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From a Career in law Enforcement to Podcasting, Lianne’s Odyssey to Self-Discovery, Meditation, and Embracing Worthiness

Lianne McAughey is a multifaceted woman whose journey unfolds from the serene landscapes of a small Ontario town to the dynamic realm of law enforcement. Beyond her online presence, Lianne, a dedicated police officer, embarked on a transformative quest, integrating authenticity into her digital narrative. Recognizing the power of meditation, she underwent a profound shift in 2017, revealing her commitment to mental well-being. Lianne, a devoted mother, wife, and career woman, gracefully navigates life’s complexities, emphasizing harmony over balance. 

Her podcast, “The Spiritual Shiftworker,” reflects her passion for spirituality, self-discovery, and meditation. Lianne’s recent epiphanies around worthiness have become a beacon for others, as she encourages women to embrace their desires, teaching that wanting more is a valid pursuit for a richer life. In every aspect of her journey, Lianne exemplifies the courage to surrender, trust instincts, and manifest a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Can you tell us more about yourself, Lianne, especially the aspects not widely known from your online presence?

I grew up in a tiny northern Ontario town with a population of about 600, counting the cows. What many might not know is that alongside my online presence, my day job is as a police officer. It’s a significant part of who I am, but I didn’t initially share it due to the negativity surrounding law enforcement that was occurring at the time.

How did you navigate the decision to reveal your role as a police officer in the online world, considering the prevalent negativity?

Initially, I hesitated to share my life in law enforcement due to the political environment surrounding policing. However, as I embraced authenticity, I realized it’s a crucial part of who I am, and I started sharing it more openly online.

Can you describe your background a bit more, beyond being a police officer?

Absolutely. I’m a country girl at heart, love NASCAR, and share a lot about my family, including my husband, who’s also a police officer. Despite the tough exterior from my law enforcement role, I can also appreciate Prosecco and fancy dresses. It’s about being multi-faceted.

Your journey took a significant turn in 2017. Can you walk us through that transformative period and how meditation played a role?

In 2017, I hit a point of burnout with the demands of my career and family life. Feeling there was more to life, I turned to meditation, delving into my own thoughts and realizing the need for a change. It became a crucial tool for gaining clarity and understanding patterns.

How did your meditation practice evolve, and what role does it play in your life today?

I initially meditated in my younger, carefree years. I restarted before COVID in 2019, realizing it was essential for tapping into my thoughts, feelings, and understanding repetitive thought patterns. It’s a practice that helped me rediscover my identity beyond being a police officer.

You mentioned a life-altering event in September. How has that impacted your perspective and what realizations are you currently working through in your personal growth journey?

The September event was a turning point, making me truly believe that if others can achieve their goals, so can I. It made me aware of lingering feelings of unworthiness, prompting me to address and share those experiences, knowing others may relate.

What advice would you give your past self during challenging moments in your journey?

I would advise my past self to listen more and trust my intuition. Recognizing the signs and feelings when making decisions is crucial. Sit with yourself, listen to your intuition, and discern between your inner voice and external influences.


In your current pursuits, like the podcast “The Spiritual Shiftworker,” what message are you aiming to convey, and what offerings do you provide for women?

The podcast is becoming a favorite platform where I explore spirituality, self-discovery, and meditation. I talk with guests who have made SHIFTS in their lives, but in a fully aligned, true to self way.  

I offer one-on-one sessions to guide individuals in cultivating their meditation journey, emphasizing that everyone’s path is unique.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and upcoming projects in your evolving journey?

Using my podcast, I envision building a community, hosting day retreats for women, and branching into public speaking. There’s a TED Talk in the works, and a book, sharing insights into what not to do based on my experiences.

Can you share more about your daily practices and routines that contribute to your personal and professional growth?

Absolutely. Every morning, I envision my dream day, incorporating morning yoga, meditation (without guidance or music), and acknowledging and releasing thoughts. It’s about tapping into a deep knowing of worthiness, a prerequisite for embracing an abundance mindset.

How do you see your journey unfolding in terms of public speaking, potential TED Talks, and the domain you’ve secured for your book?

After the transformative event in September, I voiced my TED Talk, and I see myself speaking about the shifts that brought me to the next level. The book, focused on what not to do, is in the works, with the aim to inspire and guide others on their unique journeys.

When did you come to the realization about your worthiness and the impact it had on your results and abundance mindset?

It’s been a recent revelation, particularly since my return from Florida about a month ago. Despite engaging in personal development for a considerable time, there was a moment when everything just clicked. I recognized that my feelings of unworthiness were hindering the results I desired. Acknowledging the abundance around me wasn’t enough; I had to believe I was worthy of it. It’s a deep-rooted realization that’s transformative.

How do you maintain balance in your roles as a mother, wife, career woman, and now navigating a new path, ensuring you avoid burnout and find fulfillment?

I prefer the term harmony over balance, as being fully present is crucial. It involves prioritizing self-care, a practice often misconstrued as selfish. Ensuring mental health is a priority prevents me from being an unhappy wife and mom. Communicating the importance of personal time to my family, and even teaching my kids meditation, is part of maintaining this harmony. Scheduling these practices helps me stay in tune with what my body needs.

Are there specific mantras, mottos, or quotes that resonate with you currently?

My meditation mantra, “shwaha” translates to surrender. For me, it encapsulates the essence of trusting the journey, trusting my instincts, and allowing life to unfold. Surrendering is a key aspect of my current mindset.

Any final thoughts or messages, especially for women feeling a yearning for something more in their lives?

Absolutely, if you’re feeling that longing for something more, know that it’s okay to desire more from life. It’s not about accumulating more stuff but seeking a more fulfilling life. Wanting more is entirely valid, and it’s crucial to acknowledge and pursue that desire for a richer life experience.

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