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MEET SIGRID TASIES, Feminine Embodiment Leadership Master Coach and Mentor, Author, Host of the Podcast “Sacred Leaders” Medicine Woman and philanthropist. Her journey of self healing began when she found herself living in Barcelona in a relationship and job that kept her feeling unfulfilled. That breakup left her awakened to the journey of her soul; seeking for enlightenment. She went deep within, using energetics, somatic and feminine embodiment to create the life of her dreams. Today, she teaches women all around the world how to truly embody their feminine power and manifest their dream life.

Tell us about your journey that led to doing this work?

I had become a yoga and meditation teacher, but realized I wanted to go deeper with people in my courses. It was more about the philosophy and the transformation than just exercise. I realized that it was time for me to do some deeper work on myself in order to serve, and so I traveled to attend a ceremony I was invited to, and the person that was hosting that ceremony was the most embodied, compassionate, just solid woman I had ever met. I was so mind blown by her presence, the way in which she carried herself, how she treated others. Her leadership felt really different to everything I had experienced before.

I was so impacted by her presence, that I decided to travel the world, sitting in hundreds of ceremonies with other spiritual leaders and indigenous elders from different cultures and traditions to heal and truly get to know myself. I also kept training as a coach, and doing embodiment and leadership trainings, and continuing to expand my skills from this space because I realized that’s what was missing for me. It was the Embodiment piece. I was doing all the “right things” and had all the practices, but I hadn’t found that thing that created long-term transformation for me. I feel like this happens for a lot of people; we can take the same approach from the corporate job or hustle culture we learn from, and take it into our spiritual practice or our personal development and entrepreneurship journeys. One thing that I love to say always is that if “doing the work” isn’t helping you be more free, “the work” isn’t working.

What does that represent to you to “fully embody all of yourself”?

To honor and accept the truth of who you are, and to walk in alignment with that truth. It is definitely a process, because in order to do that you first need to know yourself enough to recognise the ways in which you are judging yourself, going against yourself and neglecting yourself. We all have blindspots, and when we commit to having an honest look at ourselves and get to truly see who we are, then we can start the work of healing those parts of ourselves that ultimately never felt safe to be fully who we are. Success is built from within. I have coached hundreds of women and hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, and I see this is true for everyone. Until you do the embodiment work and work on fully coming home to yourself, no amount of success ever feels like enough. Because there will always be the next person to compare yourself to, or the next goal to chase. It is really important to understand this.

What are some of the practices that you implement into your day, to be more fully present in your body?

I practice somatic embodiment tools, vedic meditation, time in nature, prayer or gratitude, dance, breathwork and many other things depending on what I feel like each day. My non-negotiables are usually meditation, breath awareness, time by the ocean and prayer. Generally, things that help me regulate my nervous system on a daily basis and live intentionally, so that I can be really present and really connected to my body and to the bigger picture, versus just lost in my mind.

How can women join your world and containers today?

I call my containers “initiations” because they’re more than coaching containers. They’re really a space where women come to initiate themselves into the fullness of who they are, into the fullness of their womanhood, the fullness of their leadership to really embody all of themselves and their full potential. I work with the female coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries that are ready to live and lead from deep embodiment, wealth, freedom and pleasure. The women wanting to dive deep on a one to one capacity, can work with me within my private mentorship program. They can also contact me for one-on-one VIP, in person experiences. For the women interested to join a group container, I have a six months online Mastermind called “The Embodied Woman”, which is an intimate, Sacred Initiation for women wanting to initiate themselves into their fullest expression of embodied womanhood, and their gifts.

I also have a three months Online Program for female coaches wanting to create more spaciousness and abundance in their businesses and lives. Besides that, I hold in-person high-end retreats globally a few times a year. All of the information about each of these offerings can be found on my website!

Since we’re all about manifestation in this issue, what is something that you want to bring into your current world?

My not-for-profit “Sacred Leaders Foundation” focuses on supporting different projects and tribes across the world. One project that is really strongly in my heart and I am working on birthing, is the “Sacred Leaders Land”, which is going to be a retreat centre for visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders to come and do the deeper healing to be activated and inspired, learn how to bring more depth and alignment to their legacies and meet other powerful and like-hearted individuals. This will be a place to reclaim our sovereignty in many different levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial) and give back to our planet and humanity. I see this being a template for other centres or hubs around the world that also desire to carry a similar mission, in regenerative and sustainable ways. We will soon be opening the project to angel investors, and we are really excited about it!

What inspires you to just keep evolving, keep growing and creating more abundance around the world?

The vision of a world where we all live in harmony with one another and with mother earth. I am so deeply passionate about honoring this planet that we live in. I have this vision that I feel it’s totally possible for humanity, where we all embody our divine potential. And we all live in ultimate abundance and we all live really respecting one another and respecting the planet that gives so much to us. There are all of these different issues that I see the more of is conscious leaders stepping into our full potential, alignment and radical wealth, the sooner the world will come to be a harmonious place. Our collective liberation is my driver.

What has been one of the biggest challenges that you had to surmount? 

Relinquishing my addiction to hustle, which I know many women have an issue with. When I first created my organization, I went from zero to six figures in a little bit over a year, but I did it with the same mentality that I had in my corporate job. So this is something that I find so many women do, we go into entrepreneurship with a desire for freedom, but unless we do the embodiment and mindset work to shift our old ways, we bring the hustle with us. And we can consciously know that hustling is not the best way to go about doing our business, but if our nervous systems are wired to operate from a sense of urgency, lack or need to be in stress and action all of the time, it is going to be really hard to create that freedom we desire. Because we are approaching our businesses or organizations with the same mentality we once tried to get away from.

When I wanted to move from burn-out and overwhelm and stress into sustainable success, spaciousness, nourishment and self care, I freaked out because I thought I was going to lose everything. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. And it was through really extreme burn-out and having to face my fears and face the fact that I wasn’t being in integrity if I kept being all for female entrepreneurship and feminine business, but doing it in such a masculine and unbalanced way that I truly learnt a new way. Ever since I’ve been able to multiply my organization and the amount of achievements and creations that I’ve been able to put out there into the world with a lot more space and a lot more ease than ever.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Helping women to come home to themselves and to their infinite worth fully. Supporting them to really embody their feminine leadership, feel truly capable and ready as well as empowered to live and lead from their feminine embodiment, and deeply know their worth.

All Photo Credits : Chloe Horder, Marsha Derevianko

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