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Transcend Money and Success Shame Through Spiritual and Personal Growth

Meet Anna Gaspari @TheSpiritualGrind Spiritual Life Coach, wife and mother who is taking the coaching industry by storm. From wanting to tap into her gifts, to leading a soul-led business creating multiple six-figure and beyond for her brand, and the women who join her courses. Her space will uplift you, it will require you to step up to the highest version of who you are all while learning to enjoy the journey. Tune in to her world, one of magic, inspiration, and infinite possibilities!

Tell our readers how you got into the coaching space.

I have been a hairdresser for thirty-two years, and have always been an introvert. I love design, and anything which involves artistic designing. That is where my hair passion came from. I got into spiritual life coaching because I got to build my own house and I got to design it which was a dream come true. That was something that I had definitely manifested in my life. 

After that, the market crashed back in 2006 with the whole housing bubble and I had a post-house depression. I had just moved into my new house, which I had been dreaming for about three years, when the crash happened and next thing you know I was living with my sister. Those where very stressful times in my life. Everything at that time had collapsed on me and I had what I call a post house depression. I didn’t even realize this until recently, how so many things that I have manifested in my life storms came and followed. This is something that I work with my clients through today, which is amazing, but it took me a really long time to realize the pattern and the road that led me to where I am today.

I still remember being in my living room when a moment of clarity came to me I felt like a voice just spoke to me. This voice told me that I didn’t get to where I am today to have this be taken away from me. My bills where piling up, the economy just crashed and I was crying hysterically, while concealing it from everyone not to share the pain and all of a sudden I looked up, and I heard that message: God did not bring you this far to take it away from you. I just heard “work from home”. At that time I was a hairdresser, I had my babies, I was a stay at home mom and I wasn’t really working, there wasn’t any income really coming in on my end, so I was like, what does that mean? And I ran to my computer and I started to search “work from home” and that’s how it all started for me. This all started before social media, before I had any role models, that of course became some of the giants today that are in this special magazine that I get to follow and be led by. 

I have coached with them and have taken their courses especially Amanda Frances. Amanda was the first person that I met through Gabby Bernstein’s program and I started to take her course on how to create courses. It is so beautiful how that all unfolded. I remember not knowing  how to become a spiritual life coach, so I started to get coached myself, I started to go through the process myself as a student, and then I I decided that this is it and my story began.

Walk us through the lowest point of your enlightenment into this?

I called that the dark night of the soul. That was definitely one of the lowest points of my life. At that point, I still didn’t have a role model and didn’t full figure out the whole system of how I wanted to coach and where was I going to find clients. This was way before I was on social media, I didn’t really know how to market myself and all of that stuff. I decided to join a network marketing company and went to the top of that company very quickly. I got into sales and knew that this was it. I think everyone has a moment in their life or several moments where you took a leap of faith and it worked out. I don’t believe there is a logic because I don’t believe the universe has a sort of reasoning but instead it’s all about energy.

I went through another dark night of the soul through that business and is what led me to ask myself if I was truly on the right path and reminded me that I wanted to do coaching. That was the moment when the spiritual grind was gifted to me, at 3:00 AM in the middle of the night by the voice that I call the Holy Spirit. This is how I live my life, the messages come far and few between, but when I know something is mine and is meant for me, I take it and then that’s when it starts, in those moments.

What it truly takes is having courage to do something that doesn’t seem reasonable or logical, and I think that’s how you succeed is if it seems reasonable and if it seems logical, most likely, it’s not always the answer.

How do you embody success in your daily life and what practices do you implement regularly to stay in this space?

It is getting to do what you love. To be really honest, routine is my own personal hell, that’s what I struggle with, it triggers the impulsive part of me that loves change. At first, when I read the question about routine, I I knew that everybody wants a morning and nighttime routine, but believe it or not, I would have to say I’m the most creative and the most energized in the very morning when I wake up and at night. I actually create in those moments, and for me, it’s about finding balance because without the balance I don’t turn myself off because I am a workaholic. That’s the struggle that I have found throughout the years, and I often many times would listen to podcasts and remind myself that I need a morning routine, but I learned that it goes against my very nature.

I love to get up in the morning and have my coffee. Alongside my coffee I always have my notebook. My husband and my kids always tell me that my laptop and my notebook are my companions because they’re in bed with me at night and that’s how I live my life. I am a creator, I’m so artistic and I’ve learned how to bring that art into my courses and my spiritual life coaching programs and my coaching world.

What does that look like now for women to enrol in your courses? What is the process and the enrolment periods for each program and you’re one on one sessions?

I’ve created a lot of courses in my time. After doing this for five years, I took one of my signature programs, which in the beginning it was my original course of self-mastery 101 and 201 and used it to help women overcome money and success shame because that was sort my story.

There was a time where money was my incarnation cross in my life and that’s where I made my money miracles signature course and that is the course that everybody enrols in. I allow people to enrol whenever they want, because there’s enough of the programs where it’s already been created, and I know for me when I want to join something I’m impulsive and I want it right now, so I allow the same to my clients. 

I always give others the same things I want in life. I believe that magic happens in the now, and I never want to stop somebody from that magic. I do have one-on-one coaching, so my website is and I have a course boutique in there where they can enrol in my evergreen programs. The live course that I’m always operating in is really Money Miracles, that’s my signature program.  I do a weekly group coaching for the people who unroll in there, and I also have a mastermind through that group.

Now when it comes to the bigger picture of manifesting, what does that look like for you in your world?

I want to write a book! I am a co-author in a book that’s coming out in November which is called the Savvy Soul Entrepreneur, and the subtitles Namastay, which was so perfect for me, because I actually created a mini course called Namastay back in 2017. I am also going to re-launch my podcast with the intention to have it grow a massive audience and get into the hands of the women who need to hear it most.

As a manifestation monetary goal, I want to be the million dollar coach. 

Love that intention. What is something that you would want the women in your role to really take from your courses?

I would love for my viewers and my clients to know what mastery of personal freedom feels like because that’s my journey, it is a journey of self-mastery. I would love to give to my clients personal freedom and having peace of mind in the face of constant change and I believe that is the hard balance of life. We want to be in peace and we want to have some form of security and safety, but yet we’re always striving for the uncertainty and the unknown, and I think that is the part that I love — it’s the perfect balance about fearing change and becoming addicted to it.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Dear Anna, you could be or do anything you want. I have three children and that’s what I tell them all the time.



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