Annie Blanchette | Life Coach, Personal Trainer

Meet Annie Blanchette, personal trainer and life coach who is changing peoples lives with her positive mindset about life. Her uplifting spirit will make you second guess any stress or anxiety that might creep up on you. Her energy is infectious and the reason for her 250 clients and counting! We got to catch up with Annie about life as a trainer, her latest courses and everything else that encompasses her success at the moment. Here is her entrepreneurial journey!

How did you become a Personal coach? Can you take us through the process?

It happened naturally for me. I still remember my first client like it was yesterday. I had no idea that it would grow this fast! I get really good feedback from my clients saying that I am actively changing their lives, and they see results which is all that matters to me. I launched my Facebook page a few weeks later and I haven’t looked back since. 

What type of courses do you offer at the moment?

Right now I do one on one coaching with private clients, I am a certified Instructor for the Kangoo jumps, and I have developed group fitness courses as well. We’re over 250 in the group I started in the spring and it keeps growing. I am hoping to be at 350 by the winter. 

Photo Credit : John Perrette

What motivates you and keeps you going? 

My clients. It feels so good to know that I can help someone on their fitness journey. Seeing my clients come to me saying “you’ve helped me so much, or thank you” really makes me happy and makes me want to do more for them.

What’s coming up next with Annie Blanchette Fitness? 

My website will be live at the end of August where I will be hosting live trainings, and group challenges online for 6 weeks. I will also be hosting a group session in the Fall with the Kangoo Boots jumps inside on Sundays at 9 am. 

To join her online courses, visit this Facebook Group :

To book a session, contact Annie directly here 514-515-0295

Photo Credit – Peter Mac Photography

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