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Presenting the formidable and brilliant Naomi Slater – a seasoned expert in the realm of sex and relationship coaching. With her groundbreaking online course, “Awaken Your Desire,” Naomi empowers women to rediscover their untamed and potent divine femininity. Through a unique blend of yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation, and psychoanalytic tools, she guides women on a transformative journey.

As the charismatic host of the “Divine Couples” podcast, Naomi delves into the realm of conscious sexuality, shedding light on the intricacies of intimate connections. Her profound dedication lies in guiding women and couples towards relationship healing and the reclamation of their power, pleasure, and unbridled passion.

Take us down the path that brought you into this work more specifically.

Nearly two decades ago, my journey began as a yoga teacher, embarking on extensive travels throughout India to study under various gurus and swamis. During my time in ashrams, little did I know that I was inadvertently being exposed to tantric rituals, as yoga itself is an integral part of tantra. This way of life and philosophy seamlessly weaved into my existence for many years before I stumbled upon the sexual aspects of tantra.

Already married with two children – now three – our relationship initially brimmed with passion and intensity. However, after our second child, I noticed a decline in my libido, which led my partner to feel rejected. It was then that he discovered tantra, and we embarked on a journey together, delving into the sexual facets of this ancient practice.

Wholeheartedly embracing tantra, we sought guidance from practitioners and engaged in workshops across the globe, transforming not only the way we made love but also the way we communicated with one another. 

We each cultivated self-love practices, which brought about profound changes on a fundamental level. The remarkable experiences we shared as a couple and as individuals prompted me to dedicate myself fully to this path, aspiring to aid others in their own journeys and impart this invaluable knowledge to women and other couples. This dedication lies at the core of my passion and purpose in life.

What do you think was the biggest shift inside of you or inside of the two of you as a couple that allowed you to step more into this?

The turning point for us was embracing true authenticity in our relationship. Initially, it felt daunting to open up and share our deepest emotions, fantasies, and desires. However, as we committed to this path of honesty and vulnerability, we began to process our emotions on a profound level.

This transformative journey allowed us to truly open up to each other, fostering a deeper connection both sexually and in every aspect of our lives. The power of authenticity, coupled with the willingness to explore and process our emotions, became the cornerstone of our growth as a couple.

This newfound intimacy and understanding enriched our bond, leading to a more fulfilling and passionate connection. I am grateful for this realization and the positive impact it has had on our relationship.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey when it comes to your enlightenment or awakening?

Throughout this transformative journey, I encountered some profound lows that became an essential part of my growth. My course, “Awaken Your Desire,” emerged as a result of my personal blueprint for healing. Struggling with a diminished libido and a persistent battle with chronic candida, which manifested as recurring yeast infections, I felt the urgency to find a resolution.

As I delved into deep emotional work around my sexuality, a cathartic experience unfolded. Through these meaningful practices, I gained profound insights into the energetic barriers blocking me and discovered the path to open myself fully, inviting greater energy and embracing a life brimming with passion, power, and pleasure.

My struggles went beyond the surface-level symptoms of yeast infections, affecting my well-being on various levels, encompassing depression, anxiety, fatigue, mental fogginess, and bloating. Healing from these challenges was an integral aspect of my journey, guiding me to recognize the underlying patterns in my life that were contributing to these issues.

By confronting and understanding these patterns, I unearthed the keys to my own healing and empowerment, paving the way for me to help other women embark on their journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

What advice would you now give to your younger self who didn’t have these tools to work with?

Being authentic is at the core of our journey, where we embrace ourselves fully, unafraid of how others might perceive us. It means embracing our true selves, even if it means facing failure along the way. Trusting that the world needs our authentic selves empowers us to show up without hiding. While not everyone may resonate with who we are, it’s vital to remain genuine and connected to our desires, even beyond the realm of sexuality.

Our sexuality, being primal and deeply ingrained, influences every aspect of our lives. It is the energy of creation that underpins our existence. When this energy becomes blocked, it reverberates into other areas of life, hindering our growth and fulfillment.

However, once we learn to liberate and channel this potent sexual energy, we become more open, vulnerable, and receptive. By being authentic and expressing our desires, we set this energy in motion, leading to unexpected and transformative openings in our lives. Our journey involves learning to share more, receive healing, and be true to our desires both in life and in intimacy. The liberation of this energy facilitates profound personal growth and opens doors we may have never envisioned before.

Do you find working with women in this department or couples that women seem to have more of an issue either communicating this or expressing it? 

Absolutely, both women and men face unique challenges when it comes to their sexuality and intimate relationships. These struggles run deep and are not a matter of one gender experiencing more than the other. Instead, they are different and require understanding and support.

For women, setting boundaries can be a significant issue, affecting their ability to feel safe and surrender during lovemaking. When boundaries are not established, it becomes challenging to open up fully in the act of intimacy.

On the other hand, men may grapple with performance anxiety, feeling pressure to constantly maintain a certain level of sexual prowess. This anxiety can hinder their ability to express emotions, making it difficult for them to be authentic and vulnerable with their partners.

One central aspect that many individuals face is a disconnect from their bodies, living predominantly in their minds. Reconnecting with the body is essential, and it can be achieved by fostering presence through sound, movement, and breath. By creating this presence, people can fully experience pleasure and embrace the intimacy of the moment.

Being present in intimate situations can indeed be challenging, but it is vital for enhancing the depth of connection and enjoyment. By acknowledging and addressing these diverse issues, individuals can embark on a journey of healing and transformation, fostering a healthier and more fulfilling approach to their sexuality and relationships.

When it comes to your own personal practices that you implement in order to stay in ease and flow, do you have some that you do regularly?

I find solace and rejuvenation through a consistent practice of yoga, meditation, and breathwork. These ancient disciplines have become integral to my daily routine, nurturing my mental and physical well-being. Additionally, engaging in intense workouts further supports my overall vitality, helping me maintain a high level of energy and mental clarity.

Nourishing my body with wholesome foods is of paramount importance to me. I prioritize a diet free from processed foods, and I take joy in preparing and cooking the majority of my meals. This conscious approach to eating not only enhances my physical health but also nurtures a deeper connection with the food I consume.

Collectively, these practices serve as a powerful foundation for maintaining balance in both my body and mind. They allow me to clear my thoughts, stay centered, and cultivate a profound sense of harmony within myself. This holistic approach to wellness empowers me to navigate life’s challenges with grace and embrace each day with renewed vigor and a focused mind.

For your current courses and offers, can you walk us through the process and enrollment periods for that?

My course for women is called Awaken Your Desire. It’s a three month online course for women and it runs usually around three times a year. The best way to know when the next course is, is through going onto my website,

The next round is launching on October 25th, 2023. This course also has a live component that supports women as they go through the process of awakening their sexuality. 

I have just completed developing an online course for couples, the Divine Couples Course – Fundamentals. This course can be purchased with or without a live component. The course can be purchased on its own and for those couples that also want to work with me privately, they can opt to purchase a coaching package to support them on their journey.

When it comes to manifesting, we’re very big on manifesting our issues. What are you calling in now?

I dream of achieving a seven-figure milestone, symbolizing the success and impact of this venture. Whether it’s bringing in a thousand eager learners to enroll in my courses or positively influencing the lives of a hundred thousand women throughout the next decade of my career, these are the ambitious goals that drive me. I am determined to look back on this journey and marvel at the incredible accomplishments I have manifested.

The uniqueness of my offerings stems from the profound development of my expertise through personal experience and experimentation with my partner. Our bedroom has evolved into a laboratory where we put into practice the very principles I now teach. This hands-on approach has led to the refinement of my teachings, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

When it comes to my Awaken Your Desire course, my heart’s desire is to see hundreds of women enrolling in it every year. Witnessing these women transform and embrace their desires would be the ultimate fulfillment for me. By empowering women through my work, I aim to make a lasting impact on their lives and relationships, leaving an indelible mark on their journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening.

When it comes to the work that you’re doing, what would you want your clients to retain the most from your work?

Above all else, I want women to recognize the divine essence within themselves, acknowledging their innate ability to channel their own energy. This realization should firmly establish that their energy is self-contained and independent of anyone else. Be it a partner, a friend, a parent, or a sibling, their energy is theirs to harness, move, and direct. Once this fundamental understanding takes root, they can embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and begin to open up in ways that foster profound intimacy with others in their lives.

This powerful knowledge liberates us, reminding us that we hold the key to addressing our challenges and finding solutions within ourselves. By mastering the art of moving our own energy, we initiate transformative changes in our lives. This empowerment enables us to manifest positive shifts, be it in our relationships, personal growth, or overall well-being.

Embracing the concept that we are self-sufficient sources of energy transforms how we perceive the world and our place in it. It fosters a sense of autonomy and self-reliance, nurturing a deep connection with our authentic selves. As we learn to navigate and channel our energy, we embark on a remarkable journey of self-empowerment, leading to profound growth, fulfillment, and a deeper connection with those around us.

What do you believe is your superpower?

Many people often comment on my grounding energy, expressing how safe and trusting they feel in my presence.

I believe that being grounded is a fundamental aspect of the work I do. While there are others in this field with various approaches, I take pride in leading a “normal life”—married with three children—and still enjoying an incredible connection with my husband. This aspect of my life allows me to offer valuable insights to those seeking to ignite desire within long-term relationships, as well as to women feeling emotionally closed off.

Having personally experienced the feelings of being shut down, I can empathize with those who share a similar sentiment. My toolkit is rich with practical methods to help women reawaken their libido. My approach is firmly grounded and heartfelt, seeking to make a tangible difference in the lives of those I work with.

Though discussing sex may be seen as taboo by many, I am driven by the belief that our sexuality is inseparable from the totality of our being. Recognizing that we are all inherently sexual beings is a pivotal understanding. After all, our existence largely stems from the act of creation itself. When we wholeheartedly embrace the fact that sex is an integral part of life, we open ourselves up to a new awakening—an awakening that breathes life into every facet of our existence.

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