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introducing Rachel Joy formerly @TheRachelJoy1  and now @official.houseofjoy for a fresh start and brand mission in 2023! She’s an entrepreneur at heart, Podcast Host of Speak Louder, Master Success Coach, NLP Trainer and Money Magnet. Her story is one of true resilience, inner guidance and personal power. After putting herself in treatment for alcohol dependancy at the young age of 20, she decided then and there that she would never let a substance, anyone or anything take control of her life. Coming from a family where addiction was rampant, she decided to heal so that she could break the cycle for the next generation.

Today, she is happily married, a Mama, runs multiple businesses, helping women connect and heal their inner child and generational patterns, so that they can be better mothers and business owners.

We had so much fun interviewing you for our last Manifest FT Amanda Frances. In this interview, we want to dive deeper into the work that you have currently shifted in, helping parents and mothers re-connect with their truth.

How do you lead using your intuition, and what has happened in your practice since you have tuned into this?

My intuition is certainly one of my superpowers. It’s guided me my whole life, to where I am today. Now that’s not to say that I’m in constant contact with my higher self, or an open channel for the messages I need to receive. Life, comparison, limiting beliefs get in the way… this comes from what many of us know as the ego. The “not Self,” the elements of our thoughts and thinking that are not of the purest form to our highest purpose or truth.

When I’m not acting from my intuition, often times I won’t even know until I’m in a place where life’s not working for me. In those moments I’ve learned the more you resist the nudge, or force the action or that you’re currently taking that’s not aligned for you, the harder and messier life gets. A very easy practice I like to do come back to intuition and trust in Self is something I call “Heart Talk Therapy,” I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called or not, but it’s a practice where you tune into your heart and the power of your heart.

How it’s always beating and working for you. You don’t have to force it, turn it on or off, it just works. Always. Even when you’re asleep, your heart is working for you. And so you step into a place of gratitude, feeling that power, and then say the following out loud: “My heart knows, all I need to do is… My heart knows, all I need to have is… My heart knows all I need to be is…” And you just spit out the answers. It’s a very fast exercise. If you’re thinking about the answers, you’re in the conscious mind, not your subconscious. If nothing comes you just keep saying “My heart knows…” until something comes out. By the end of that, I know my next steps. Your heart (or intuition) won’t ever lie to you! 

What has been the biggest challenge for you in expanding your brand into 6 figures and beyond?

TEAM! There’s a lot of business coaches out there who in my opinion, aren’t business coaches. They’re simply teaching what they were taught. They know how to stand out on social media, they know how to master sales, they may even be able to teach you about leadership,  but do they really know how to grow and scale a business from a small business to a level that can have a company even have the potential to go public?

Building a team goes beyond outsourcing anything that’s not your zone of genius. It also goes beyond hiring a VA or various subcontractors. When I was scaling my team expenses were suddenly $40K/month which became insustainbale at one point, as I hit a slower phase in business. I didn’t know how to build my team any other way. One of my mentors who has guided many C-Level execs, and public based businesses, supported me and I noticed how much money, time and energy I was wasting on my team. Today my team expenses are significantly smaller, and MUCH more effective.

What do you have coming up in the next 3 months that we can promote during the issue?

OMG Thank you so much for asking! I’m SO excited about this, as 2023 has an entirely new and fresh vibe! I’m working on 3 significant projects right now, and one of them is VERY different from anything I’ve ever done.

I’ve sat in resistance about this and another specific program, Subconscous Success System, for over a year now. I’m finally ready to let the next evolution of Rachel Joy be seen in public! 

In the new year I’m running my first ever transformational Parenting Program. This is a 12-week group coaching program with a parent-centric approach. When I became a mom I dug my head into my business, as a way to numb the emotional pain from a truamatic birth, and mental and pysical burnout I was experiencing as a mompreneur.

My son is now 2.5 and just before he turned two, and started talking, having wants, needs, and his own little thoughts and ideas, I noticed how malequipped I was to be the mother I deeply desired to be…even with everything I knew about human behavior and the mind. As an NLP trainer, I know the importance of subconscious reprogramming, and I was hyper vigilant about the things I was doing and saying in how I was bringing up my son.

I knew I could do better, but I didn’t know how. That’s when I decided to take a parenting coaching certification, and it has changed my life, my relationship with my own childhood and my parents, my marriage, my business, and my relationship with my child. I’m really excited to share this with other parents.

 The other two projects I’m working on is my new signature program, Subconscious Success System, and a rebrand of Transcend Academy. Consider Subconscious Sucess System as the high achievers, big dreams, bible to manifesting all that they desire easily through the power of the subconscious mind, in a way that’s true to them! It’s everything I teach in Transcend Academy, except for the every day person rather than the coach and practitioner. 

As for TA…we’re rebranding, entering a joint-venture, and I’m very excited to be partnering with my mom on this! My mom is the reason (well one of them), why I am so healthy and happy today. She was the first generational pattern breaker in our family, and has an extensive clinical background in addiction, mental health, and trauma. We’re going to be pairing my expertise in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy and Life and Success Coaching, with her clinical psychotherapy background to create an entirely new and even more powerful accredited, and trauma-informed certification for coaches, healers, therapists, social works, and other mental health practitioners!

What is your superpower?

My first answer was intuition as I said that above, but when I look inside, right now I want to say my resiliency or tenacity. I’m tenacious about my desires and success, and I ALWAYS overcome EVERY challenge that comes my way, and I’ve had MANY.

I think that’s why I love teaching and sharing this work so much.

My own life is evidence of how powerful this work really is!

You can find Rachel on Instagram @TheRachelJoy1 @Official.HouseofJoy 

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