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President and Founder of MQ Consultation, Amélie is all business and pleasure. She founded her company two years ago after noticing a gap in the marketplace. Coaching was all about embodiment, but not enough about structure. She set out to offer scalable systems and structures to business owners that could give them more time freedom, and create more revenues. Fast forward to a few years later and she is helping hundreds of women do just that — creating profitable brands they love, freeing up their schedules and making six and multiple six figures in sales.

Tell us a bit about your backstory and how you got into the coaching space.

I didn’t really plan on being in the coaching industry. I started as a professional dancer, so my path began there. After completing this dream and really going for it — studying dance and doing my first paid show — I realized, “I’ve made it! I realized my dream to be a professional dancer and now I need to do more. I want to have more impact, I need to create opportunities for other people. I decided to go back and study sports psychology to help other athletes go to that peak and achieve their goals. As I was completing my degree, I didn’t really like the way that it was structured, and I really wanted to make it my way.

So I dropped out of college after that and I decided to pursue other ways of coaching, other ways to help people get to their goals. I learned NLP Coaching, which is the Tony Robbins favorite coaching technique. I was really into that. My clients had so many great results with that approach, combined with my previous studies in Psychology. I saw that I can really make an impact on other people’s lives. At that time, I was a fitness instructor. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just kind of started there — with the knowledge that I had as a professional athlete — and I decided to help people to get in shape and have a better mindset.

At that point, I had a big business with lots of clients, people were asking me, “How did you get there at 22 years old? “How did you do that?” I decided to create a program that helps other women create the same results I had. I followed a lot of courses and online coaches that helped me find frameworks and valuable knowledge with social media, online systems, marketing, online businesses and entrepreneurial leadership. I followed that path and I taught myself how to build my business as the same time as I was helping other people how to do it, and that’s how MQ Consultation was born.

What would you tell the younger Amélie today?

From my experience, I would say that no one has the answers for you. You can do hard things. Your situation right now isn’t your final destination, and you can always create something new that you want.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I find it really important, that it’s in the little things. It’s really cliche to say that, but for me, it isn’t how you do a pitch or a big sales call. It’s how you do everything. Everything impacts everything. I’m a successful business owner as I take my coffee and talk to the waiter. I’m a successful person when I am with my boyfriend and I take him out to dinner and we have a dinner date. For me, it’s being conscious about how everything impacts how you feel, how you feel impacts how you do everything.

What routines or rituals do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

I am a huge routine person. It helps me to stay focused and grounded. I always start with doing the hardest or most important tasks at the beginning of my day. For some reason, that helps me stay focused and creative all day. I love taking my time to really ask myself the question, “What do I need today?” If it’s journaling, then I do it. If its meditation, I go and do it. I listen to my needs, I don’t just do my routine and don’t ask myself questions.

What kind of courses do you have for women who want to join your space? And what is the vision you have for your clients and for your business?

I love to develop long-term relationships with my clients. It’s really important for me to build solid relationships, to know my clients, to know their fears, to know their dreams, and to walk the path with them. For me, it’s always been three things. Firstly, it’s the way that they structure their business, the way they think about their structure, and the way their structure is helping them grow. Secondly, in terms of systems, I love to help them create systems supports them ; their personality, their strengths, and their weaknesses. So, what are the strengths and the weaknesses of the business, and how can I implement systems that support them? I want to personalize the systems that support them.

The third thing is leadership. It’s important for my clients to feel empowered, to know what blocks are in their way, and what is important for them to implement to be better leaders. So it’s always been those three things for me — to personalize and really have a strong relationship so that I can build on that, follow their path, and be part of it.

What does it look like now in terms of enrolment periods at MQ Consultation?

It’s always ongoing. I have four levels, which are MQ1, MQP, MQ2, and MQ3. It’s not that complicated. MQ1 is for those who want to start their business. MQP is for people who are looking to go full time in their business. MQ2 is for those who are well-established but want to build stronger systems to grow more sales. MQ3 is for those who are expanding with a team and need help and support to build that team. They just have to fill out a form on my website, and we will guide them through what’s best for them.

When it comes to manifesting what is your vision for the future?

My big vision for my business is to have one of the largest consultation businesses in Canada . To, not only help women start their businesses, but to grow exponentially in the online space. I want to have one thousand clients a year. I want to have coaches and consultants. I want to have experts that really take care of the clients and build a business model that generates millions in sales.

What philanthropic incentives do you practice, or want to practice more of in the future? Are there any causes that are dear to your heart?

Yes. We help a foundation, La Clé sur la Porte. It’s a foundation that helps women get out of toxic and abusive relationships — since it’s really sensitive for me, and has been a lot of help. We raised funds last year, it was about $3,000, and we’re planning on giving a lot more this year.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I would love for them to see that it’s completely possible to build a business that has a lot of impact. Even though they don’t have the past, the pedigree, college, or anything that is traditional to prove that success, I want them to feel empowered doing their way of business. Following a certain way isn’t necessarily linked to success. I want my clients to know that it’s possible for them to create a business they love that produces results, doing it their way. That’s my mission.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are…”

Sacred, and it’s my duty to use them to make the world a better place.

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