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Introducing Maddie Allen, VA Coach and Founder of Maddie Allen Virtual Assistant. Maddie helps powerhouse business owners scale their businesses through social media and marketing support. Her business has been fully booked since launching it back in 2020, which is why she now also teaches aspiring VAs how to do the same with her proven framework and strategy.

She teaches her coaching clients how to create a sustainable business, with consistent income and long-term dream clients. She is super passionate about helping women create their dream VA/SMM business, so they can have pure freedom and wake up doing something they love every day.

Outside of her business, Maddie is all about balance – some days you’ll find her with a green juice and off to pilates and other days she’s all about going out and having a few glasses of rose’ and having fun.. She believes balance is the key to success, as it’s important to have balance around your personal and business life and create a biz that accommodates this.

Maddie is also a huge believer in manifestation and when getting her business off the ground, she applied this to her strategy. The images on her vision board and the exact number of clients she manifested, all came true and is a firm believer that your thoughts create your reality.

What is your daily morning / night routine to set you up for a successful day?

I truly believe a morning and nighttime routine is the key to success. In the morning, I like to wake up early, make a cup of tea, and do my journaling, whilst setting positive intentions for the day ahead. I then like to move my body by either doing pilates or weights at the gym. Moving my body helps me feel motivated and keeps my mind clear! My evening ritual consists of doing my skincare, lighting a candle and having mint tea in bed, which helps me relax and wind down. I also love a good mindset/self-development book to read at night. I’m currently reading a book by Jey Shetty “Think like a Monk”, which really reframes your perspective. Before I go to sleep, I then like to spray my NEOM lavender pillow mist which helps me relax instantly (it’s a bit extra but it works!)

How did you get into the online space?

My journey to entrepreneurship has been a rollercoaster. Before the self-employed life, I had a variety of job roles. It was always ingrained in me from a young age to work, and at the age of 14, I got my first job doing washing up in hospitality. Making my own money gave me so much fulfilment.

I then went to college and studied business. After leaving college at 17 I then went straight into the corporate world and had various office jobs. However, deep down I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss and work for myself. After years of commuting, dreading Mondays and living for the weekend I decided enough was enough and that’s when the idea came to me that I was going to set up my own business. At the time, I was working 11-hour days as a receptionist. I was trying to juggle my full-time job, whilst studying for a qualification in HR and get my business off the ground. I was completely burnt out and trying to do everything at once.

It wasn’t until I put 100% focus into my business that I began to see the results. I shifted my mindset, worked on my strategy and within a few months I was attracting dream clients – who still work with me to this day! I then was able to hand my notice in and haven’t looked back ever since!

I began to get people asking me “How did I do it?” which is why I decided to create programs and share with other ambitious women how they can do the same. Over the years I’ve invested thousands into business coaches and mentors to help me level up and expand my knowledge, and continuously develop myself so I can serve my clients to the best of my ability!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

What is meant for you, will not pass by you. Stop stressing about the small things in life, and instead be fully present. Life is happening for you, not to you. Your failures in life are the biggest lessons that you can learn and are guiding you to become the person that you are meant to be. Trust your journey and have fun along the way, because it will all fall into place.

How do you embody this level of success?

Everyone defines success differently, for me, it’s not about fixating on the figures in the bank, it’s about being present and living life to the fullest. Being able to be your own boss, not having to ask permission to take time off and wake up doing something you love every day. For me, that’s what success looks like, pure freedom. Show up as your highest self and embody the “next level version of you”. Adopting the same characteristics as someone who has your dream life, will subconsciously re-program your mind and help you attract all of those juicy desires into your reality.

What practices do you implement in order to stay in ease and flow?

Because I am always on the go, and very much in my masculine energy, I must take time out each day to practice self-care, to ground and align myself, so that I can serve my clients to the best of my ability. Journaling has become a huge staple in my morning routine, and also setting positive intentions for the day ahead. Taking time out to practice these self-care rituals helps me stay in ease and flow, and more in my feminine energy. I’m also very much of a routine type of gal and have to have a to-do list and put everything in my online calendar. If it’s not in the diary then it’s not happening!

For women who wish to enrol in your courses : what is the process and enrolment periods for each class / program / one on one coaching sessions?

So I have a few different coaching offers for aspiring Virtual Assistants.  

Offer 1: I offer a 3-month coaching program where I work closely with the individual, which is completely bespoke to them. 

Offer 2: 1 strategy call + 2 weeks of voxer support if they need my support for a shorter duration of time.

I also have 2 courses, “Employee to Entrepreneur” which is an online course that teaches boss babe VAs everything they need to know about setting up a VA biz. Then I have a mini course “Story Secrets” which teaches you how to confidently sell your offers on Instagram stories and the type of content you need to be sharing to attract those dreamy clients.

Then for my Virtual Assistant business, I am no longer accepting clients as I am fully booked (which I am forever grateful for), but I do have a waiting list if they wish to work with me.

On manifesting BIG visions : what does that look like now?

I have lots planned for the BIG vision of my business. I want to continue to show up and help as many aspiring VA’s as possible, by helping them escape their 9-5 and build their dream business. I also want to offer Masterclasses, more courses and really empower people to believe that they are capable of achieving anything they desire.

What do you want clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I want my clients to retain the knowledge that I am transferring to them, which will give them the courage and confidence to go after what they desire and create a successful, sustainable VA business. Anyone is capable of accomplishing their goals if they put their minds to it, the online world holds so much opportunity, and as cliche as it sounds if I can do it, then so can they!  There’s hardly any overhead/start up fees to becoming a Virtual Assistant, all you need is a laptop and determination. Entrepreneurship is a journey and I want them to feel inspired, empowered and believe in themselves!

What is your superpower? 

My superpower is adaptability. In my Virtual Assistant business, I serve many clients with a variety of businesses from manifestation to leadership coaches, make-up artists, psychics, and hairdressers and with each client I work with, I can dig deep into their business and create content for it to help drive visibility and traffic to their services/product suites. 

In regards to my VA coaching business, I’m adaptable as many of my clients are at different starting points in their journey of becoming business owners. I can help them take a look at their business and can identify where improvements can be made to help them achieve their desired result.

Photography by Kate Sharp 

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