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A Journey from Passion to Entrepreneurship

Cassandra Disano, a web designer from from Toronto, Canada, is not just the face behind By Chance Creative, but also a testament to the power of resilience and pursuing one’s true passion. In this article, we delve into Cassandra’s background, her journey to entrepreneurship, the ethos of her brand, and her insights on maintaining a balance in life.

Early Years and Discovery of Passion: Cassandra’s journey into web design began in high school when she chose to create a website for a visual project. The success of this endeavor, coupled with a genuine love for the craft, sparked her realization that web design was not just a hobby but a potential career. Despite detours through marine biology and child and youth care studies, she found her way back to web design while working for a local marketing company.

A unique aspect of Cassandra’s story is the inspiration behind her company’s name, “By Chance Creative.” Named after her Cockapoo, Chance, the business embodies the joy and light that this furry companion brought into her life during a challenging period.

Entrepreneurial Leap: Cassandra’s decision to start her own company stemmed from her observation of a common pattern in the web design industry—exorbitant prices. By Chance Creative was founded with the goal of making quality web design affordable for startups and small businesses. The brand’s ethos revolves around strategic and stunning website design, leaving a lasting impression, and ensuring accessibility.

Brand Ethos and Diverse Clientele: By Chance Creative takes pride in its collaborative approach to website design, treating clients as teammates in the creative process. Unlike many agencies that specialize in a single niche, Cassandra’s company welcomes and excites collaborations with businesses of all kinds, from photographers to SaaS providers to welding companies.

Words of Wisdom to Younger Self: Cassandra’s advice to her younger self reflects her journey’s challenges and triumphs. It encapsulates the importance of perseverance and self-belief in the face of adversity, especially when building a name in a saturated field.

Offers and Enrollments: By Chance Creative offers custom website design, a “website in a week” service, and pre-designed website templates. With a commitment to intentional and collaborative design, the company ensures that each website not only reflects the brand but also captures its unique personality.

Abundance Mindset and Rituals: To maintain an abundance mindset, Cassandra emphasizes focusing on what one has, limiting social media usage, and incorporating gratitude into daily life. These practices contribute to a positive outlook and a deeper appreciation for life’s blessings. As she states, “I always strive to be grateful for everything I have in this life. I am blessed to have an amazing mother, Nadia, who always loved me unconditionally, a partner, Ricardo, who always believed in me, and a family who I am grateful for every single day, a roof over my head, a career I love, and the amazing and inspiring women I get to work with every single day!”.

Balancing Act: Balancing work and personal life has been a journey for Cassandra. By adopting a structured 9-5 workday, she has successfully created boundaries, avoiding burnout, and rediscovering her love for her work. Closing her computer at 5 pm allows her to enjoy quality time with family, indulge in personal interests, and play with her beloved dog, Chance.

Cassandra Disano’s story is not just one of a successful entrepreneur but also a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and a positive mindset. By Chance Creative stands as a reflection of her dedication to making web design accessible, collaborative, and memorable for businesses of all sizes.

Photography by Hyla Savvy Co Photography

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