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Introducing the one and only Anna Lee  Stigma Slayer, Modern Breathwork Mentor, Soul Purpose Guide, Feminine Leadership and Empowerment Mentor as well as beautifully flawed and fabulous. On her path to healing and discovering her purpose, she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and decided to take a leap into the unknown to create her brand that stands for thousands of women today. She includes many modalities to center you into finding your soul
purpose. Her mission is one of pure intention, guiding women home to themselves, allowing them to heal and find their inner voice.

Tell our readers a little bit more about yourself, and here we really you to talk about the parts that are not so known from your social media presence?

What may not be obvious from my online presence is that I am super goofy, and enjoy laughing as much as possible. It’s medicine for the soul! While I love to laugh, my journey to being a coach and guide for female leaders and entrepreneurs hasn’t always been happy or smooth. Immense amounts of healing and growth have transpired throughout my journey, but I never gave up, and I hope that I can be an example for others to keep going even when times feel dark.

In addition to coaching, I am a huge mental health advocate and on a mission to get different healing resources to communities who don’t normally have access to them. Growth and healing should be available to everyone on the planet! I also love to volunteer, especially with kids. I’ve spent a lot of my time mentoring kids in the foster system to help make a positive impact on their future. I pride myself on being able to deep dive into the depths and process difficult emotions (blaming that on my scorpio moon), but I still love spending time connecting with others and enjoying life on the lighter side as much as possible. This duality is the full expression of what it means to be human and truly get the most out of our experience!

When it comes to everything that you are doing currently, tell us what your healing journey looked like over the years to bring you here. 

Absolutely, I’ll take it way back because I think it makes sense if I start back when I was actually 18 or 19 going to school, I was studying Psychology and substance abuse; I wanted to be a therapist for people with comorbid disorders. I was the kind of person that would read about addiction and mental illness for fun, that’s what I did. Then I started studying it, and interestingly enough, it coincided with a darker part in my life to where I had really bad depression, anxiety and was dealing with my own troubles in that arena to the point where I was actually put in a hospital on a hold, and that was really difficult for me at that time, just dealing with that stigma of mental health and studying it at the same exact time. It was a very interesting timeline of how everything worked out.

I finished up my degree in Psychology and decided not to become a therapist right away. I felt like I wanted to heal, I wanted to grow. So I moved to Silicon Valley and went into the tech field, which seems like an odd jump, but I was also fascinated with the business world so it was actually just a natural progression for me. I went into a sales role there and used that time to really grow and develop as much as I could. I took so many classes on leadership, on personal development, personal growth, just becoming better and stronger and kind of myself.

That’s when I started volunteering a lot for the youth and foster system. I volunteered and grew my career in the corporate world for about seven years until I landed my dream tech job as an Account Executive as Salesforce. I had reached my goal of working for the top tech company in San Francisco, and throughout that time I just continued to develop myself. Then I decided it was time to fulfill my own purpose of being a healer and a guide and a leader for others. I felt I had grown so much that I was able to now give back, so that’s when I began this coaching journey and it really started off in the beginning of 2020. I was just going to release content around health and wellbeing during quarantine because everyone was having a really hard time, and then it expanded from there and it just kept growing and growing. My specialty has become to be around evolvement, leadership and helping people find their soul purpose.

Currently with everything you have experienced and gone through, what advice would you now give to your younger self?

I’d tell my younger self to be her own lighthouse, and you don’t need to be so hard on yourself all the time. Also, I love the concept of infinity, that the world keeps spinning and life keeps going no matter what happens, no matter how big the thing is that hurt you, life moves forward and you will become stronger, more empowered and empathetic because of it. Owning your story makes you shine even brighter. I wish I could give my teenage self a note with all of this written on it. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, ride that wave goddess, you’re worthy of enjoying every second of it.

When it comes to embodying success, I’m sure there are things you do currently to kind of step into that version of yourself. What does that look like right now?

Success looks different for everyone, and I think it’s important we all define what that means by looking at our core values and what we want to say we have achieved when we are 80 years old. For me, it’s embodying my highest self. I ask myself often, “what would my highest self do?” Which really means if I didn’t have fear or doubt, and loved myself 1000%, what would I do? From there I’m guided towards the most successful outcome for me.

A really important piece for me is following my intuition. This is in small things like what I’m going to wear that day, to larger things like which endeavors I pursue, who I speak with professionally. It takes a really conscious connection with myself, and knowing what’s in alignment with my heart and my purpose. Something else I really like is being on an “energy diet,” where you’re really careful with your energy, knowing that it’s not just what you eat that is important, but what you choose to surround yourself with that affects your vibration. Like the content you consume, your Instagram feed, any books you are reading, your spotify playlist or TV you are watching, and who you spend time with.

Now based more on your routines, what do you have in order, things that you do for a successful day, whether that’s a night routine or something you do in the daytime.

I don’t like the word routine, it has never resonated with me unless I was learning a dance for the dance team which I did throughout my high school and college years. Rather I am devoted to daily rituals that help me stay grounded, high vibrational and aligned with my soul purpose of serving others.

In the mornings I always start with gratitude, before opening my eyes I start thinking of things I’m grateful for. I find this takes the place of running through my to-do list and allows me to start the day in a high vibe. Then I’ll ground by walking to the beach which is just down the street from my apartment here in San Diego. At the beach I feel connected to the Earth, and even with the water only touching my feet it cleanses any energy I’d like to let go of.

Night’s a different story, I have a giant crush on the moon and have always been a night owl, so it’s really important I wind down at the end of the day or I’ll stay up way too late. I give myself a full hour to transition into bedtime. As a Projector in human design, I absorb energy from those around me throughout the day which can make it harder to sleep as I’m buzzing with energy that’s not mine. This last hour before bed is so important for projectors, and I spend it either reading, journaling, doing breathwork, by taking a bath or pulling angel cards to reconnect with myself and my own energy. Another Projector hack is that we need intentional rest beyond sleeping, so it’s a win/win for me to wind down this way. If not, I’ll lay there for hours trying to sleep! I encourage all Projectors of the world to give this a try! As a healer and coach, taking care of myself and giving myself the nourishment my body needs helps me serve others the best I can. I find that when I am devoted and aligned to this idea, the success of my clients and my own is greater. It’s simple energy work that anyone can do. Don’t let hustle culture fool you, rest is productive 😉

When it comes to women who want to enrol in your courses, so this can be anything from your courses, your launch dates, really kind of give us everything that you are up to and doing in the coming year.

I have my signature program, The Highest Self Academy which is for women to align with their intuition, step into their soul’s purpose, and work through roadblocks that have been holding them back. This is perfect for women who have felt the call to do something greater than their current career, but aren’t sure what that is for them. There’s growth and expansion in the process! I’m launching a new program called To Your Evolution, which is for women in a transition period that want to be strong and confident moving into the next phase of their life, boldly step into the next level themselves, and really own their future vision as they evolve into it. I’ll begin running group breathwork classes in the near future, and keep a lookout for an upcoming membership. 

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Since we’re all about manifesting in this issue, give us your bigger vision.

I do want to create a social enterprise, so not only coaching and helping women grow, lead and empowering them, but also how do we get mental health resources to folks that don’t have access to it. Really, the sky’s the limit. I think for this coaching business, goals are to hit seven figures, eight figures, but I think especially in the coaching industry, we all want to help, we all want to serve, so how do we all have a cause we are all really passionate about, and use our business to help fund it in some sort of way.

“Be your own lighthouse.”

Now when it comes to women who are in your courses or offers, or that have gone through your world, what is the thing that you really want them to retain from the work you do?

I love that question, and I think that it’s everything in their life that they’ve gone through, the good, bad and the ugly has been preparing them to serve their purpose, and for them to grow into the amazing unique authentic leader that they are meant to be. Their life has been happening for them, and everything happens in divine timing, and to follow the breadcrumbs of what lights them up and things will work out. I think people put so much stress on themselves, as to like what’s the right career, what’s the right job, and it’s all falling into place.

Finish the sentence “My gifts to the world…”.

My gifts to the world are to show others that anything is possible, and to show up as a servant leader.

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