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Embodying the WealthyAF woman to create the life of your dreams.

Meet the wise, Untamed and magical woman, Taylor Simpson.  Taylor is a Wealth & Sexuality Alchemist, Self-made Multi-Millionaire, Motivational Speaker, host of The Embodied Woman Podcast, Mentor to Conscious Feminine Leaders, Retreat Host and Philanthropist.   Through her unique methodology of helping women turn their shadows into their super powers, unlock, activate and embody their most authentic selves and by doing so create a life of massive financial wealth, global impact and generational legacies.

Tell our readers a bit about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from social media?

At first glance… if one were to look at my abundant, soul aligned and delicious life now, a lot of people wouldn’t know, unless they tuned into The Embodied Woman Podcast, that 8 years ago I was in Anger Management and Overeaters Anonymous.  This was before my Spiritual Awakening where I was struggling with how to communicate my feelings, dealing with years of repressed trauma and anger and was leaning towards food to comfort me/shove down my feelings.   Prior to that, I had a shopping addiction which was also a trauma coping mechanism that lead me into $50,000+ in debt.   Before understanding how money worked, reprogramming my old money beliefs – I was constantly overspending and restricting.  I am so grateful for finally choosing to take responsibility for all of my actions, my life and where I desired it to go.

Walk us through your journey to enlightenment.

First off, I’m not Enlightened but I am devoted to becoming the highest and most authentic version of myself that I can be.  I remember sitting on my couch after coming home from a unfulfilling day at my, what I thought was my “dream career” 9-5 job, watching mindless TV, having a bottle of wine, binge-eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and had just broken a vase because I was so exhausted with feeling disconnected from my true self and didn’t know how to deal with or communicate that with anyone.  I was sitting there thinking, “Where did the glitter-covered, tutu-wearing, unicorn-happy, joyful Taylor go?”, because that’s who I always was at the core but totally lost touch with her after becoming a professional people pleaser at the age of 15 to that present moment.  Living my life according to how everyone else expected it to be, putting others first and adjusting myself to be ‘accepted’.  As a child, I grew up on 50+ acres in the mountains of Colorado – a true wild child, free spirit, connected to Mother Earth and totally happy being my quirky, silly and wise self.  “How have I become so lost?  Who am I anymore?  This is not the life I know I’m meant to be living.”   Soon to follow, after a series of low events, I landed in Anger Management and OA to receive the support to come back home to my true self – whoever she was.   

I was guided by mentors and my therapist to begin reading books in the self-development ‘space’ – which I didn’t even know was a thing.  Well, that recommendation opened up a whole new world for me and I quickly became obsessed with understanding how the mind, body, and energy worked.  I got introduced to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza; I discovered the book “The Wheels of Life” around the Chakra System and had a deep Remembrance that “I know this stuff!”.  I came across books about Mary Magdalene and other Divine Feminine based readings, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and just went down the rabbit hole of trying to better understand “how it all works” and my role in it.   Throughout this journey of Self Discovery, all the dots began connecting.   The trauma around my sexuality, the disconnect I had with a higher power, the identities and limiting beliefs I clung onto, the shadow parts of myself that I carried shame around, the thinking money was just a ‘thing’ and only “some” people could make lots of it…. All was ready to be looked at, healed and alchemized into my truest state: pure love, abundance and expansion.  

Once I realized I could completely change the path I was previously walking on and step onto a new one – the path of my soul’s purpose, I began hiring mentors, joining programs, going to retreats, etc. to help me heal and receive support from the above discoveries and rise beyond them.    I said “good bye!” to the parts of me that feared being ‘too much’ (something I was shamed for growing up and believed),  shining too bright or making others uncomfortable with who I simply Be.  I knew there was no more hiding for me or playing small and that I was put in this life, as a Leo with an Aries North Node to be a leader, create massive impact and live a big expansive life!

Quickly, my life skyrocketed and I expanded into my true essence.  I left my 9-5 career, started my own business, scaled that to a multi-million dollar company that has now helped transform thousands of lives globally.   I’ve since made it my career to help other women step fearlessly into their power, live a life of true freedom, create massive financial wealth and do so in the most delicious, sexy and aligned way.   On top of it, through the abundance I’ve created, my mom and I are both very passionate about giving back in a Philanthropic way therefore we’ve partnered together over the recent years raising funds and starting programs in various Third World Countries.  From the creation, ground up, of multiple goat farms (in honor of my incredible Grandparents who were farmers) for women to run and have their own self-sustaining business with, to sending young adults to University for further education that they’ll bring back to suppor their villages with, to women rescued from Human Trafficking + more always unfolding.  

As someone who is devoted to Remembering more of who I be, discovering deeper layers of my soul’s purpose and continuing to heal all areas of myself, I also do a lot of work with my Plant Medicine allies, allowing their guidance and support to create an even clearer vessel for me to serve through.  Throughout the years of understanding the energetics of money, going through my Sexual Awakening and embodying even more of my power from that, I am reminded that it’s a path that keeps unfolding everyday – and I welcome it with open arms and an open heart.   While my path may look different than others, it is my intention that people see parts of it as a mirror to themselves, reminding them of what’s possible when we choose ourselves, seek support with healing and unapologetically claim our worth of receiving all we desire in this lifetime.

Wow! Such a powerful journey.What advice would you give to your younger self?

My advice to my younger self would be that however you are feeling is valid but not every thought is necessarily true. Tune into your heart, what is it saying?  Trust that when you do everything from a place of love, over fear, you’ll be fully supported by the seen and unseen.   You are meant to shine so damn bright baby!  You are meant to be a leader who makes conscious change in this world, elevating the planet just by being you!   Choose to play in the realms of infinite possibilities because you are a part of the infinite creator.   Whatever you think of, you can manifest it – let your dreams run wild and allow them to unfold effortlessly!   You’re not here to look, do or be like anyone else therefore the life you are meant to create is beyond what anyone else could comprehend,  pure expansive magic!  Believe in yourself, be your untamed self and have, do and be it all – because you 100% can.   Lastly, remember what your Grandaddy always told you – “if you can be anything, be kind.”

What has been one of your biggest lessons in the industry?

The more me I am, the more I stand out and become a magnet for my ideal clients/those seeking the exact services I have, can easily find me.  When I transitioned into this industry I had to constantly remind myself that my way of teaching women how to become wildly wealthy and fully liberated is unlike how anyone else teaches it which is why the incredible results my clients get are unlike anything else. 

Therefore anytime I used to think  “What are others doing? How are they ‘marketing’? What are they talking about?” and reach for Social Media to see, I’d catch myself, tune into my heart and come back home to the truth:

The more me I am, the more I stand out from those who need me to find me.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

UNTAMED is where the sexy, wealthy and expansive magic is at; 100%.  UNTAMED is our signature, year long, container that is for the woman who is ready to become a wildly WealthyAF Woman and liberate herself into full embodied freedom.  As an UNTAMED member, you’ll get access to our monthly Masterclasses around the topics of Wealth & Sexuality, monthly Embodiment Practices, be a part of our private WhatsApp community where you’ll connect, celebrate and share your breakthroughs with women from around the world + so much more deliciousness to amplify you life.

You can join us inside UNTAMED, and start your year of “of course I’m WealthyAF, I only attract what turns me on!”,  at:  TaylorSimpson.com/Untamed

I also host in-person retreats, such as the infamous ‘The Wild Woman Retreat’ and various Plant Medicine Retreats.  To get on the waitlist + receive information for any our upcoming ones head to:   TaylorSimpson.com/Retreats

For those looking to begin dipping their toes into the worlds of Sexuality, Wealth, Human Design, Astrology & all things Self Expansion… we have our entry-level Monthly Membership community; Women Rising – truly your one-stop shop for all topics growth related:   AbundanceRewired.com to join us.

UNTAMED, my Retreats and Women Rising are our ‘forever standing’ offerings but throughout the year I am constantly creating & putting out other programs around the topics of Wealth, Sexuality and Entrepreneurship/Business Scaling.  

To discover when those new offerings get released + receive all the magic I share with the world, I invite you to come say hello & follow me on Instagram:  @IAmTaylorSimpson

When it comes to manifesting, what is your vision for the future? 

My husband and I are in the process of building a home in the jungles of Costa Rica.  Having a “vacation” home, which we refer to as our “Healing Home”, in Costa Rica has been on my vision board since I was a teenager.  Watching as this Manifestation unfold in the physical has been so magical and a top 5 dream come true!  I am also in the process of manifesting 50+ acres further up in the jungles of Costa Rica where I will be building a Healing Center to host private retreats of all kinds.  This Healing Center is being Manifested with the intention to be a safe place for people from around the world to come for deep and supported healing allowing them to access more of their Remembrance of who they are.  This Center will be available, my prayer is, for generations to come; beyond my time in this physical body…   I am also in the process of writing my first book and releasing my first Oracle Deck – both of which have been in the Manifestation process for years now, so watching as they birth into physical form has been true Alchemy!

Follow @IamTaylorSimpson on Instagram.

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For more on her retreats coming up, visit this link.

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