Alexandra Roxo | On Feminine Embodiment

The antidote to anxiety, over-thinking, and over-functioning, and the doorway to alive, sensual, heart-based living

Lately it seems that the word Embodiment is everywhere.  

Embodiment coaches have sprung up all over social media.  Embodied healing is being talked about by therapists and those interested in the path of healing and transformation more and more in the mainstream.  And while that is important and wonderful that this work is getting its moment in the spotlight, with more and more people being drawn to and discovering how transformative this work can really be, what does feminine embodiment really mean?

Feminine embodiment is taking a concept such as love or presence, out of the abstract, and into the physical body.  Not just knowing it in the mind, or spirit, but in a felt sense.

Feminine embodiment is calling your thoughts into the body, and letting them live and express as ENERGY, expression, feeling, emotions.

Feminine embodiment is placing your awareness in the body, instead of letting your awareness rest with your thoughts in the mind.

Feminine embodiment is using breath to move thoughts and sensations through the body.

Feminine embodiment is not just related to the sensual, but it can be deeply sensual, because, yes, it does include the senses!

A transformational, spiritual path that includes the heart, the sex, the voice and the senses.

Feminine embodiment is a practice of allowing all aspects of reality to be brought into the physical form, and felt, and eventually expressed, as opposed to churning it all in the mind.

I’ve been a student of this practice since I was 18 and a student at NYU.  I have been really curious about how to be really present in my body and not be overwhelmed with all the chaos and beauty that lives inside since then, when I started practicing in front of other people, being with my emotions, being with my breath, and dropping my voice down into my belly, feeling it all, opening and softening my body and heart, and letting life move me deeply.

This definition of embodiment that I’m giving you is from my own personal journey and practice over the last 20 years and comes from deep spiritual practice, an embodied acting and theatrical background, and a mystical feminine path, as opposed to a science or psychology background, though there is some of that woven in.

Why should we practice embodiment?  

How can it help us in this modern age of hustle, google calendars, technology, and everything else in our day-to-day life?  

Why is this practice ESSENTIAL to our modern living?

Practicing embodiment helps us to reactivate the energy centers in your body with life force and presence to reclaim your body as a sacred instrument for pleasure, purpose, and passion.  To live in the present moment in the body, and not the past or future in the head.  To feel emotions and sensations in real time (this one has been a huge one for me!  For many years, I was always feeling my emotions and sensations two steps later and I wasn’t sure which emotions I was feeling and I couldn’t even distinguish what I was feeling most of the time.)… 

Essentially, to help us not overthink and overanalyze every aspect of our lives, but instead, live from the heart, pleasure, and love.

When you start practicing embodiment, you’re going to notice you’ll start feeling everything in real time, and then you’re able to articulate it from the heart, rather than from the mind.  This is living love not just as a concept, but a practice that is felt.  Cultivating an energy and tuning into the depths of your being, not just the surface mind.

Because most of the time, we’re living at the surface.  We’re tuning into the external world and tracking all these things… “what time is it?  When do I have to start making dinner?  Do I have time to go get gas?”

So, when we come into a feminine embodiment practice, we are going, essentially at times, into our own underworld, into our own unconscious… it is dipping out of the surface and going down under into yourself.  And it’s beautiful because from there, you get to allow that much more depth in your life.

This is the doorway to more alive, sensual, heart-based living.  And when we have that channel open, we are less in the mind, less in the over-thinking and anxieties of everyday life.  More in the moment, more in the heart, and more in love with what’s present and what’s around us.

So, how can we begin to cultivate this practice?!

Here are a few simple ways that we begin to notice our embodiment:

  1. Practice Awareness.  Ask yourself: “Am I in my head or in my body?  Am I practicing in fear or with open-heartedness?”  (This happens in a split second!  One great example is talking to someone and they pick up their phone and they are no longer in the room with you, they have tuned out.)
  2. Practice Feminine Embodied Breathwork.  This practice combines breath, sound, and movement to get out of the head and into the body, release stagnant and stuck emotions, and create space in your being and body.  (I have a free practice available on Insight Timer to help get you started!)
  3. Feel Your Feelings in real time, don’t postpone.  Consciously practicing feeling your emotions and feelings from depth, and not just the surface, or the story attached to your emotions will allow your emotions, past stories, and blocks to flow through you and not get stuck in the body, holding you back from open-hearted living and loving.
  4. Connect with your Senses and Slow Down.  Enjoy each bite of food, each smell, each touch. Add sensual elements to your daily life to remind you to drop into your body and feel again.  Slow take as you take it all in. Let your body move in curves and not just lines.  Embrace your curves.  Let your voice slow down.  Breathe into your belly and soften it.  And notice how much more you feel life. 
  5. Allow all of the above to be Sacred, as prayer, ritual, transformation, and your path to awakening.

All of this will no doubt support you to get out of your head, your to-do’s, to drop into your sensual body, your heart, your magic, your juice, and to live life from this open place.  There, you will notice worries and fears dropping away, and anxiety lessening.  And you will be a part of a movement of women reclaiming our bodies and hearts as sacred, as magical, as blessed gifts from nature and the path to a mystical, rich life.

Alexandra Roxo is an artist, bestselling author, podcast host, transformational coach and teacher.  She has been featured as a guest speaker on many renowned podcasts and on TV including Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, where she was touted as “The Deeper Connection Queen”, ViceTV’s Slutever, Epix’s Sex / Life show, and at numerous festivals and events worldwide.  She has also been featured in The New York Times, Harpers Bazaar, and In Style magazine, for her work with women.

Her book, “F*ck Like A Goddess: Heal Yourself, Reclaim Your Voice, Stand In Your Power” debuted in July 2020 with Sounds True to be #1 new release and bestseller in 3 categories on Amazon for 3 weeks in a row.  Her ideas and stories have been featured in The New York Times, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, The Guardian, Nylon, Playboy, and many other international publications.

She hosts her own podcast, “Holy F*ck“, and works with women 1:1 in her transformational coaching and mentorship practice, supporting women around the world to open their hearts, drop into their sensual body, develop a spiritual practice, and life their soul’s calling. 

Learn more about her work here

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