GOSS Music Presents INÉS | Living Legend

We’re super honored to announce the one and only, legendary, history in the making musical sensation, INES

She began her journey in music in her childhood years, performing in front of crowds and already knowing very well how to move them to the beat. Everything changed once her parents separated and she no longer had her Allstar father to cheer her through. Then, years later, she regained her voice. This time, for her. Because she remembered that, this dream was hers to follow. To chase and to catch. Her father was simply her #1 fan and there to help her make all her dreams come true. He passed away in recent months, and it triggered a new motivation inside of her to go full throttle on this passion, on her soul’s work. Enter INES

After years of writing melodies and pieces of music, you finally decided to launch your first performance this summer, can you tell us more about this experience?

I call it an experience because it is…Ethereal. something that’s never been done before. I’ve been picturing the details of how I would perform since I was a little girl, so you can only imagine the emotions behind the feelings expressed.

And how exactly do you see it rolling out now? 

I see…everything pink. Multiple genres in one show — all done by me. I got a few producers on board which is really exciting because they’re huge and widely known in the industry as well. 

You said last time in our interview, that you wanted to do things “differently” than current media – can you elaborate? on what you mean?

There’s this ‘struggle’ as a musician where you have to not worry about your music and the theme of it, but also the media. How it’s portrayed and how much ‘popularity’ it gains from social attention way before fans. So, instead of adhering to that game, I have decided that I won’t be going on social media at all during my creative process. I believe in the LIVE experience over living online. I’ve gotten this far using my voice and it’s just the beginning. So instead of focusing on what to post and how to stay relevant, I’m going to focus on perfecting my craft and sharing the deepest parts of my soul. 

That’s the kind of music I want to bare to the world. 

Where will we see you next, Queen of Manifestor?

Half Time Show Super Bowl 2028. Madison Square Garden and the GRAMMYS. Lucky number 55.

Her voice is one of angels. And lucky for you, you now get to hear this voice in person during her first performance happening THIS summer!

On 8.8

Location details coming soon.

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