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Meet Sonia Loiselle, a litigator and business lawyer who started her practice just a few years ago and has mastered her level of expertise. From a young age she watched her father excel in his own law career, which inspired her to follow this path. As he told her in her early years “the law gets you in everything”, which became the confirmation for her choice. After a communications degree in college, she embarked on the journey at University of Sherbrooke to pursue her law career. She hasn’t looked back since, her journey filled with inspiration, hard work and perseverance. Here is her entrepreneurial story.

Talk to us about your education and career path.

I grew up on the South Shore of Montreal and decided to do my law studies in Sherbrooke. I did my law degree, a degree in common law and transactional law, and then bar school. I did my law stage in a multi-disciplinary law firm. I worked there for a few months after my stage until I decided to open my own firm.

Did you always know that you would become a lawyer?

No I didn’t. I studied in Communications in College. When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress. I did a lot of theatre since primary school and I was tempted to go to National Theatre School or to become a journalist. I loved oral presentations and to be on stage. I was also interested by the law, because I started working with my father since the age of 14 years old. I started to study the law and I got the bug for it. My mock trial course was my favourite and I really enjoy working in the field.

How did working with your father as legal assistant help you in your career?

I developed an astute work ethic of operation at the office. My father is very structured, and I was able to model after his excellent qualities. I already knew the legal language, how to navigate house sales, how to settle successions. I came into law with a firm baggage already.

Why did you chose real estate law as your specialty?

When I first opened my own firm, I surrounded myself with mentors. One task I had to accomplish was to make a practice plan, and to chose the fields of practice that appealed to me the most. Naturally, I chose the fields that I loved the most, but also those that I was the most credible in ; real estate law, business law, succession law, and civil responsibility. I continued to practice these four different fields ever since, but real estate took the biggest place in my career.

Why did you decide to open your own law firm?

I knew that I am an entrepreneur since a young age. It was a good way for me to enter entrepreneurship in law. I installed myself in the same office as my father and brother. My mother also worked for my father. We have a really nice family energy at the office.

What has been your biggest challenge owning your own firm?

Having to do everything! Researching clients, marketing, accountability, the law, planning out procedures, doing the administration work, etc. Today I have a paralegal with whom I have the pleasure to work with.

How did you surmount it?

I developed different methods for resilience, organization, and discipline. I surrounded myself with the right people. Sometimes I would go to the library at the Palais des Justices with a list of questions to which I was seeking answers to ; things on procedures or research of my files. I would ask other lawyers for advice. I would read a lot. I met a lot of people, I learned a lot and with time I developed a very respectable clientele.

What inspires you as an entrepreneur?

What inspires me is entrepreneurs and professionals that keep their passion for their work and their business without neglecting the others aspects of their lives. For me, success is a balance lifestyle in all different fields of life and to be truly happy in our element.

How do you manage expectations in your firm?

My “why” has always been to help people. I find solutions, I guide them through different challenges life puts along their path. It’s what gives me the most satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. I explain to clients that I will put all efforts into their files, to give all possible chances for things to work. There is also work to be done by educating the clients on procedures. I believe what really calms the client is to delegate their litigation in the hands of someone they feel confident working with. 

What is your 5-10 year goal?

I would like to continue building my law firm, have employees and continue to serve my existing and future clients. I always have multiple ideas to educate in different aspects of the law whether through my YouTube channel, or video capsules that that I put on social medias.

How do you stay balanced?

I allocate time in my week for my hobbies, sports, family time and friends. I like to spend time in nature, for me that is my peace of mind and how I regain my energy. I love hiking, rock climbing and doing CrossFit as well as other sports. It’s really important for me to be in good health physically as well as mentally, so I give it my all to be in the best shape of my life so that I can concur in other aspects professionally. 

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