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Awakening Kundalini: A fresh, modern approach to activating your abundance

Meet Brianna Rose, CEO of the Light Leader Collective, Creator of the Light Leader® Movement and Light Leader KundaliniTM, Founder of the Ascension AcademyTM and the Light Leader® Certification Program. In just a few years, she turned her intuitive idea (one that came through while in meditation) into a globally leading business that is changing the business coaching industry as we know it. Her programs have reached thousands of students across the world by focusing on impact driven income first — and always! She has made massive quantum leaps defying all human logic and she’s here to teach you the name of the game. Keep reading to find out her journey of crossing 7 figures in under two years. 

“Oh, and I’m just getting started”. – Brianna Rose

Walk us through your journey to enlightenment; when did the door open for you?

To me it feels like the door was always open! Some of my earlier memories as a kid is seeing spirit. For years I prayed for it to stop – it was really scary! My parents were really supportive though, I’m so lucky and grateful for them. I also had a lot of anxiety growing up and now, on the other side of it, I know that it was just because I didn’t know how to manage energy.

As I was going through that spiritual awakening, as much my career checked all of the boxes – I also realized that the work that I’m here to do was so much bigger than what I was doing. I ended up leaving my nine to five. And at the time, I thought, “Oh, I’m just gonna start a business doing branding and web design and that’ll be it, that’ll be normal.” Because I was so afraid of this spiritual side of me. I was so afraid of what my friends and family would think of me. While I was doing that, I was still learning more about energy work. I was obsessed. I was just chasing energy, trying to learn as much as I could.

Eventually I came across Kundalini and there was a little ping in my soul that was like, “You should learn more about this.” So I went and took a class. At that time, I was very depressed, anxious, and overly stimulated with energy and I didn’t know how to manage it. I remember I walked in and kind of freaked out – I thought to myself, “This class is kind of weird. Everyone’s dressed in all white and they’re wearing turbans.” But when the class ended, I knew in those 90 minutes my life had changed. And that really started me on this path of learning about Kundalini. 

I rebelled against the traditional way Kundalini was taught here in the West. I started to play with the kriyas, which are the poses and postures that you practice in Kundalini. I wanted to know how and why they’re working in the body. I had so many questions and no one had answers to them. So I went on a path to discover them myself. That led me to learn more about Chinese medicine, and then that led me to understand the meridian system of the body and how the meridians are being activated through the kriyas. As I dug deeper, the doors kept opening and before I knew it, Light Leader KundaliniTM was born. It was so organic and fun.

“Your energy holds the codes to your success, kundalini unlocks them”

The more I practiced, I kept hearing a voice in my head saying, “Create Kundalini Business Coaching.” I was apprehensive at first because no one was doing it. I started to pair the kriyas with business strategy and it worked like wildfire. I took a leap of faith and shut down my branding business to create Kundalini Business Coaching. That quickly evolved into The Ascension AcademyTM, which is my signature program. 

My first year in business I went from $0-$500,000 without paid advertising. For most of that I didn’t even have a website up, it was purely from social media and my students having insane results in their business. I could barely keep up with the demand, it was a really wild experience that has continued to grow since!

Give us more details about how Kundalini impacts prosperity manifestation.

Kundalini is a secret weapon in your business and spiritual practice that isn’t spoken about enough. It honestly is THE quickest manifestation tool because you are becoming the guru – you learn how to awaken and elevate your energy. And when you can do that, your reality can shift in an instant. What many don’t know is that Kundalini is not a form of yoga – the yoga is used to awaken kundalini but kundalini is divine feminine energy in it’s purest form. Feminine energy is the creator of everything that we see in our life, meaning it’s birthing energy. So as an entrepreneur, it’s vital to know about this
especially when you’re launching.

The reason why this adds an additional oomph to your manifestation power is you’re only going to be able to manifest at the frequency that you’re currently at. We all have a frequency, we all have a vibration. And that’s being dictated by our aura, by our energy system. If we’re carrying limiting beliefs around with us, if we have trauma — whether it’s big T or little t, we all have stuff that we carry with us — if we’re not actively clearing that out, our manifestation work is not going to work. It’s going to hit a point where you energy is going to be like, “All right, this is the max that you can manifest because this is where your frequency is at. You can’t go bigger than this.” 

When you work with Kundalini through the kriyas, you’re putting pressure on that energy -which is located at the base of your spine – and helping her to rise up. Just like the pressure put on a diamond, kundalini starts to shine and awaken your entire energy system while also shining a light on your shadow aspects. It’s helping you to heal those parts of you that are keeping your frequency lower, keeping your vibration lower. Once you heal them, you’re able to rise higher and become a magnet for the things that you want and the things that you desire. What I share with my students is this; if you’re trying to manifest that six-figure business or that seven-figure business or that 100k launch, you need be in vibration with them. You can do all the manifestation work that you want, you can do all of the strategy work that you want, but if you yourself are not a vibrational match to that thing that you want and desire, it’s never going to show up, it’s never going to come in.

Awakening Kundalini is a safe because we all have it – we all have this energy. You’re opening up to the infinite consciousness that lives within you, that makes you more creative, abundant, and in flow. And simultaneously, you’re giving yourself the deepest healing possible, which instantly raises your frequency.

How do you modernize Kundalini practices in your work? 

To me, the way kundalini has been taught here in the west really restricts the student and enforces the whole ‘teacher on the pedestal’ thing. Everything in my being rejected and questioned that so I went head first into learning what kundalini really was and WHY it was working. No one could tell me that, whenever I’d ask questions in a traditional class the response I’d get was either “I don’t know” or “Trust the teacher” – basically they wanted me to shut up (laughs). So like any visionary, I decided to modernize kundalini and create my own form of it. One without the strict lifestyle and having to wear a turban. 

Now known as Light Leader KundaliniTM. I’ve modernized this ancient practice by bringing the feminine back into it and teaching my students how the energy is working in the body. There’s real science to this which is pretty amazing. I also bring more somatic movement and dance into it which really allows the body to move first so the kundalini can rise. I think of it as this; we swapped the dogma for the divine. It’s a full body business experience for anyone who is looking to dive deep and transcend limiting beliefs while also rising into the light leader you were born to be.

What are the different types of offers and programs that you currently have?

We have two really amazing experiences for those that are ready to go all in on their big vision and raise the vibration of the planet through their work. The first one is my signature program, The Ascension AcademyTM(TAA). Essentially it’s business school for the intuitive entrepreneur… it has everything! For so many, when they start their businesses they’re searching for a guidebook on how to actually build a 6 figure business so, I created it. TAA is the first and only Kundalini-based business-building program with proven methodologies and frameworks that actually work. Our curriculum is a divine dance between both worlds; the spiritual and the physical. The program is 1/2 divine feminine and 1/2 divine masculine — we bridge the gap that most business programs miss. It’s where energy meets strategy.

Then I have our Light Leader KundaliniTM Certification program where you get certified in Light Leader KundaliniTM. I never intended to create a certification program but after having hundreds of our Ascension Academy students ask to learn how to teach kundalini, I knew it was time. Inside this sacred program you learn the history of kundalini – what is is beyond the yoga, learn how to awaken kundalini, and then how to teach and infuse it into your own offers and programs. It’s a fully immersive program where you become initiated into kundalini and then learn how to teach it in a fun, safe way. We go over everything from where kundalini started, to meridian mapping, to teaching, and also marketing because we want our students to actually share these teachings and not get caught up on the business stuff. I created this program because I knew this work was bigger than me and I was just one person in the world… I couldn’t do it all on my own. Our intention is to certify as many people as we can so together we can create a ripple effect of light on the planet. 

Once certified, our students have exclusive access to our Light Leader® trademark which means massive visibility and can hold their own kundalini immersions, retreats and and all that yummy stuff. It’s pretty amazing. And for anyone that wants to dip their toe into the light leader® movement, we do have a free Facebook group community called Rising Light Sisterhood that is full of thousands of other like minded people! It’s truly magical in there.

What are your gifts to the world?

I know I am here to make kundalini mainstream… I get chills thinking about living in a world where everyone knows how to awaken this primal power. We would truly see “New Earth” that I know so many of us are manifesting on our meditation pillows and visioning onto our vision boards. One where we lead with love, grace and compassion and one where people are doing the deep work to truly heal and become the most authentic version of themselves. Together I truly believe we can create generational impact, elevate consciousness and leave behind a legacy of light.

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