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Social Media Marketing Strategy for the Modern Business Woman

Ayla is known as a Marketing Expert, Branding Genius and overall Queen of Social Media. She has worked for some of the top brands in North America, generating six and seven figures for them — and it took a burnout for her to realize this was not it for her. She decided to pivot her life and focused all her attention on the coaching industry. Within months, she had an influx of clients and is now speaking to hundreds of women on how to scale their businesses, create six-figure wealth, and do what they love. We’re honored to introduce the one and only Ayla method!

Tell our readers about you and how you got into the industry?

I am 32-year-old marketing, branding, and social media business coach. I’m a Canadian girl through and through- I’ve lived in four different provinces throughout my life in Canada, including British-Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. I am also a wife, a dog mama, a God Mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

In my career, I have spent the last twelve years working inside some of the biggest brands and businesses in every industry – from mindfulness, meditation, self-love, healing, e-commerce, digital marketing, personal branding coaches, and big influencers including a very popular Bachelorette and YouTube guru. I’ve helped them do everything, from social media, to branding, hosting online and in-person events, doing funnels, email marketing, webinars, courses, and launches. You name it; I’ve physically done it.


I’ve achieved incredible results for my clients and spent hours earning everything I possibly could about this space. I’m so grateful for the years and the experiences I had, which allowed me to grow my own business today.

However, if I’m being fully transparent, it was a lot. It was twelve years of hustling and grinding, which ultimately lead to a serious burn out. I found myself in a place where I felt overworked, underpaid and I was truly struggling in terms of scaling what I was doing. I became resentful for many of the clients and businesses I had been working for. I knew there had to be a way for me to scale and package the expertise and knowledge that I had gained, so I could be helping more women and create an impact in a way that I knew I was capable of without burning me out completely.

That was the moment when I decided that I needed to pivot my life. By the end of
2021, I went all in on my coaching business and dove into teaching and leading other female entrepreneurs on how they can grow their businesses and brands online and step into their full power. This is now my sole focus and mission. It truly is what lights me up.

When it comes to how you embody success in your daily life, what practices do you implement?

Oh gosh, everything. I’m big on gratitude, and I feel like this is the cliché word of the moment, but it’s true gratitude is everything. I spend a lot of time every morning gratitude journaling. I’m also huge on personal development. So, listening to podcasts and working on mindset, especially around money, has been a huge thing for me.

I have also focused on money mindset, business, relationships, and childhood; all diving into who and what I am has been a massive contributor to my success. Our mindset as entrepreneurs is a huge element and part of what can make or break us.

When it comes to enrolling in your courses, what do your offers look like for women to join your group?

I have a few ways clients can work with me right now. I work with women one-on-one in private coaching. I offer four, eight, and twelve-week options, and there’s an application process and a discovery call process that we go through. We talk about social media, branding, marketing offers, and sales. Everything is custom- tailored, of course; as it’s one-on-one. But really, we focus on generating income organically online and taking modern marketing elements to the next level.

I also have a group coaching mastermind program. We have an incredible group of 20 female entrepreneurs enrolled in multi-different industries. Everything from network marketers, realtors, clothing boutique owners, aestheticians, business owners and more. Every industry that you can imagine. Incredibly remarkable women are in this group, and you can now join any time.

I also do have a self-study four-hour crash course workshop that is evergreen and ongoing at a lower ticket, it’s called the Social Sell-Out Workshop, and it’s a course to learn everything about how to set up your social media, your branding, your offers in a speedy and efficient way so you can start generating sales and income via social media.

What is something that you want to manifest now?

I want to grow to seven figures a year and beyond. I want to retire my parents and I’m going to 100%. I want to work with as many women as possible to help them step into their full potential sooner than I did. The more women I can work with, the more impact they can make on the world, and the better everything will be. I also want my podcast to be to a million downloads.

When it comes to philanthropic incentives, what causes or services you wish to practice more in the future?

I donate to one charity right now, Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs for Kids. And they’re a beautiful community that works to inspire local youth to navigate life with an entrepreneurial mindset. I want to join as an entrepreneur within their network that could help coach kids, which they offer. So, that’s for sure something that I have my eye on.

Let’s finish the sentence, “My gifts to the world are…”

To love those in my heart endlessly and furiously. It’s my loyalty and my ability to never stop, to show up and stay consistent, and to show others how to do the same.

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