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Transformational life coach, business consultant and entrepreneur Suzie Carolyne is featured this week! Her story is so inspiring and touches all elements of being a serial entrepreneur. A writer, business woman and blogger. She’s taking her skills to the next level with her blog, and business coaching for women. “One of my goals would be to write a book one day”. She notes on her future plans. What started off as a passion continued as a business opportunity. With her blog, to her business coaching at Harmonie Bliss, she is focusing on helping women rise and empowering them to reach new heights. Here’s her story! 

When did you decide to launch your blog ?

Last year I really started from scratch. I came over a post about starting a blog. I was already writing articles for a website before, and then I just had this idea to start my own.

Why did you decide to use your name?
I wasn’t sure what niche I was going to target, so to start I decided it would be more lifestyle based on my likes. I have experience in marketing and pr, so I decided to merge those aspects as well. One of my goals is to write a book one day, so it’s also a way for me to practice my skills. We have to believe in our dreams because we never know when things will take off!
What would be your five year plan?
Having collaborators, being full time on my blog, developing it more internationally. Right now we have some articles from companies in France, I definitely would like more from Europe.

Tell us about “Harmonie Bliss”?
I got certified in business coaching and launched it shortly after – which is also related to the blog. It is coaching for women on leadership and well-being.
What brought you in this field?
As a massotherapist, I already my own office that I rent to give my services so I’ve already been working for myself for a while. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and be my own boss. To create for myself, and to help others has always been a passion of mine.

What inspires you? It’s really instructional articles (on the blog) for me, I love to write poems and proses. My sister is an illustrator, so definitely I would love to collaborate with her on a children’s book. I believe keeping an open mind helps as writing can be something you do forever. There’s a lot to do with it. It’s a beautiful creative outlet and I love to experiment with it.
Did you have artists / writers in your family? My father has always been musical, he’s in his 70’s today and loves to sing. My mother is a French teacher, so she often helps me with sentence structures and so on.

I’m a real believer in empowering women and that’s really what I focus on with Harmonie Bliss. I’m hoping to encourage more women to follow their dreams and launch their own business!

Visit her blog

For business coaching for women, Harmonie Bliss is your one stop shop! More details, contact Suzie directly.

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