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They say two heads is better than one, but when it comes to TREA it is true and tested that it’s all about the Trifecta. Enter Jenna Belden, Christy Deysher and Valerie Forte real estate team under the @Compass banner taking the Lake Tahoe and Truckee real estate market by storm. With a cumulative experience of over forty years, their work ethic and combination of skillsets in marketing, sales and customer service have made them the #dreamteam. Serving Lake Tahoe and Truckee’s finest communities from high-end resort properties, single-family homes, and million-dollar estates. Find out more details on the market, and how these women can truly favour any buyer and seller in the area.

Tell our readers about the trajectory that brought you together, to create TREA.

Jenna : Christy has been one of my long time best friends and Valerie and I have worked together in the past and I’ve always had the utmost admiration for her. Christy and I always talked about partnering and Valerie and I also had a similar conversation and then I convinced them both to come over to Compass, and we decided to be the three musketeers.

When did the transition happen?

Jenna : It happened about a year ago. We sat down and had a really serious conversation about coming together and becoming a team. For Christy and I, we have been talking about this for nine years and finally decided it was time to make this happen. Then I met Valerie and we sat down the three of us and it just went “click”. It all just fell into place and just made so much sense and there was so much chemistry between the three of us and it was kind of miraculous. 

Valerie : the feelings are mutually shared as when I met Jenna I had a very special connection with her and prior to that, never thought of partnering before. I am at Compass because of Jenna. I never questioned her decision to involve Christy and bringing her in as well was a perfect unison. That is our energy. We love each other and we support each other, and here we are in a real estate business that is not always love and support, and it really makes a difference. 

With a collective experience of over 40+ years, this team really has a perfect synergy to meet any client throughout their investment process.

Since you’ve decided to join as a team, tell us about your success and professional endeavours? 

Jenna : We definitely have special roles to make sure we all come together. Christy is the boss that keeps us on track and makes sure we get through our checklist. She’s the go-to girl for marketing and social media as well. I think the three of us bring such unique experiences to the table and therefore can service any type of buyer and seller in a very special way.

What is something you want to accomplish in the future as a team? 

Jenna : numbers are always motivating. Instead of having a higher goal –  going for bigger price points is more our interest point. More luxury homes where we can work less but work smarter. All our clients are very important to us but definitely developing that more luxury network. 

Christy : also getting more to that point in our business where we have other realtors under our banner that can facilitate with our listings on the ground. Growing our marketing team so we can do what we do best – building relationships with people. 

“We are more motivated by the success story of each person on the team.” 

Jenna : Our company culture is really our support of each other. Our logo is TREA which is a triangle and then relationship between the three points ; together we accomplish more. Just like Compass’ tagline it’s about “Collaboration without ego”.

What does success represent to you?

Christy : It’s having a work life balance. Having the time and have the funds to support my children and my family. 

Valerie : One of our partnership goals is to support each other when we need it most. I don’t have young children anymore, so I can fill in for Jenna and Christy who do have young kids and need to be at engagements. If I want to go on vacation, they cover for me and vice versa. 

The money comes, and the rest is to figure it all out together, but this is really what makes us stand apart, having that support system. 

What areas are worth investing in right now in Tahoe and surrounding areas? 

Valerie : Our area is primarily single family homes. They are just better as a personal decision. Inventory is a problem – when a house is priced fairly and not overpriced that’s not good for the buyer or seller. It does the seller a disservice because they’ll end up getting less money at the end of the day. 

We are a second home resort market – so it’s a very different market than a primary market. It really is a luxury buy even when you get to have a second home. Decisions aren’t as necessary either, they are desired but not necessary. We are used to it being up and down – and now it’s so active. 

Photo Credit : Aubrey McCready

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