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Meet Kyera Kacey, a unique business coach gifted with psychic abilities from a very young age – abilities she now uses to help her clients on their path to success and wealth in businesses. As a gifted Psychic, Kyera’s abilities to connect with the spirit realm and read energy has provided invaluable insight throughout her own journey into multiple six-figures as well as that of her clients’. After a divorce that catapulted her into an existential crisis, she stepped back onto the path of inner healing and personal development. From sinking in debt, not knowing how she would pay her mortgage, to building and becoming the CEO of a multiple six-figure business, her story will empower you to claim your own worth and manifest a life beyond your dreams! 

“Truth is, it’s not about the money, it’s about who we become in the process of making it.” – Kyera Kacey

Tell our readers something that we wouldn’t already know from your social media.

I’m so transparent – they already know a lot. But most people don’t know how and when my entrepreneurial journey began. I started booking clients ten years ago at the age of 24 years old, scheduling time with them after working my 9-5 job each day. Most of my followers aren’t aware as to how early in life I followed my calling to become a business owner and make a wider impact.

Walk us through your journey of self-discovery. What would you consider your lowest point to your awakening into the healing space?

I started exploring personal development at the early age of 17 when I began attending seminars and programs. The lowest point which led me to an awakening into the healing space was my divorce in 2016. It was exceptionally traumatic, and financially I was struggling – I was in debt. I was unable to pay my mortgage and I had forgotten who I was. It was the lowest moment in my life that ultimately yielded the greatest, most painful, yet most incredible, transformational results. From the ashes of a trauma that once overpowered me, I chose to rise. And in doing so built a successful business.

I set out on a mission to help other women become liberated and create financial independence in their lives. The trauma of my divorce was also the catalyst that led me to writing and publishing my first book, She Dares – I believe all things happen for the greater good! I was also inspired to create a 21-day journal called She Without He, a journal for women overcoming divorce. When I took my business online, naturally, I chose to help women struggling through divorce. However, my deep desire was to help women create wealth and financial freedom in their lives – but I, myself, was still broke! This being the case, I knew the timing was not quite right but that in divine timing, I would be called forward one day to fulfill that desire! And as I watched my business and bank account grow, I knew it was time to pivot and step confidently onto a new path of impact to teach other women how to make money in their coaching business. This was an exciting time for me and for my clients!

On that note, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to stop worrying and start dreaming about my goals and desires with joy and certainty to manifest them! I recall the days each week when I would walk to the 7/11 convenience store after working my 9-5. Each week, I would buy a $4,000 Cash For Life lottery ticket (I don’t even know if they make them anymore!). On the way there and back, I would visualize all the ways I would experience life if I won. And last year it dawned on me that I did in fact win the lottery – it just wasn’t in the form of a scratch off! It was received in the form of a successful coaching business that I, myself had built. It’s true that our thoughts and feelings create our experience, and I would say I’m proof of that. Keep manifesting and remember to let your dreams be more powerful that your fears and doubt!

How do you embody success in your daily life?

The life that I desire to create is non-negotiable. I have an unwavering belief in my dreams and my ability to help others actualize theirs. I make it my mission to lead myself first to be able to successfully show others the way – and am determined to out care everyone else in the industry!

What has been your biggest lesson that you’ve discovered in this space?

We get to create a successful business from a place of bliss. I’m proof that you can make money online in your own way – you don’t need to do anything that feels out of alignment. Also, successful women are not your competition, they are proof that you can do it too.

What routines or rituals, would you say that you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

I meditate a lot and always have a private mentor (one of my non-negotiables!) But most importantly I have fun because I believe we make more money when we create in the vibration of play!

What programs do you have now for women to join your space? Walk us through all those different
offerings and enrolment periods.

I am so excited to be releasing my signature program, Rich B*tch Coaching Academy, as an evergreen program. Rich B$tch Coaching Academy is for the woman ready to turn her passion into a profitable coaching business. I also have two-, six-, and twelve-month private one-on-one coaching container options. In addition, I have a new book coming out this year called Rich B$tch Money Goals: Becoming the Energetic Match to Wealth. And lastly, I’m hosting a retreat this year in Ireland. It will be the first of many!

On Manifesting big visions, what is something that you would like to call into your present?

Why not become a millionaire? I’ve hit multiple six figures and just made my first six figure investment into a mentor. Talk about bold and unreasonable! I believe we are an energetic match to receive the moves that we make. Manifesting big visions looks and feels unreasonable to most people, but to the dreamer, it makes sense.

What do you want women in your space to retain the most from your professional endeavours?

I want the women in my space to powerfully step into their leadership. I want them to know how gifted, capable, and worthy they are. And I want them to know that they can create success in their own unique way without compromising what matters to them.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are..”

The external manifestations of the inner work I have done. I’m shining the light for others to see what I’ve overcome and accomplished as evidence that they can do it to. “You are the energetic match to receive the moves that you make.”

For more information, follow Kyera on Instagram @KyeraKacey

Visit her website to enrol in her courses!

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