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Embodiment Leader and Manifestation Mentor Elizabeth helps women get crystal clear on their desires so that they can co-create their f*ck yes life and magnetize their desires in a way that feels good to them. From being in toxic relationships, to grieving an ex-partner who passed away suddenly, her life romantically was a rollercoaster with no end in sight. After leaving a job as an accountant that no longer served her, she dove deep into those feelings she had been holding on to this whole time. Today, she manifested her dream partner, and built a sustainable six figure brand that allows women to do the same. This is proof of life on your own terms.

Walk us through the lowest point of your journey all the way to your enlightenment. What did that look like?

I used to be a CPA. I did tax returns. I’ve worn many job hats, but the biggest one was being a CPA for about six years. I was going through some personal things at the time, and I was in a severe depression. I was coming off of a breakup and still mourning an ex-partner that had passed away. I had a lot of relationship trauma back to back, including emotional and physical abuse.

It was the end of tax season, which meant that we had stopped working tons of hours, and I had just passed the CPA exam. Suddenly, I had all this space to sit with all the pain I had attempted to bypass for many years. I actually remember going to my mom and saying, “You know, I’ve got to get help. I’ve got to do something because I’m scared to sit with myself and what I would possibly do.” It started with working through things, therapy, some medication at the time, and then eventually evolved into a spiritual awakening. I believe a lot of pressure can bring you to a point where you really wake up and start to take control of your life. I started on my healing journey by hiring a coach about three years ago and have continued working with various mentors while always doing the inner work. 

I started to see these big changes taking place and felt that pressure valve release. I began to feel so happy. Like true joy for no reason at all. So, I asked myself “Where else have I held back in life because of the pain and fear?” I saw all the places where I regretted playing small. I started taking more chances. I moved out of the state, I started opening my heart to men again, and I started my coaching business. I loved following each little piece of pleasure and excitement that came into my world after letting go of the past.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself now?

I’d tell her: “What you feel is right. What you’re feeling in your heart to do, what you’re feeling in your heart to say, and what you’re feeling in your heart to let go of, it’s right. You don’t need to question it and you’re good enough as you are to move on it.”

When it comes to embodying this version of you, what does that look like on a daily, whether that’s practices you do or just things that you say to get yourself in that space?

I say: “It’s all for the embodiment.” Every single experience that comes up in our reality is really feedback about where our vibration is at. Whether we assign it a meaning of good feedback or bad feedback, it can be all used to deepen our embodiment of the version of us that has what we want. Whether you want a relationship, a dream career, more financial abundance, doesn’t really matter. Even the challenges are an opportunity to shape ourselves into more of who we really are. I started to shift the purpose behind doing the inner work. Yes, I want to receive more and manifest all my desires, but it’s more so about who I’m being and how I’m leading myself in the process.

Now on the more practical side of things for people want to enrol in your courses, what does that look like in terms of enrollment periods and different programs you have in your containers? 

I have recently restructured my business to serve people at various points of their journey. I’ve got smaller containers like Masterclasses, workshops, and live programs. They range from one day to four weeks long, where you learn specific concepts to start applying them to your own life, relationships, and business. Then, I offer long-term options with my Mastermind and Private Mentorship. That’s where you get the closest proximity and most intimate support while you deepen your leadership, personal power, and embodiment.

Tell us about your relationship courses, and conscious communication?

So much of my trauma came from relationships, and the partner that I’ve manifested is such beautiful evidence to how much your romantic life can evolve. Our relationship and my business are my favorite manifestations. He’s the soul-aligned match for me on such a deep level because he really gets all of this. He’s done his own inner work, and now we’ve started manifesting things together, which is really fun. It’s like a whole new layer when you’re co-creating with your partner. We’re running our first ever combined Masterclass together called Conscious Communication in Relationships. I’m also launching my Manifest Your Soulmate live program in August. It’s for the woman who’s ready to call in her dreamy soul-aligned match and for the woman who wants to expand the intimacy in her current romantic relationship.

Tell us about any future projects coming up?

I’m writing a book. I don’t even know what it will be on yet, but I’m holding the intention that when I get the nudge — it’s going to come in hot and it’s going to come in potent and I’m going to move on it as soon as I get it. That’s how I call in guidance for all my next aligned steps. So, stay tuned!

When it comes to philanthropy, what is something that you wish to do more of, or that you already do when it comes to helping others?

Usually I’m drawn to contribute based on my own personal experiences. So, the two big areas that hit home for me are military families transitioning out of the military and substance abuse or addiction. I’m so excited to one day be able to contribute really big to these causes, because they have run heavily in my family lineage and with people really close to me. So, those are the areas that matter to my heart. 

What do you want your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I would say possibility and power. I don’t take credit for their results because their results are about their embodiment and who they are. I just get the pleasure of reflecting their power back to them.

It’s the message that you get to have both. For a long time, I believed things had to manifest in a certain order and whenever we’re doing that, we’re blocking both the desires. So, I thought that the business has to be at “x number” of income before I could have the energetic space to have a relationship. I believed there weren’t men that would stand next to an ambitious woman, especially with the stories that I share with the world which are so deeply connected to past relationship trauma. So, what kind of man is going to be secure enough for me to share my truth? 

Then, I call in the exact partner that is so solid and secure. He’s the partner that actually fuels my mission even more. So, it’s like the desires get to breathe life into each other. And it was never a question of if I could have one and then the other, or if I could only have one. By releasing those rules, you get to have both. You get to have them your way.

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“The desires get to breathe life into each other.”

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