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The Journey to self-love

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Dame ( yup! she was Knighted), and the Creator of Worthy Wands, Amanda is the definition of confidence and empowerment. It took her realizing with deep inner work, that she didn’t feel worthy or enough in her own life, despite building multiple 7 figure businesses. Addicted to the DO of life because that’s how she validated her worth, she had to learn to reprogram her unconscious beliefs about herself and learn to BE. In doing so she created Worthy Wands.

A collection of science-backed jewelry designed to rewire the subconscious mind and reprogram your DNA. To date, seven lives have been saved from suicide and this brand is making waves around the world reminding women, men, and teens alike that they were born worthy and are more than enough.

Tell our readers more about you, especially those parts that are not so known from your social media presence?

I never intended to get into the jewelry business, I am a mental health and self-love warrior. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing Worthy Wo/men everywhere rising, healing generational trauma, breaking glass ceilings, unapologetically shining, and taking up space in the world. I suffered unnecessarily for the majority of my life because I didn’t understand my own worth and value. I didn’t understand that self-worth is how we feel about ourselves. It’s not what other people think about us. I didn’t and don’t want another soul to suffer the way I did. Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional and we suffer when we believe our own thoughts, of which 80% aren’t even true. So I created something that worked for me when I was at my own rock bottom that could offer people long-lasting transformation and I used a fashionable accessory to do it. It’s something for people to anchor in their truth. It really starts with changing the inner conversation and learning our own worth and value. We can all BE, DO or HAVE anything we want in life, but first we must believe that we’re worthy of it.

When it comes to how you got started in the jewelry business, give us some background about how you went from coaching to launching this empowering brand?

I’ve always been an advocate for mental wellness and personal growth. I read all the shelf help books went to all the events, I was a platinum partner with Tony Robbins. I really thought that I knew a lot about personal development, self-love, and self-care. About five years ago, my world just fell apart and I experienced the biggest rupture. I was stripped of all the things that I thought gave me worth and value. I really had to figure out who I was outside of all “the things”. For me, it was really an interesting time to really understand how I manifested everything that I did, and how I got there.

Then I really went down the personal development rabbit hole and started learning about neuroscience and the subconscious mind, inner child healing, manifestation, the law of attraction, universal laws, and everything just started to make sense. I got certified by the grandfather of NLP, got certified in theta healing, and dove into the world of neuroscience and my mind was blown. I thought, wow, if I can unconsciously manifest all of that, imagine what I could manifest from a place of consciousness, and really coming from a place of deep self-love. I didn’t even know what that meant, never mind felt like. When my coach told me that I had an unworthiness issue, I was seriously offended, I thought I was just an over-giver, but she was right. So, Worthy Wands really was for me at the beginning. I created the first prototype in 2018. Amanda means “Worthy of Love” but due to past trauma, I felt anything but, addicted to the DO of life, not knowing how to BE or really who I was, never mind understanding that I got to decide.

When I studied and really understood the fascinating sciences, I knew that I was onto something. Because we are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings. Didn’t matter what I was DOing, it was who I was BEing and what I was believing. The science of Epigenetics has proven our genetic activity is largely determined by our thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions. It shows that our perceptions and our thoughts control our biology, which places us in the driver’s seat. By changing our thoughts, we can influence and shape our own genetic readout. Disease starts in the mind before it manifests in the body.

Once I really understood how the subconscious mind worked through neuroscience, I learned that our brains learn through repetition, I saw how my Worthy Wands were sending hidden messages to my subconscious mind, and I was anchoring it in with repetition. My pieces are wearable medicine that heal you on the deepest level. There was a time when people wore jewelry to show how much money they had. What I’ve created shows people how much value they have for themselves. It’s fashion for the soul. It’s a way to anchor in a Higher Vibration so people can be an energetic match for what they desire.

Using jewelry to rewire your brain seems a little out there, and I get it and I’m okay with being out there because it’s science, it works and it’s helping thousands of people and saving lives. We can alchemize our pain and that’s what I chose to do and others can too.

What would you say Worthy Wands represents to you?

It represents empowerment. It is an external reminder of an internal truth. Every dollar that comes into the Worthy Wands brand is a human saying, “I choose me, I am working on myself, on my relationships, on my self-worth, my self-love, my self-confidence.” They are saying: “I am worthy. I am enough.” And they’re saying it with their hard-earned money.

How do you embody success in your daily life?
By staying connected to my True North. I gauge success today by how I feel. It’s a forever and a constant journey of embodiment and discipline. I constantly check in with myself, if it’s not a full-body YES, it’s a no!

What has been a misconception that you’ve noticed in manifesting?

It’s not magic, it’s a skill. Think positive; your thoughts control your reality, don’t think negatively or you will manifest it! This isn’t true because our thoughts don’t determine anything about manifestation; our subconscious beliefs do. Our childhood programming does, and because we manifest from our subconscious beliefs, if we subconsciously don’t feel worthy enough, we will block the manifestation every time. So self-worth really is the law of attraction in action.

In a way with the jewelry, you’re able to do that by feeling the piece of jewelry on you.

Yes, because your cells are always listening and our brains learn by repetition. So if you’re constantly seeing empowering words like “Worthy” “Love” “Enough” “Warrior” over time, your brain will start to believe it. For me, I used to loathe the girl in the mirror, I was my worst critic. I hated her. I would tear her apart. I would criticize every inch of her. Not knowing at the time that how you see yourself is how you see the world. I didn’t know that how we feel internally creates our reality, and I wish every human out there would know that and believe that they’re enough.

Can you give us examples of how it affected other people’s lives? 

I get emails daily or DM’s on social and they all moved me to tears. To think that something that was born during my darkest hour is acting as an anchor for someone else during theirs is everything to me. We’ve saved seven lives to suicide that I know of to date. The stories that I hear of these women that almost took their life as the Wand flashed in front of them, and them being reminded not to make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. They are worth more than this. They ARE enough, and enough is enough. Get up off the floor. They’ve got this is everything to me. To think, if I didn’t have the courage to face and heal myself, 7 lives might not have been saved. I’m just getting started and here’s to many many MANY more lives being transformed as a result of learning that we don’t need to sleep in the bed we made, we don’t need to play the hand we’ve been dealt that we are ALL only one decision away from a completely different life and we’re worthy of making that decision.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are….”

Love. I even have a new puppy and I’ve named her Love. I”m here to transform lives. To make dreams come true by leveraging the laws of the universe. To reveal what others can’t see.

“Your creator gave you worth at birth.”

Get your own Worthy Wand here.

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