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Navigating Beauty, Business, and Self-Discovery | A Makeup Maven’s Odyssey from Makeup Artistry to Empowering Women Through Emotional Intelligence, Business Mentorship, and the Art of Manifestation

Cherise Loren is a dynamic individual whose life revolves around her roles as a devoted mother, supportive wife, accomplished makeup artist, and visionary business leader. While widely recognized for her online presence as a beauty pro team leader, multi-business owner, and beauty business coach, Cherise’s essence goes beyond the digital facade. An empath at heart, she values deep connections with women and champions their success stories. Inspired by the compassionate upbringing of her mother, Cherise navigates life with generosity and kindness. Stepping into the realms of psychology and emotional intelligence, she seamlessly integrates these insights into her work, recognizing their profound impact. 

A transformative figure, Cherise empowers women through personalized 1:1 breakthrough sessions and a self-paced digital course, aiming to shift the beauty industry towards a supportive, growth-centric mindset. With a vision to instill confidence and clarity, Cherise actively manifests change, fostering balanced, financially secure lives without burnout. In her pursuit of an abundant mindset, she advocates reframing negative thoughts, practicing gratitude, and embracing challenges as opportunities. Cherise’s intentional approach to life embodies a harmonious balance, emphasizing the beauty in every moment.

Tell us about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence? 

Nowadays we can find out a lot about a person through their social media presence, well, at least those who are essentially an open book, like me!  After doing a quick feed browse, website check in, or story watching, you’ll see I’m a mother of a four year old girl, wife, makeup artist, coffee lover,  beauty pro team leader, multi business owner, and beauty business coach.  But on a deeper level, there’s more you may not know about me.  

I am someone who truly values the connections and relationships that I build with other women in my life.   Someone that loves to hear about other women in the world crushing it, chasing their dreams and going after all their desires.  I am an empath. I feel deeply for other people and what they’re going through. And I try my best to approach every situation with compassion and understanding.  I lack jealousy. Instead I value being generous and kind hearted.  I can thank the amazing women who raised me to be caring, spiritual and compassionate, my mother.  On top of it all, I am someone who is ambitious to the core,  to provide the best possible life for my family, and to continue to show up not only for myself and my family, but for the women who are looking for support in their lives.

What brought you into the field of psychology and emotional intelligence

It all happened organically when it was my personal journey to better myself both personally and professionally. I learned over the years from my own difficult experiences and people in my life the importance of emotional intelligence and how it directly correlates with the work I am doing.  

“Being self-aware, having empathy and having a positive outlook truly helped shape my business.”

Being self-aware, having empathy and having a positive outlook truly helped shape my business.  So then as I was building and growing my multi six figure company, I realized more and more that the work I am doing with myself and my soul, needed to be shared with those in my industry. I felt it was a huge gap in the Beauty industry that not a lot of creatives were focusing on. I wanted to open that up to my clients. I was working with 1:1 and in group settings so they too can focus on those core elements of EI, which I believe is so crucial for growth and connection.  

Can you walk us through your expansion personally and professionally which led you into this space?

It was when I hit thirty that everything started to shift for me. I started to expand into the next phase of my life, and having a better understanding of who I was, what I wanted and how to get there. Before this, I constantly felt hit with not knowing anything about how to manage my thoughts and beliefs about what I was experiencing, which directly affected my job and career path and personal relationships. As we go through the ebb and flow of life, we realize it’s the type of expansion work that continuously needs work. As I continued to grow both personally and professionally, I started to notice habits in other people that I too have experienced, and I knew that if I could teach them what I’ve learned and what has helped me, it could help them succeed too.   

I was introduced to coaching and mentorship for the first time three months after I had my daughter. I was in a dark place, suffering with severe anxiety and thoughts of depression and imposter syndrome. I joined a community of women who all had their own goals but we came together as one with a similarity. We all wanted to expand both personally and professionally to achieve happiness and success in our business, which started with us. I flew down to DC and the rest was history. I connected with like minded women and after that continuously saw the positive effects on investing in myself through mentorship.  

I saw how much it lit me up to talk to other women about what I have been through, listen to their story and give them support so that they can have that breakthrough feeling for themselves.  It’s not that common in my industry to have people talk about this so its something I can only hope that more and more beauty industry pros are able to connect with. 

Advice to your younger self? Other women that are “stuck” in a specific place?

If I could speak to my younger self, I would tell her to work on ways to be more confident in yourself, and have a deep KNOWING that you got this. Practice gratitude and be so freaking happy with yourself and where you are at now. Write down everything you are great at, everything you have achieved, and everything you know you will achieve. That “unstuck” moment is just around the corner.   

I would remind other women that even the most successful and the most “at ease” people, have their stuck moments too. It’s just about talking to that little voice in our head to stand up and be confident, and have a positive attitude that things will turn around. Imagine the best case scenario when you’re feeling stuck, write it down as if it has happened.  Keep reminding yourself that the fact that you are even aware of feeling stuck is the first step. Now you just have to KNOW that you’ll tackle it from a calm place and move past it. Lastly, when I am really feeling stuck, I think of a past time I was stuck, and remind myself that Oh yes – that wasn’t forever. I got past it and now look where I am. 

Walk us through your offers and enrollments for women who want to join your space? 

My most powerful breakthrough for women in my space has been my 1:1 offers.  I love being able to customize them based on what my clients are experiencing in their life at the time.   

I am so thrilled to share the enrollment to my self-paced digital course, where we focus on Mindset and Embodiment as a Beauty CEO, Building your Brand DNA to Work with Dream Clients, The Psychology Behind Sales and Marketing, and Putting Together the Systems and Processes for an organized, sustainable and profitable business, that you run with ease. There are a few bonuses and secret mini courses coming soon that focus on financial peace that I’m excited to share on my Instagram stories as well!

Manifest with us : what are you actively calling in now? 

I am actively calling for the ability to change women’s lives who lack the confidence and clarity to build the career of their dreams. To show makeup artists and hairstylists they can live a financially secure, balanced life without the burnout.

To change the scarcity mindset in a competitive industry to one that is supportive and focused on growth as a service provider or beauty professional.

Can you tell us your rules and rituals for an abundance mindset?

For me, there’s three main areas I focus on to keep an abundant mindset.

Catch negative thoughts and reframe them. Simply put, if I find myself having a negative thought or lacking the confidence to do something, I catch that thought and try to reframe it.  I stop myself from lingering on the negative thought too long, and see how I can turn it around to see the positive. I sometimes have to ask myself, is this actually true? Or is this a learned belief system I had? I dive into this with my clients which helps pull them out of those oh so common “funks”.  Simply changing some words around like, “I have to …” to “I get to…” …. “Ugh, I have to answer all these emails and get ready for a big event tomorrow” “I get to book amazing clients who want to work with me and am so grateful for staying busy doing what I love”.

Practice Gratitude. Daily and active practices of gratitude to appreciate the things that have worked out and all that I do have in my life.  It helps us to stay positive and focused on appreciating what we do have while trying to achieve and reach more of what we desire. List of every morning or night what you’re grateful for.  Sometimes we lose sight of it when we’re in the hustle and bustle of life.

Turning Challenges into Lessons and Opportunities. As challenges come up, as it is so common in life, business and motherhood, I do my best to extract a lesson from it.  This typically comes out of something that feels super heavy or difficult to move on from.  I sit with it for a moment or however long it takes, to mentally note or actually write out what I just learned from this happening? What has this taught me? It helps to keep moving forward.

How do you intentionally claim balance?

I intentionally claim balance in life by standing firm in what I know I need in order to feel balanced. It’s a combination of boundary setting, taking time for myself to disconnect in order to reconnect, having a support system and continuously reminding myself that it’s not a race. Enjoy and embrace every moment.

Photography by Kylie Mones

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