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Sam Reid is a Wealth Manifestation Coach who embarked on her personal growth journey when she hit rock bottom and desperately sought to create a better life for herself and her family. In 2012, Sam became a mother while her husband was being medically retired from the United States Marine Corps due to a combat-related injury. Every aspect of her life seemed to be in transition, and in her pursuit of stability, she lost a part of herself. In 2016, the family was blessed with a second child, but Sam struggled deeply to find her identity and be the wife, mother, and human being she aspired to be.

In January of 2019, the family faced financial, mental, and emotional struggles, prompting Sam to realize that something had to change. Despite limited resources, she scraped together the necessary funds to undergo a Reiki attunement, a decision that marked the beginning of a profound transformation. Since then, Sam has obtained various certifications in Reiki, channeling the Akashic Records, and psychic mediumship (also known as intuitive coaching and healing). Departing from her decade-long career in public education, a job she had once believed to be her sole passion, she followed her true calling of assisting ordinary individuals in creating extraordinary lives. Through her participation in top-notch business programs, Sam has dedicated herself to helping people heal, align, and expand their lives while navigating the busyness of their daily routines. Her guidance has empowered women to establish successful businesses, experience professional growth, heal relationships, and find joy, peace, and freedom.

Tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I thrive on the energy of collaboration and creativity, consistently seeking opportunities to connect with others in an authentic manner. With over a decade of experience in public education, my passion and drive have led me to explore a new space where I can better harness my energy. Engaging in this business venture has revitalized me, allowing my imaginative spirit to soar freely. While challenges do arise, my ability to think outside the box enables me to embark on remarkable and unexpected endeavors, even if they raise a few eyebrows within my family.

How has your business evolved?

My journey into entrepreneurship began in January 2019, although it wasn’t a path I initially anticipated. Struggling with intense anxiety that disrupted my daily life, I discovered Reiki—an energetic healing practice—that became the catalyst for a transformative shift. Recognizing the immense power within myself, I embarked on a year-long psychic medium certification program, which deepened my understanding of universal energy and its connection to individuals. This understanding has allowed me to guide others in harnessing their own energy, shaping their mindsets, and gaining clarity on their purpose. Since leaving education in May 2022, I have dedicated myself to this business full-time, with a strong focus on manifestation work, particularly wealth manifestation. For me, wealth encompasses a life abundant in joy and fulfillment, not solely financial success.

Walk us through your journey to enlightenment.

Leading up to 2019, I found myself struggling and feeling unseen despite seeking help from Western medicine. This personal experience motivated me to build this business, recognizing that countless women share similar feelings of being trapped and constrained by life. Acting as my own guinea pig, I have taken the lessons I learned over the past four years and applied them to support my clients. Witnessing their transformations has been awe-inspiring. 

At times, I am humbled by their growth, realizing that my guidance served as a small piece of the puzzle that propelled them forward. My work revolves around liberating individuals from limiting narratives and empowering them to embrace their true desires. A significant aspect of this process involves breaking free from the patterns of fear. Quitting the job I thought I would hold until retirement, despite its stability and benefits, proved to be an empowering and terrifying leap. Becoming the businesswoman I am today required identifying and overcoming the boundaries that held me back, fearlessly pursuing necessary actions even when they seemed daunting.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

If I could offer advice to my younger self, it would be to wholeheartedly embrace your voice. Express your needs, desires, and emotions without hesitation. While it’s important to consider the impact of our actions on others and avoid intentional harm, never apologize for being true to yourself. You are not broken or flawed; you are beautifully unique, and you have the right to fully embrace your identity, even when others suggest otherwise. Grant yourself permission to explore limitless possibilities.

What daily routines or practices do you have to step into your fullest self?

The two simplest practices that have had the most profound impact on my journey are making my bed in the morning and washing my face at night. I once asked myself, “How would the wealthiest version of me live her everyday life?” It certainly wouldn’t involve going to bed exhausted, neglecting self-care, or waking up to chaos. So, I start and end each day with these simple tasks, aligning myself with the habits of my highest self. Additionally, I engage in visualizations, affirmations, and energetic work while in the theta brainwave state, allowing these practices to permeate my subconscious mind. Of course, perfection is not the goal, but rather doing our best every day. Remember, even if you simply fall asleep without accomplishing everything, it’s perfectly okay.

How can women join your space?

In early May, I will be launching a comprehensive program that encompasses all aspects of my work. Although it is still in the development phase, this program is designed to guide individuals in manifesting and creating their dream lives. It is called “High Vibe Hot Mess” because it encapsulates the journey of elevating your frequency and embracing the everyday chaos of life. Within this program, I strive to create a safe and authentic space where clients can witness the beautifully imperfect version of myself and feel empowered to live their lives authentically while manifesting magic and miracles. The program will cover strategic work, energetic practices, subconscious reprogramming, frequencies, vibrations, and scientific insights into the functioning of the brain. Together, we will explore the broader picture of manifestation and crafting one’s dream reality. Additionally, I currently offer a couple of lower-cost programs on my website that are accessible 24/7. One program that I highly recommend is called “30-Day Shift,” which combines training, workbook exercises, and meditation practices to shift your frequency and transform your life over the course of 30 days.

What big visions are you manifesting?

At present, my vision is to reach thousands of people through the High Vibe Hot Mess program, normalizing the idea of living an ordinary life while creating an extraordinary one. While I currently offer one-on-one programs, my long-term goal is to establish a powerful divine feminine mastermind, creating a community of women who embody the energy of the divine feminine. This community will bring about profound changes in the world and break cycles of limitation. I envision bringing this community together within the next year or two, empowering each member to embrace their inherent power and manifest their highest visions.

Do you have anything coming up in the next three months?

Yes, I have a program called “Insights Into Intuition” scheduled to launch in July. This program focuses on helping individuals understand the messages they receive from the universe. Many people often wonder about the significance of repeating numbers or recurring signs they encounter. In “Insights Into Intuition,” participants will learn how to interpret energy, gain alignment, and find clarity on their life purpose.

What do you want women to retain the most from the work that you do?

In summary, the essence I want women to retain from the work I do is to feel empowered to be unapologetically themselves. It’s crucial for them to understand that other people’s opinions hold no authority over their lives. I always emphasize that if something resonates in their hearts and minds, it is within their reach. I want women to believe in their dreams and own their power.

What is your superpower?

My superpower lies in my ability to dream fearlessly, although it can sometimes be my downfall as well. I have a vision, and I pursue it with relentless determination. Over time, I have achieved everything I set out to accomplish, which still amazes me. The more we dare to dream and genuinely believe in the possibilities, the greater power we possess. It’s truly remarkable what we can create.

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“The journey may feel messy, but it’s all part of building something extraordinary.”

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