interior design is also something that really passions me – I studied in interior design so that part of me definitely comes to life when we’re thinking of new concepts to implement. That would be a big thing for me for sure – to be able to continue implementing my own design work, creating Alice was the most fun for me! Creating concepts too, is a future project for me. Coffee, restaurants, beauty bar, doing that from scratch.

What motives you?

When people come to Alice – it’s a full concept from A-Z. It’s not just a beauty space, it’s a family. We make women feel confident inside and out. Alice is family.

What inspires you?

My children. They’re part of my business, too. My children make me so happy and my business too. 

How do you keep your balance? 

Born in Lac St Jean, fell in love with Montréal when I was young and moved here at age 18 by myself. I worked super hard and saved my money, and I knew one day I would own my own business. Becoming entrepreneur is part of your character – the leadership is what defines me. I have always been part of my leader – it will sound banal but it’s really that all my girls work hard, love what they do and that we’re always full! 

To book your next services with Alice Beauty, head to the beauty house here.

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Photo Credit – Pierre Malboeuf

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