The Barbara Schreihans Approach to Tax Savings, Profit, and Generational Wealth

Barbara Schreihans, the CEO of Your Tax Coach, has cultivated a tax firm distinct from conventional accounting practices. Operating without billable hours and embracing remote work, the firm focuses on helping business owners maximize tax savings, leading Barbara into a profound money mindset. Despite a challenging childhood, Barbara’s steadfast belief in her potential for greater things has been a guiding force.

Not widely known is Barbara’s past as an Olympic weightlifter with a remarkable ability to squat over 300 pounds. Alongside her husband, she has explored the world extensively, even living in a campervan in New Zealand. This commitment to remote work aligns with her vision of a business that allows flexibility and can thrive from anywhere.

Barbara’s journey into entrepreneurship defies familial influence. Growing up with parents facing substance abuse issues, Barbara became the first in her family to graduate college. A pivotal moment arose during college when an unexpected pregnancy prompted her to shift majors to accounting, despite finding it initially uninspiring. After a decade in public accounting, a significant turning point occurred when Barbara helped a construction client save $2.1 million in taxes. The subsequent denial of the promised commission, coupled with financial struggles, fueled her leap into entrepreneurship. In Christmas 2019, the concept solidified, and on January 1st, 2020, Your Tax Coach was born. Today, the company boasts 30 employees across 15 states, evolving into a flourishing business and brand.

Money flows easily to me.

Looking back, Barbara wishes she had started her entrepreneurial journey earlier. Despite valuable experience gained, she emphasizes the importance of self-help education and regrets not delving into self-help and business books until 2020. Drawing on valuable experiences, she emphasizes the transformative power of self-help education for entrepreneurs. Her journey into self-help and business books has become a source of motivation, propelling her towards continual success. Barbara’s growth and personal development have been marked by resilience, a trait ingrained in her from a tumultuous childhood. The belief that one can overcome anything has been a cornerstone, driving her to climb metaphorical “money mountains” and undertake challenges with determination.

The mission extends beyond clients to her team. Barbara envisions not just business growth but changing lives, ensuring financial freedom and well-being for her entire team. The emphasis is on impacting lives, not just through clients but by creating an empowering environment for her employees.

Manifestation plays a significant role in Barbara’s approach. Personally, she is manifesting more freedom and ease in her life. While business goals include more clients and impact, success in 2024 involves envisioning not just business growth but a balance between professional and personal life.

Barbara’s formula for a harmonious life revolves around scheduling everything on her calendar. Setting boundaries, like putting her phone on airplane mode from 8 pm to 10 am, ensures focused mornings for essential tasks. Gratitude walks with her family, where only positive discussions are allowed, contribute to a harmonious life amidst a busy schedule. The emphasis is on being 100% present in whatever she is doing, rather than striving for a perfect balance.

“Know your worth, then add tax.”

Anything coming up for women to know in your world?

I believe it’s important for women to know, that it is statistically proven we are better at business than men. We make more money off of investments than men. We just happen to invest less. But when we do invest, we’re better investors. And so women should not be intimidated by money because we make better decisions overall for our future. Also to believe that being a good mother does not require them to stay home, and you can have it all.  

Our big course launches in January, so if people are wanting to purchase a course, that’ll be in January 2024.

“The more that we do good with our money, the more money will be returned.”

For more information, follow @BarbaraSchreihans @YourTaxCoach on Instagram.

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