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Seven Figure wins and Beyond

Brianna is a world renowned success coach that specializes in what she believes are the three magic “M’s of success: Mindset, Marketing and Manifestation. Through Brianna’s coaching and support programs, her clients are known for quantum leaping their income and building a life by design. Scaling to their first $10K month in 1 months time, completely new to business, they go on to build multiple 6 figure businesses and million dollar brands.

Through the combination of strategic online marketing strategies and manifestation, Brianna helps them turn their dreams to reality without working harder or getting stuck in the hustle and burning out. Brianna has helped hundreds of ambitious, heart-centered women build their own aligned dream businesses scaling to 6 figures and beyond.

In her very own words: “I became The Millionaire Babe not because I was making a million dollars. I became The Millionaire Babe because I have a millionaire mindset, a mindset of purity.”

Tell our readers the things that we won’t necessarily know from your social media presence.

I had an entire career in Broadcast Journalism for over six years. I worked for the Oprah Winfrey Show, aka Harpo Productions, when I lived in Chicago. All in all, I had just a fabulous journey, but I got to a point where I started to burn out. I had worked so hard, so fast. I started to realize that it wasn’t in alignment with a career in broadcasting. At that point, all my dreams came crashing down, but it ended up working out in the long run because I wasn’t supposed to be doing that anyway.

How did you go from the journalism world to launching your own 7 Figure Brand?

Actually, I got into the bridal industry doing hair & makeup, after working for Harpo. I became a 7 figure business coach teaching others because of the bridal business that I built in such a short amount of time. I ran a very successful mobile bridal hair and makeup business for 20 years. It was because of what I learned scaling my bridal business to 6 figures, so quickly, is the mindset, marketing and manifestation strategies I teach to my clients, today. After being in the beauty
industry for 20 years, you just look at your life going into your 40’s and asked myself, “where am I going?” “How am I retiring?” “Have I really fulfilled what I want to fulfill in my life?

When I started looking at that, I knew and told myself that I wanted more out of life. That was the time when I started hearing more about the boom of online courses. I had also gone to an online marketing conference where I heard Bob Proctor speak which was life changing for me. That was the moment when my life changed forever. I learned about the law of attraction, manifestation, and the power that I had within myself.

What has been one of the biggest shifts inside of yourself that you’ve noticed has happened?

The power of awareness. It has transformed me. I think that’s been the biggest shift for me pivoting into this magical space, and it is very magical. I think people don’t really know it until you’re in it. It’s being aware of the things that hold us back, the paradigms that we’ve created for years. It is having an acute relationship with ourselves to reprogram our brain and heal from some of those paradigms so we can change the paradigm to create a life by design.

Walk us through your journey from the lowest point, all the way to your enlightenment into the healing world.

The lowest part of my life was in 2014, when I was homeless for three days. Money has always been the root of my nemesis. My business now is very highly around money. I help women earn money and build wildly successful businesses, it’s very money centered. Having that feeling of being evicted and having nowhere to go was 100% my rock bottom. I can definitely say it made me the person that I am today. If that experience hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be so driven to not only go after what I want, but to be able to help others be able to create the income that they want to have within their life and within their business.

What advice would you give to a younger Brianna?

Stop caring what everyone else thinks and just go for it.

When it comes to embodying success in life, what does that look like for you?

I would say it’s about stepping into my flow and having tons of time and space. Time and space is something that I have really learned to embrace and slow down because it allows me to be in that feminine energy, but it also allows me to have that acute clarity to work efficiently in my business and hold the energy for my clients, as well. Everything in my day is done very slowly and methodically. I have very slow and “in flow” days in order to be the most efficient, if that makes sense.

When it comes to this time and space, do you have any thing that you do that are more routine or things that you need to do every day?

I wake up, have my coffee, and two hours of just waking up, getting rooted, before my the day even starts. I journal, and I allow myself to ease into the day. I usually will read a book, listen to something allowing me to shift into the energy I want to be.

Women who want to enrol in your courses, what is the process and enrolment periods for each program, and what does that look like at the moment?

All my containers are geared towards making money and creating a life by design. The focus is earning more, working less all without overwhelm and burnout. The clients in my programs range anywhere from newbies to business to those that are multi-passionate and want to build million-dollar brands. Most of my containers are 6-months so they can fully feel the
transformation. Some are marketing strategy, some more mindset and manifestation focused.

What is something that you would like to manifest now?

Being able to touch more women with my programs. We are so results driven and my strategies are proven. I manifest being able to support more women becoming financially free and having more physical, spiritual and emotional freedom within their lives. I get the most excitement and I get my happiest when I have a client that tells me, “Brianna, I just manifested $50,000” or “I manifested my dream home” or “I had a $60,000 cash month.” So, for me, that’s what success means to me, so I am manifesting that!!! On a fun note, I am also manifesting being able to fly privately, regularly.

What do you want your clients to retain the most from your professional endeavours?

Two things: the first, that anything is possible and that the magic of success happens when you show down. It’s in “who you are becoming,” versus “what you are doing.” It took me a long time to grasp this, but I use it everyday now to make decisions quickly, and have success. 

The second, not letting ego dictate what you want. I think in order for us to create a dream life, we have to understand ego versus love. Ego can really keep us out of alignment, but if we approach things with life and create awareness around this is when we really start to step into our personal power.

“I’m not here to be affordable. I’m here to help you create the life and business of your dreams.”

Finish this sentence, “My gifts to the world are…”


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