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Living the Dream: Embracing and Selling  the Florida Keys’ Captivating Paradise

Introducing the illustrious Florida Keys Sold Sisters of Islamorada, Sarah Ewald and Sabrina Wampler. With an impressive experience of two decades each in the industry, this dynamic duo effortlessly blends opulence with unparalleled quality, setting new standards in luxury living sales.

As Sarah eloquently puts it, “Our unwavering focus lies in understanding our client’s deepest desires, translating them into reality, and making their dreams an extraordinary experience.”

For those yet to embark on a journey to this island haven nestled along Florida’s most prominent and exclusive islands, Islamorada itself unveils a true utopia for travelers and newcomers alike. A dream destination where azure waters embrace pristine Florida Bay and Atlantic Ocean shores; the sun-kissed horizon casting a mesmerizing spell on all who step foot upon these enchanted islands.

Here, properties bask in the glory of unobstructed open water views coupled with being the ultimate boating lover’s destination, commanding residential price tags up to thirty million dollars. Our dream team has the privilege of guiding clients through the most magnificent of properties, allowing them to bask in the allure of island living and experiencing the quintessence of luxury living at its finest.

Tell us more about your journey that brought you to the heavens of Islamorada.

SE : Even though I’m a deeply rooted island girl, I was actually born in Maryland, but I did grow up down here. My parents had businesses in the Keys and we ended up moving here full time when I was 12 and I love it. I love the sun and heat, year round summer, boating and fishing offshore and backcountry, all of it. In my early 20’s I was a dive boat Captain and although not really using  it anymore, I still have my 50 ton captain’s license. Horses have been a lifelong passion for me and believe it or not, we have horses here and my daughter is a show jumper, and living in Florida allows us to travel just a few hours to some of the World’s best horse shows.  I do have a case of wanderlust and love, love, love to travel and exploring new places and adventures, but at the end of it, I will always call the Keys my home.

SW : I am living my dream life!  I have spent over two decades calling the Florida Keys my home and it’s a place where I believe I was always destined to be.  After college, I married my best friend, Augie, who was born and raised here.  He is a true local and we feel blessed to now raise our family in this loving island community..  We have three wonderful children, Hudson, Declan, and Olive and enjoy our time playing on and off the water with this island oasis as our backyard and playground.  Together, we have built a beautiful life here!

Did you always know you would end up in real estate?

SE  : I think it was pretty clear even as a kid that I wanted to be able to do my own thing, on my own terms. I like to make my own decisions and learn from my own mistakes, but I also really love to learn from very experienced people. I have a treasure trove of mature friends that I’ve learned so much from both personally and professionally, and I think that’s what really helps a person set their pace. For me, real estate was a catalyst for that part of my personality. Also from a very young age, always just been really interested in properties and the quality of life and joy that they bring to the people who acquire them.

SW : I have always believed that real estate was the best investment.  I love the HGTV channel and seeing before and after pictures of home remodels.  I wanted to focus on a career that was also one of my passions and going into real estate was a solid progression.  And, it turns out that I am really good at it!  I knew from a young age that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. (I am sure that was a quote from some wise person but, whatever, it’s true!).  I still feel that way today.   We are the boss of our lives and that filters into my business goals as well.

What advice would you give to  your younger self, looking back now?

SE :  I really try not to look back, just move forward. Everything my younger self did or did not do made me who I am today, and I’m constantly learning from that. 

SW : I would tell my younger self to keep believing in herself.  Focus on the important stuff and keep your priorities in order.   You will do amazing things!

What brought you into the luxury real estate market?

SE : My father’s side of the family were mainly all in real estate, surveying, construction and development, specifically in Palm Beach and South Florida. So I think I always had it in my blood really. I first started when I was 25. A woman who at the time was #1 in our area took me under her wing and taught me so much. She was (is) smart, funny, eccentric, tough, and just incredible all around. I have her to thank for really showing me a different side of just selling houses. Add to that joining Sotheby’s International Realty, the stage was just set perfectly for the knowledge and client base. It also helps that I deeply and truly believe in our product and have deep appreciation for an enjoyable lifestyle.  

SW : I chose to  focus on the luxury market because I believe our clients deserve a luxury experience.  We are not only selling properties, we are selling a lifestyle.   In the Florida Keys,  you are not just purchasing a home,  you are buying into a laid back, live-your-best-life atmosphere.  I believe in the magic that each of our properties has to offer and I enjoy seeing others find a Keys home that truly makes their soul happy.   I love our island home and enjoy sharing this with clients who will one day become our neighbors and friends.

When it comes to Sotheby’s, why did you decide to work with this brokerage?

SE : Sabrina and I were at a smaller boutique brokerage before joining Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty. When Sotheby’s came to town, they showed us that they could offer both us and our clients more dynamic marketing and global reach than any other brand in the World. Anyone who actually travels the World (like we do) understands that just the internet is not enough-you have to have a strong presence and trusted brand to turn to and that brand is Sotheby’s. The Sotheby’s Auction House itself has been around for 279 years, so we’re going back through centuries of proven luxury performance and traditions that our client base stems from.  When the affluent look for representation, they turn to the vetted, well oiled machine.

SW :  Sarah and I  decided to join Sotheby’s because the brand elevates our efforts to the next level.  Sotheby’s International Realty is the best of the best and we demand this quality to offer our clientele.  Sotheby’s is the world’s largest, most trusted, and dynamic marketplace for art and luxury and the Florida Keys Sold Sisters are the perfect compliment to this powerhouse company.   The boldness of the brand highlights our integrity and desire to pursue greatness.  

As we know, real estate is a 24/7 job. How do you find inner balance in the midst of chaos?

SE : I actually work better under pressure. My balance comes from success. If I’m productive, if we are busy, I’m fine, I’m balanced. Stagnation drives me insane. But also, living on a beautiful tropical island chain is pretty incredible. We live where everyone else wants to vacation…so if we need a minute to breathe, we just take the boat out, watch the sunset over the Florida Bay, go for a swim…it’s easy to relax here.

SW : I find inner balance by staying mindful of the good.  My priorities are my faith, family, and staying joyful.  If I need to be reminded that life is good, I step outside and breathe in the ocean air or ask my favorite Captain (Augie, of course) to join me for some fun on the water.  

What is your routine / daily practices to set you up for a successful day?

SE : Real estate doesn’t really allow for a lot of routine, but I do try to start off my day with a long walk with my dogs. Also, since we live in vacationland, it could be easy to also be on vacation any day of the week, so a personal rule I have is that I don’t drink during the week. A lot of our work is being out in the field, networking and just paying attention to what’s going on. We go into the office, but by appointment and not every day.  We both have kids too, so we also try to get things wrapped up by the time they get out of school, although of course that’s not always possible!

SW : My daily routine begins with self-care…exercise!  I enjoy running; fun fact, I ran the Keys 100, a relay run from Key Largo to Key West.  The experience of running through our island chain and seeing every inch of the Florida Keys was one I will never forget!  Walking my dog before the sun comes up is the best way to start the day.  After that, I can be the best me that I can be for my family, friends, and clients.

What are you Manifesting now?

SE : Manifesting big visions sometimes comes as a surprise. This gorgeous listing we have right now -Kids Cay- I had paddleboarded by with a friend almost every weekend several years ago when he had a property in that area and we’d scout around on our boards. We would obsess over the grandness and privacy of it, wondered what the houses were like and we both knew this area so well, it was just really, really rare. We called it the “White Whale” (from Moby Dick). Then when Sabrina and I got the call to come over and list it, I walked in and almost cried. It was just as lovely and perfect as I had imagined and the owners were (are) too. It just has good energy. 

So I just think sometimes things fall into place, when they feel good, you know, and maybe it’s right away or maybe it takes some time, or both. But somehow things always work out if you believe in them enough. Kids Cay is a divine example of that.

Kid’s Cay, the biggest residential offering in the Keys priced at $29,750,000

Experience the original elements of the Florida Keys way of life at Kids Cay. Now being offered for the very first time, this one-of-a-kind legacy property boasts three charming homes; a timeless four bedroom main house, an expansive four bedroom guest house and a lovely two bedroom caretaker’s cottage.

Fall in love at first sight as you step into this natural beauty with over a quarter mile of pristine white sand beach that kisses the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. This tropical and tranquil estate has nearly 8.5 acres of upland plus 7.98 acres of ocean bottom with ample and protected concrete dockage (104 feet and 34 feet) plus oceanfront observation pier. Extra wide and spacious porches adorn every corner of the classic homes and are a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, maximizing the infinite open water views and constant ocean breezes. 

Enjoy complete privacy lounging by the resort-style pool or stroll barefoot along your private beach; this estate is the epitome of true island living and serenity. More information on this dreamy listing here.

SW : Manifesting and prayer help me to flourish, prosper, and thrive and I am always hypervigilant of this fact.  As a young girl, I dreamed of marrying the man of my dreams, having three happy kiddos, and living on an island.  This is my reality and I am now living MY dream!  Right now, I am focused on selling the most magical property that I have ever seen in the Florida Keys or while traveling around the globe, Kid’s Cay, the biggest residential offering in the Keys priced at $29,750,000.  The dream to sell this property will be a dream for the new owners as well, a double win in my book! 

What would you say is your “superpower” 

SE : Sabrina says I’m a matchmaker of people and houses. I love to fulfill needs and wants. They tell us what they are envisioning and we make it happen. It also helps that I know both our near and offshore waters pretty well from growing up down here. Boating is a big deal in the Keys and some buyers don’t think about this or that before moving on to a house, I like to paint a picture of what their life looks like based on their boating and island life.

SW : My superpower is kindness.  Try it, it may be yours too!

Photography credit Lifestyle Production Group, Key West photographer Karrie Porter Bond

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