Exploring the Heart’s Melody | Cecilie Stabell

Exploring the Heart’s Melody | Cecilie Stabell’s Path to Healing, Singing, and Embracing Transformation

Introducing the magnetic and powerful voice that is Cecilie Stabell. As an avid traveler and international sensation, the energetics around her inspire much of her work as a healer and quantum collapser — helping you reach your next milestone fast, with alignment, subconscious-somatic work and energetics. Fueled by a passion for healing and singing, Cecilie embarked on a transformative journey, which led her down the spiritual path.

Guided by the profound power of the heart, Cecilie believes in the importance of aligning one’s environment with spiritual evolution, finding solace and authenticity in the embrace of nature. Her story unfolds as a testament to the transformative impact of change, as she states boldly in her own words : “You are not here to work endlessly at a job you don’t even enjoy. You are here to be the realization of joy and love. When you start working from that place combined with a vision greater than yourself – you’ll see that you’ll start to change your life quickly.”

What brought you into the field of psychology and emotional intelligence?

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a deep mind full of wonder and philosophical thoughts. What happens after we die? Why do we wake up every day to repeat the same patterns over and over again? Questions like this were already circling through my mind by the beginning of primary school. Not in a sad way, just in a very curious way. 

I am so fortunate to have grown up in a loving family with parents who introduced me to history and philosophy early on. My mom used to read to me and my brothers every evening. History from old Grece, Aristotle, and The Odyssey, was viewed in between Harry Potter and Narnia. By the end of primary school, I was writing book reports on Paulo Coelho and by the age of 14, I had my first private classes in Transcendental Meditation. 

But I wasn’t your stereotypical bookworm or meditator. When you first meet me, you might actually be surprised that these are activities I still treasure – because I am a whirlwind. Creative, playful, and an athlete. I go hard on the dancefloor, lift heavy, and am not afraid to speak my mind. 

From age 18-26 I was sick with heavy metal poisoning. That journey brought me to my knees. It ultimately ended up being one of the biggest initiations in my life. Made me question who I was, my values, and belief systems. It challenged me to keep trying, pushing, learning and evolving, even when I got pushback from the people around me about what I was doing. It taught me to stand firm in my truth, be forever curious and never take no for an answer.  After that experience, I realized that I had never actually been an adult without being sick. Which meant that I wanted to be very conscious about the reality I decided to craft for myself. 

So, I got deeper into meditation, visualization and started learning about the subconscious mind, and how it programs 95% of our life. I eventually had a Kundalini awakening. And for the people that are new to that concept – it will put you in contact with your purpose, your truth and what you are here to contribute. Unveil the illusions of self, in order to help you step into a higher purpose. So, after having that awakening – I felt a deep inclination to get a toolbox to share this with others. I knew deep down that this love I had been in contact with was not exclusive to me, but something we are all able to tap into. We just need to remember. 

I spent time taking certifications to become a Reiki master, hypnotherapist, shaman practitioner, meditation teacher, breath-work facilitator, sound healer, medium and metaphysician. I read philosophy, neuropsychology and history. Meditated for hours each day. Traveled to a lot of different countries, went to conferences, a lot of meditation retreats, worked with shamans, indigenous medicines, spent time in the wilderness and met the most amazing people from all around the world. It’s been a deep expansion and gathering of wisdom, as well as a gathering of the tribe. 

Like you can probably hear, it’s been years of deep initiation, trials and tribulations. And like every other journey, mine is unique. It’s been incredibly challenging at times, but it’s put me in deeper contact with my purpose, vision, truth and inherent love, in a way that I could never have imagined. 

When it comes to your own personal journey of deep healing and liberation, what has been the catalyst for your growth?

I was brought to my knees through my heavy metal poisoning. 6 years ago I was barely able to read, depressed and exhausted. I lacked meaning, direction and energy. I was used to being top of my class and usually crushing it at whatever I put my mind to, so when I reached the point where I was barely able to read, it was a big punch for my ego and I started questioning who I was at a deeper level.

The challenge ultimately gave me a deep appreciation for life, and made sure that I don’t take it for granted. 

You are not here to work endlessly at a job you don’t even enjoy. You are here to be the realization of joy and love. When you start working from that place combined with a vision greater than yourself – you’ll see that you’ll start to change lifes quickly. 

After physically recovering from my heavy metal poisoning at 26, I realized that I had never actually been an adult without being sick. And I wanted to be very conscious as I created this new reality I was about to step into.  What did I want that life to look like? What did I do when I felt a sense of joy, meaning and purpose? Where, what and who made me feel like minutes passed in hours? 

After getting honest with myself of what I wanted to look like, I got radically honest about which beliefs were currently blocking me from receiving that, and started to show up in my life as the future self I had envisioned for myself. Which choices would she make? How would she trust? Lead? Every morning, I started meditating for at least an hour to envision what that future would look like and reprogram my subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind controls 95% of all the patterning you live out in your life, compared to the 5% that is controlled by the conscious mind. 

“I don’t think you should pick your niche. You should be your niche. Because truly being you, is your unfair advantage.”

Which means that changing the subconscious mind is ultimately going to lead to quicker and more seamless change than just trying to coaching yourself into something. Which very often does not work. A lot of us blame willpower for why we are not able to change, when you the solution is not to work harder, but deeper. 

Another big catalyst has been to follow the divine calling that is pulling me forth, listen to my intuition and step into the unknown. To do things that feels aligned, travel to places I’ve never been, experience new cultures, people and take a leep when something feels like a big YES, even though I don’t know exactly how it is going to play out or why I would need it. 

What advice would you give to your younger self, as well as other women that are “stuck” in a specific place?

Looking back, I am so proud of her. But the same qualities that are the exact reason for why she succeeded at overcoming her health challenges, are the qualities she needed to loosen up on in order to live life even fuller. Changing the hardcore discipline to devotion. The rigidity to structure. And the seeking of the mind, to the wisdom of the heart. 

When we can start to focus on process over outcomes and realize that every ending is also a new beginning, it can get really fun to play this game of life. Even when it might feel like we are stuck, we might just be in the middle of an initiation. It often takes for us to be brought to a really low point, in order for us to initiate change – so in retrospect, some of the challenges you initially condoned, you might look back at as some of your biggest blessings. 

So often it looks like people are having a big breakthrough, but what is ultimately happening is often not a breakthrough. It is actually more of a tipping point. Where all of the hard work and consistency over time have had the time to accumulate. You won’t revolutionize your life through fleeting moments of extraordinary performance or fleeting bursts of motivation. It’s the steadfast commitment to nurturing positive habits over time that creates lasting change. The investments you make every single day are what will change your life. It’s not as sexy, but it’s the truth. 

Life is always happening right now, and that is truly all that is. Can you use it as a reminder to step into each and every moment fully? Because life ultimately becomes so much more magical when we do. Lastly, everything starts with you. Radical ownership of your own experience will change your life. So Spend some time alone. Spend time in stillness. There is no lack of information out there, but if you are always seeking new information there will be no space for your inner voice to speak, and we have access to so much wisdom within when we truly allow ourselves to tap into that. 

Walk us through your offers and enrolments for women who want to join your space?

My favorite container is a 3-5 day 1:1 retreat, with mentoring before and after. This gives us a chance to dive deep, and to get you out of your normal environment – which makes it a lot easier to change.  To help my clients with that, I merge science with spirituality and biohacking with ancient techniques. We work on getting clear on what you want your future reality to look like, get clear on which beliefs that are currently blocking you from being a match to that, and then we work through it. We do that with a triple threat approach. We work consciously, subconsciously and somatically. Consciously through coaching, conversation and reflection. Subconsciously through hypnosis, EFT, meditation and (past) life regressions. Somatically through energy healing, frequency, holographic patterns created through sound, breathwork and dance. At the same time, we combine it with lifestyle design, to make sure you tap into all the energy that is available to you when you take care of your body in the best way possible – so it can serve you, as you serve your mission. I also offer mentoring and healing sessions separately from retreats, but at a limited capacity. 

I facilitate sound healing ceremonies where I combine channeling music with a crystal alchemy bowl, and infuse it with reiki. As you get deep into a slower brainwave state the subconscious mind starts to get really programmable, and that’s when I’ll start speaking to your future self, so we can start reprogramming you towards that future reality. I also personalize these for private events.

I have a podcast – «Intellect & Intuition» that comes out weekly. It’s a mix of conversations with masters in the field of science and spirituality, philosophy and self-mastery. We go deep, get vulnerable and bring you tools to help you unlock your innate potential. Go listen in on your favorite podcast player! And please come say hi at Instagram @Cecilie.Stabell – that’s where I am the most active.

MANIFEST WITH US : What are you actively calling in now? 

This is so funny, because I was contemplating this question – and I decided it is time for me to call in a music producer. I’ve been wanting to start to produce music for a while, but promised myself that I would not get into it until I had finalized my move abroad, launched my podcast and finalized my book. The same day my book got available for preorder and sent to print, I sat down to get clear on what I wanted this to look like. I knew who I wanted to work with, and what it would look like.  Twenty minutes later that exact person started following me on Instagram and commented on one of the reals where I am singing. “Wow so beautiful and potent, thank you <3”. I had not engaged with her content, we don’t have any mutual friends and she lives on a different continent… We are currently talking about working together. 

When moments like these drop in, I am reminded of the power of this work, and how potent it is. Everything we create in this reality are first drawn out with the architectural blueprints of our mind. When we combine that with an elevated emotion and allow ourselves to fully feel into what it would look like if that reality became manifest, we can level up FAST. 

I am also starting to call in more people to collaborate, work with and be supported by in general. As I am expanding myself and my business I am getting better at outsourcing, to make sure I am able to work from my genius. I have a deep trust that I can figure out pretty much anything – even though that gives me the guts to go head first at things and immerse myself in new learning experiences, it can take a lot of time. So, I am learning to be in deep devotion to the things where I can create from an aligned place of joy, love and excitement. It does not mean I will not encounter challenges in that creation, but it means I will be better equipped to handle them when I have some more people to support me. 

What are your rules / rituals for an abundance mindset?

I believe that before we level up or make a change, it is important that we have a vision. What are you longing for? You know – those deep desires that find you in your dreams, but you are too afraid to speak out loud? What are they whispering in your ears at two in the morning? That time when you find yourself in the dreams you wish were your reality? Your dreams and reality actually aren’t as different as you may think… Every consciously created reality starts in your mind, as the architectural blueprints of your life.

That is why we start to create a clear vision for what you want your upgraded life to look like. Then I want you to visualize that reality every day, in order to reprogram your mind. Remember, your mind does not know the difference between what you imagine and what is your current reality. We identify which mental or energetic blocks are keeping you from already receiving that reality, and finally work through them – so you can step into even more freedom, abundance and love. 

We don’t attract what we want – we attract who we are. So, after identifying what we want, it’s time to consciously align your reality towards that future. How would that person act? Think? Prioritize their time? It is not about faking it. It’s about aligning towards it. As you keep making decisions as that future self for long enough, you’ll eventually end up in that future reality.

Photography by Diana Zanoschi

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