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Meet Doctor Genevieve F. Caron, plastic surgeon and business women who has recently opened her beauty clinic Evolution Angus. A full service plastic surgery and medical aesthetics clinic based in Montreal, QC which a strong focus on maintaining the natural beauty of women. From a young age, she always knew she would become a plastic surgeon and had a vision to open her own clinic one day.  “Watching my father in the industry, has immensely inspired me to follow his footsteps in medicine.” Her positive outlook and go-getter energy has definitely helped her achieve success in all of her endeavours. Congratulations to Dr. F. Caron and the team at Clinic Evolution on the launch this month! We know it is just the beginning of a successful innovative concept. Here is her entrepreneurial journey!

Did you always know you would become a plastic surgeon?

My father is a doctor, so I always followed his steps in my childhood. He does family and urgent medicine. I’ve always been fascinated about medicine. I never really questioned it, I just knew I was going to into it naturally. I studied at the University of Laval, and moved to Montreal full time shortly after. With her new clinic opening in Rosemount, Montreal Est this month, there’s a lot going on in her world right now. She is such a go-ghetter and positive attitude has grandly helped her achieve her goals. 

I went into the medical industry to help people, and the analytical aspect which really fascinated me. I chose plastic surgery for the technical aspect which I am really good at it and enjoy doing. 

From plastic surgeon to business woman! Tell us about your new venture.

I decided to open my own clinic, Evolution Angus. A natural beauty clinic that will focus on embellishing the natural aspect of a woman’s body.

What is a big challenge you have surmounted recently?

It was already challenging enough to go through the process of opening my own business from construction to putting systems in place and then on top of that add the last year we’ve had it added a lot of unplanned events. then we had many delays and things we couldn’t control happen because of that. I am a very organized person that likes to have everything under control, so it was very challenging for me to let go. Things I couldn’t control, from fixed dates to unforeseen changes. It is all part of the process.

What have you learned the most throughout this process?

Letting go of things I cannot control was a big one. During the evolution of this clinic, I knew I always wanted to open my own clinic, so today I do believe I have acquired the different elements and abilities to open them – which is also partly why I decided to call it Evolution Angus. I wanted to build a clinic that would be at my quality of standards which is very high and at the same time, align myself with my vision of plastic surgery.

Why did you want to start your own clinic?

I wanted to change the outlook of plastic surgery – at least the outdated image it has for certain people. Some people have negative preconceptions about plastic surgery and aesthetics. I wanted my vision to be more natural, for the quality of my work to reflect in my patients. Instead of focusing on “removing imperfections” that’s not what I want to do. I want to embellish the natural beauty of the client, to make those natural elements stand out not remove them completely. That’s what I sought out to do in the creation of Evolution Angus.

It is necessary in this industry to stop focusing so much on imperfections and more on what you already have! Focusing on the positive aspect by remaining the same with an optimized look. Ideally maintaining natural beauty.

What have you learned during this time?

In the evolution of this clinic, I want it to be aligned with my vision and how I pictured all the details.

I want to change the vision of people when it comes to plastic surgery. There’s a lot of negativity and prejudice around it, when really it can be done in such a natural way to embellish your beauty. To work with the quality of peoples to just augment that natural beauty.

What type of services will you be offering at Evolution Angus?

I’m proud to say that we had worked immensely on outlining all aspects of medical esthetics from skincare treatments, all the way through complex surgical procedures. As a surgeon, it is important for me to be able to offer my patients a full line of services ; to focus on all elements from skincare, to body lasers, injectables, to offering surgical procedures. Unlike other clinics, we can offer all treatments in one place.

Will you be able to conduct surgery on location?

In house we will be able to produce minor surgeries, through local anaesthetics and then for more complex surgeries we are able to provide them in external locations.

What motivates you to keep moving forward?

A lot of things motivate me, sometimes it’s hard to focus on just one thing (she laughs). Definitely having a clinic that defines my image and that attracts a clientele who also has the same vision when it comes to maintaining natural beauty. My vision motivates me a lot. Creating something that is innovative, and a fresh outlook on beauty.

What is something that you developed as a skillset, that came with building Evolution Angus.

To stay open minded! Just going into plastic surgery, was not even my main goal. I thought I would end up in family medicine, working at a clinic. Staying open minded, has allowed me to explore new fields and brought me here, owning my own plastic surgery clinic.

Do you have book recommendations? I know you are an avid reader.

Yes! I like to read on vacation. It changes my mindset from the entrepreneur side of me. One book I read recently I really enjoyed is Calm the F*ck down from Sarah and get your Sh*it together. Highly recommend them both. Books like that have really helped me work on saying no, and not feeling guilty about putting myself first or my company first. It’s a refreshing outlook. Sometimes we tend to overwhelm ourselves with goals, and projects so disconnecting is a must!

For all your beauty services, follow @EvolutionAngus.

To book your next appointment, visit dfcaron.ca

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