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Luxe Multi Levels Mentor, Seer

Introducing the one and only, Nadine Sabathiel, Founder and Owner of the Uniwanderer brand. 

She is known for being an International Spiritual Mentor to 6/7+fig female leaders. She’s a sacred essence who was born with a range of extrasensory abilities. Today she facilitates luxe soul and quantum evolution immersions for women to support and activate deep transformational liberation in all areas of their lives.

But this is not where her story began… After a catalyzing childhood and losing everything in 2017, she experienced a death of all ego levels. Bringing alive her Uniwanderer brand. There’s an exponential amplification that takes place when being in Nadine’s world. She works with all dimensional aspects of oneself that allows you to supersede and expand beyond all low level frequencies and limitations. This presents the core of her work. 

Nadine holds an extremely divine and transformative energetic frequency, which can be felt in her presence. Her quantum transmissions are one of a kind, as they accelerate your every cell into a higher vibrational field. She has a truly remarkable way of guiding and assisting you into deeper consciousness and embodiment. The levels of potency within her work facilitates the healing and balancing of the divine feminine/masculine energies within and beyond the body. Her journey is all about experiencing and living life from a place of consciousness and truth in its most none linear ways. The very mastery and remembrance of oneself.

Tell us more about your brand and how the name came to you.

It’s quite a unique story actually because the name of my brand was born long before I had the courage to start my second business — Uniwanderer is my second business. 

It was in the winter of 2017, right after losing everything in my life, that I came across a movie while experiencing some of my darkest nights of the soul. I remember watching a lot of new movies back then as it presented itself as a true healing portal. So I decided to watch the movie. It was about this consciousness traveling the universe who ended up on planet Earth. It was pure light and love. Carrying deep wisdom for humanity. I will always remember this moment because it’s so vivid to me and it gave me goosebumps. I felt like, “Oh my goodness, did they make a movie about me?” It triggered such deep states of remembrance within my entire beingness. I completely found myself within this wandering consciousness. A being who has wandered the universe for eons and lifetimes, on a mission to assist humanity in their evolution. And that’s how the Uniwanderer brand and name was born.

To me, it represents a sacred frequency that sparks deep remembrance within oneself. Especially the universal wanderers. A level of knowing that allows us to fully recognize our creator selves within each other. We’re so much more than what we think we are.

Tell our readers more about the transformation and energy shift that happened to you during 2017.

It was the year that my entire life changed forever. It literally felt like the very ground was pulled away from underneath my feet from one day to the next. It was a deeply transformational phase. I had been in the most toxic relationship and marriage for nine years. A few months prior I had just experienced a severe burnout from my first business. This is when my body reached its physical breaking point. So all of the old structures in my life started to fall apart and away. 

It was the greatest turning point, I would say. I started to get real and honest with myself at that point. I started to ask myself questions like, “What are you doing?” But at the same time, asking myself, “Why is this happening to me and why am I okay with how life is going?” I came to this deep realization, “I am living someone else’s life. This is so not me at all. That’s my mom, that’s her mom.” My life felt so meaningless. I had become such a complete stranger even to myself. I felt like a shell within this body. I put everyone first but myself, and I took everyone’s expectations and opinions and I made them my own. That’s when I realized, “You know, Nadine, it’s up to you to love yourself first. You have to lead yourself. You’re the one to nurture and nourish yourself. You’re the one.” It’s when I finally understood that it’s up to us to live our truth.

What happened next for you in terms of how you were going to start and show up in the world?

Well, for me, that was the greatest initiation into developing deeper presence and connection with all parts of me. Honestly, it was like a death of myself. It was a complete dissolvement of all I knew myself to be. Any and every identity was stripped off of me. Every attachment. Every belief. I had to let go of everything. My home, my lifestyle, my stepchildren I had helped raise for nine years. I got to meet the most vulnerable and most naked version of myself in a space beyond time. I found myself in the midst of a pivotal moment about life itself, and this meant to either move through it and become a whole new me and let this process happen, or leave this body and leave the planet. I honestly believe there’s one of these points in everyone’s life where you get to decide for yourself, non-dependent on anyone else. As much as you love your family, your partner, whatever it is, it’s up to you to choose yourself and to choose to live for yourself, and not for anything external or anyone else.

What does manifestation from a place of conscious co-creation with the Universe mean and look like to you?

I love this question. As someone who lost everything in the process of becoming me, like literally. I was kicked out of my own home, I had all my credit cards cut up and was left with no money. I had to start with nothing all over again at the age of 29. But through this whole experience, what unveiled itself to me was that we’re always guided and connected to this greater force and field of divine orchestration that can’t be explained. Its magnitude can honestly not be comprehended by the human mind. I find it very interesting that in today’s coaching industry, you learn and hear about a million ways to create and manifest. It’s actually so much more complex yet so innate to all of us. We try to mentalize manifestation. It’s not about controlling your life from a place of ego or safety. At this point your desire is already based in fear because you seek safety. 

The way a lot of people teach manifestation is very one-sided and as if it’s up to you to envision or put your intention out into the world. But it’s completely heart-led, it’s never the mind. It’s your higher levels unfolding itself through your life. It’s you moving with you and within you, as your universal self. It’s being in a state of true openness and wholeness. We try to make manifestation a mind process, and that will never work. I’m sure we’ve all taken a course or two on this specific topic. Manifestation comes from your heart through a vibrational frequency that you already are. It’s you coming back to yourself, that’s when you’re being true to every level of yourself, regardless of anyone else’s opinions. It’s when you realize that you’re co-creating with and as the universe. It’s you being in a conscious relationship with life force itself.

When it comes to your journey of deep heart and soul liberation, how did that look like for you?

I’ve always been a very heart-led being, even as a kid. I always knew what I wanted my life to feel like and the levels of love I desired to experience for myself. Like, from a place of true sovereignty beyond any mental or emotional confines, because that’s where we get stuck a lot, all of us. It’s been a lifelong journey of deep dedication. I spent decades working through my own human pains, insecurities, conditioning and fears with myself, in order to bring this level of clarity back to humanity and the women I work with today. That’s why we’re here, to expand our capacity to expand vibrationally within our bodies. 

It’s being completely vulnerable, getting naked together on a soul level, being deeply raw and real. You’re the only one who actually suffers from these internalized pains as you continue to get yourself caught up in the many thoughts and energetics. And they’re not even you. I feel that what the world needs the most is women like us, who are willing to remember and open their multi-dimensional hearts — our very ability to step into our power, our divinity, our softness, and beauty. There’s a level of radiance and an actual magnetic charge that emanates from a woman who owns her heart’s brilliance. These women who truly live from a place of divine truth and integrity, that is true liberation. That, to me, is an embodiment of all parts of themselves. The metaphysical self expressed through the physical.

What does it feel like coming from a state of  “being”?

To me, it’s like being completely at home within all parts of you. And that’s you recognizing the wholeness that you already are. As a woman, within this body, I get to expand consciousness around the innocence and magnificence that comes with the divine feminine. Yet on a heart level, there is no masculine or feminine. It just simply is. Our hearts are multi-dimensional, and the one I’m talking about is the non-materialized one. It’s the vortex that’s actually you. There is no disconnect or polarity on that frequency. It’s just the frequency of our divine nature, which is love and light and presence. And that’s the place that I share from all the time. That’s how I always knew how a relationship was meant to feel and be. 

Even having never had any role models around me, I still believed in living a love that’s based on pureness and clarity and not driven by emotions or filling anyone’s gap. It’s so divine in its essence. It’s a state of true intimacy and connection rather than a space of compromise, denial and abuse. I’ve experienced and lived through all of it. It’s really you feeling whole as you and meeting someone else who feels just as whole within themselves. The greatest blessing for me is that I get to experience this level of connection with Corey, my partner, every single day now. I get to show up in my softness. I get to be received and seen for all of me and the same goes for him.

Do you find that you also manifested it because of where you are in your journey?

That’s where I feel those are the forces beyond manifesting from a place of mind. I could have never called him in intentionally as I had just gotten divorced and was honestly in no rush to meet someone again. It was beyond perfect divine timing though. He had reached a point in his life where he was like, “I could be by myself and feel happy for the rest of myself as a single.” And I was at the same vibrational stage at the time. I believe that’s why we met because we both felt whole and happy. It wasn’t dependent on being in a relationship. We both felt content within our lives. To this day though, his love and presence in my life is one of the greatest gifts the universe ever surprised me with. The fact that I finally get to experience what it’s like to be in a conscious, meaningful and love filled relationship. It makes the entire journey of getting here worth it.

How have your clairesenses evolved and heightened through your journey of self-actualization?

I’ve always communicated with Source, even when I was little. So my love for the spiritual nature within myself began rather early. I would leave the linear world and enter a completely different dimension through a conscious dream state. This work has most definitely chosen me regardless of how long I tried to avoid it. When I was around eleven, I would continuously dream of future events that would occur in real life. At nineteen, I jumped timelines and dimensions for the first time and got to experience what it means to dissolve incarnational magnetics of one’s soul, and how capable and receptive we are to so much more than the visible. It humbles and amazes me to this day. 

Even though I always had my clair abilities, I didn’t claim them until I chose to be seen fully. And that was around age thirty. I was like, “Nadine, you need to come out of your hiding. You gotta get past your fears. You have too much to give. The right people will be able to hear, see and receive you.” And that’s when my extrasensory abilities sped up and everything unfolded at quantum speed, despite having had my entire life completely dedicated to my spiritual growth prior to this moment already. It was amazing to watch all my clair senses come fully online. We all have them.

How can women work with you?

There are a lot of ways you can immerse yourself into my art of heart and the vortex of the uniwanderer brand. I host deeply transformational masterclasses and programs on a regular basis. All of my offers are created from a place of deep presence and without any and all the noise. For those who want to dive deeper, become more embodied, and seek a community of women walking a similar path, I have created a 12 month WANDERLUST experience in which you get to be, evolve and transform on every level. One of the highest forms to work with me privately is through my close proximity Luxe Soul and Quantum Evolution One-On-One Mentorship containers, which are by application only. But one can simply follow me on Instagram @uniwanderer to stay connected or to learn more about ways on how to directly work with me.

When it comes to manifesting a big vision, what does that look like for you now?

I feel there’s a great level of integrity and responsibility that comes with what I do and share. And so the vision I hold for myself and the collective is very grand. It’s being and becoming fully present to myself to receive more of my higher levels in the here and now and show others how to do the same for themselves — guiding women through all phases of deep ascension and becoming. 

In the big picture, in a manifested reality, it would be everyone stepping into their full ownership of their energy beyond ego, beyond our physicality, and in our light, and everyone living out their deepest fulfillment from a place of wholeness instead of fear and lack. The world I see is a very different world. We’re in it already. You’re honestly part of the awakening by reading my interview and choosing a conscious way of life for yourself.

What is your gift to the world?

Personally, I would say being a living conduit of that which is real, and an illuminator of that which has been forgotten. I have dedicated my life to guiding and mentoring women from a place of unconditional love, clarity, and deep integrity. That’s what I stand for, and being able to see you from a place of energetic wholeness, rather than your human self. It’s helping you deeply embody yourself, and really wake up to the creator that you are, way beyond the body, the ego and even your soul levels. It’s bridging your lower levels with your higher levels and amplifying your journey of remembrance so that you can bring in the experience of life you want to experience.

That’s why we’re here. That’s why I do what I do and it truly is the greatest privilege and honor to me, to guide the most extraordinary beings into true embodiment of themselves. I have met and mentored some of the most incredible and courageous women. I am blown away by the size of their hearts and dedication to their evolution. The work we do in my world is multidimensional. It’s not linear. It’s eternal. It’s long-term transformation beyond the 3D realms.

The deeper your connection to all aspects of yourself, the fuller your experience of life becomes.”

For more information, visit Nadine’s instagram @Uniwanderer.

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