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Superstar, Grammy Wins, Motherhood and Moving boldly through the party! 

Introducing twin sensations, MIM and LIV NERVO. The duo began their journey in the music industry over a decade ago, and their name has become a brand much like their counterparts. Growing up on the South side of Australia, music has always been engrained in their DNA. Two of four siblings who loved to perform, and to create music for fun, it came to quite of a surprise to their family that they were going to pursue it more seriously “I don’t think our parents ever expected us to turn that into a career” they recall of a time when they journeyed down the decade-long struggle. 

Their persistence has proven to pay off, big time. Today their music is recognized worldwide, they’ve taken on the biggest music festivals, from Coachella to Tomorrowland, performed on stages from Ibiza to Las Vegas, from magazine covers to GRAMMY wins, they have accomplished what all dream of when it comes to the music world. 

Yet their insatiable zest for life has made it that they still hold the same enthusiasm they had when they first began. Isn’t that what it’s all about? To still enjoy and ravish in your passions much after you’ve crossed off the accomplishments from your list of goals. That is the true key. The NERVO key. Here are the ICONS, the mothers, and the lifelong musicians foremost — Liv & Mim NERVO.

With over fifteen years in the music industry, tell us what has become the most challenging part of making music now.

Liv: Social media is the most challenging part of it. If only life didn’t have to be on social media all the time — the other day, I had to do a Reel for Formula E. I’m not a video editor but I am quite specific about what I want. It took me over an hour to do a Story. 

Mim: It’s a totally different skill. When we started, it was MySpace, so it wasn’t the volume of images daily that was expected or required to be an artist these days. I do feel like the hardest thing about the music industry now is keeping up with social media trends. Now when you sign a record deal, there’s a whole social media campaign attached to it. And there are things like if the record is not breaking on TikTok, it’s not breaking. It’s not being heard.

Your Grammy Win for “When love takes over” was a big celebration in the start of your career. Tell us what was the inspiration to writing that song? 

Mim : Love, of course. We had both just fallen in crazy love.

Liv : Two different guys, obviously. (Laughs)

Mim : It was like a two-minute jam and the whole thing was written. I mean, of course, we had to refine all the lyrics and everything, but all the melodies and the main chorus and everything just came out of us.

Were you always in that perfect synergy as sisters and in music as well?

Mim : No. It comes and it goes, you’ve got to work on it. I think we’ve become good at tapping into each other’s moments. We can even tap into a friend’s moment. So if a friend is going through something and we’re in the studio that day, we might write about it.

Photo credits to Joe Jagos / Photoshoot location at Dream Hotel Downtown @DreamDowntown New York City (Penthouse suite) 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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All Editorial credits : Nervo Wears: Top: Jean Paul Gaultier @jeanpaulgaultier Headwear: Heidi Lee @heidi_337 Creative: Photo: Joseph Jagos @mr_kiwis Hair: Erin Piper Herschleb @erinpiperherschleb MU: Laramie @laramiemakeup Special thanks Day One Studio @dayone__studio // Look 2 Nervo Wears: Top: Marie Genevieve Cyr @marie_genevieve_cyr Headwear: Heidi Lee @heidi_337 // Look 3 Nervo Wears: Top: Stefan Cooke @Stefan_Cooke Headwear: Heidi Lee @heidi_337

Photoshoot location at Dream Hotel Downtown @DreamDowntown New York City (Penthouse suite) 

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