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Founder of Kiru Psychotherapy Clinic and Shyamala Kiru Inc. | Helping visionary women step into the most powerful and magnetic version of themselves using emotional intelligence and energetics

Former Therapist turned mentor for high impact women, Dr. Shyamala Kiru, a transformative force in the realm of emotional intelligence and energetic mastery, brings over two decades of clinical expertise to her role as a renowned former psychotherapist, mentor, and thought leader. As the founder of the Kiru Psychotherapy Clinic and Shyamala Kiru Inc., Dr. Kiru has dedicated her career to empowering high-impact women to step into their personal power authentically. Her holistic approach, rooted in emotional intelligence and energetic mastery, has propelled countless individuals to manifest their desires and achieve profound personal and professional growth. Driven by a passion for cultivating genuine, fully expressed lives, she seamlessly combines clinical precision with intuitive wisdom. Dr. Kiru’s mission extends beyond traditional healing, inspiring women worldwide to embrace their authentic selves, forge meaningful connections, and contribute positively to the global community.

What brought you exactly into the field of healing and emotional intelligence?

I have a deep belief that we end up doing the work we do because of something within us. Looking back at my own life, there were numerous cultural instances where women lacked the frameworks to step into the most powerful version of themselves. Time and time again, I faced difficulties using my voice, navigating my emotions, and developing emotional intelligence. Setting boundaries and maintaining standards in relationships was another area where I struggled. Communicating assertively without feeling guilty was a challenge. My experiences as a South Asian woman in North America, despite a high level of education and success, mirrored the struggles my clients faced. This realization fueled my desire to deepen my understanding of what emotional intelligence looks like for a high-impact woman. Specifically, a woman who aims to have an impact in the world, show up powerfully, and has a big mission—much like the entrepreneurs I work with in my coaching practice. Initially, it was a somewhat selfish pursuit, focused on doing my own work. However, it evolved into a mission to go beyond traditional healing. I am passionate about helping women tap into their power to create the life they desire, especially those with a strong mission and a drive to show up powerfully in every aspect of their lives.

“I really believe the deeper we heal, the more we can increase our vibration to the frequency that we desire.”

I would love to know what big transformations or catalysts, you know, propelled your growth. I’m sure there were things as you stepped more and more into your healing that you discovered about yourself, or maybe about other people around you.

For me, becoming a mom was a significant catalyst. My daughter, now 14 years old, marked a profound transition. There was nothing else that called me to step into my power more than raising a daughter, especially with her being my only child. Observing her, I realized there was still much healing for me to undertake. The prospect of being the greatest mentor in her life urged me to lead from a place of integrity and personal power. It was, without a doubt, the most significant catalyst in my journey. My book, “The Emotionally Intelligent Woman,” is dedicated to her. It serves as the blueprint I wish I had had. I aimed to create a guide for emotional intelligence tailored to her needs. I wanted to empower her with the tools to master her emotions, communicate assertively without guilt or aggression, and avoid playing small. Additionally, my goal was to teach her and other women how to develop a secure attachment style, steering away from the common pitfall of falling into an anxious attachment style.

What advice would you give to women that might be stuck with that or not able to hold their power?

I would advise women to closely examine the wounds that resurface for them, especially in the areas where they feel triggered. These triggers serve as portals to our greatest healing, expansion, and manifestations. It’s crucial to scrutinize the wounds and patterns that persist, as healing them is the key to creating and manifesting at a far more powerful frequency. 

This process has a profound impact in every aspect of life. There’s no compartmentalization, especially for the modern woman in 2024. Personally and professionally, who we are cannot be separated. It’s time to break down those barriers and step into our power in every area. It’s about showing up fully authentically, fully expressed, and embracing our power in every facet of our lives. There’s no longer room for compartmentalization—it’s about integration and authenticity.

What advice would you give to your younger self that was perhaps not in her full power the way you are now?

Oh, my God, that is a question that always brings tears to my eyes, because my goodness, my younger self. I’m 46 now, and I still look at the 30-year-old version of me as my younger self, because she was really trying to figure it out. She was really, really trying to figure it out. I would say to her, you know, don’t be afraid of the things that trigger you. Don’t be afraid of the things that scare you, which sounds really, really funny. But the things that triggered me, the things that I struggled with, the things that I was so deeply afraid of, are now the most powerful parts of myself. They are the areas where I’ve found my greatest strength, my deepest wisdom, and my most authentic voice. I would tell her that every challenge, every difficulty, is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to uncover hidden strengths within herself. And I would say, don’t shy away from the discomfort, because that discomfort is the doorway to your transformation. Embrace it, lean into it, because on the other side of that discomfort is a version of yourself that you haven’t yet met—a version that is more powerful, more authentic, and more radiant than you can imagine. So, don’t be afraid, my dear younger self. You’re on a journey of becoming, and it’s going to be extraordinary.

When it comes to your current offers and ways women can join your spaces, what does that look like now?

For women who’ve been in my community for some time and are familiar with my work, background, and history, many will jump into a six-month private mentorship with me. In this container, we delve into the deep work—reprogramming the subconscious mind, healing traumas, and childhood wounds. We literally shift their energetic frequency, enabling them to manifest and create the life they truly desire in every area, from relationships to business. The focus is on aligning a woman’s energetic signature with her aspirations. It’s the work of a lifetime, and it’s incredibly transformative. Additionally, for those who may not be ready for a more extended commitment, I offer a smaller, accessible option. This allows women to dip their toes into the transformative work, providing a taste of what’s possible and laying the foundation for potential future deep dives into the six-month mentorship. It’s about meeting women where they are on their journey and offering them the support they need to step into their power and create the life they desire. It is the work of my life. I also have smaller offers for women who just want to get a taste.

 There are opportunities to work with me for a single session, two sessions, which I call the single shot and the double shot, or three sessions, which I refer to as the triple shot. For the single session, it includes a week of Voxer support, for two sessions, it’s two weeks of Voxer support, and for three sessions, it’s three weeks of Voxer support. The reason I am able to resolve issues in such a short amount of time is due to my practicing clinically for twenty years—I have very strong assessment skills. I’m able to see the root cause of a problem immediately and then create a plan to help a woman get unstuck. This approach is ideal if you’re struggling with resolving a relationship issue, finding it challenging to articulate yourself assertively, being triggered by the same thing repeatedly, or holding yourself back and playing small. I can pinpoint the root cause of these challenges, and together, we can get to the core of the issue efficiently, providing you with the tools and insights to move forward with clarity and empowerment.

“Your fullest expression is your most powerful self.”

Now when it comes to manifesting, as you know, we are all about manifesting in this issue. What are you actively calling in now?

I’m stepping into the next level version of myself. So for me, it’s like deepening the work that I’m leading women through—stepping in even more deeply into my personal power, becoming more fully expressed. And so that looks like the content that I’m putting out and the programs that I’m going to be launching in 2024. The messages that I’m going to have for women are going to be far more fully expressed than this version of myself. For my business to really have that global impact, it’s about creating a community of high-impact women who are ready to step into the most powerful version of who they are. It’s not just about individual transformation but building a collective of women who are making waves and leaving a mark on the world. The vision is to cultivate a space where women can fully embrace their power, support one another in their journeys, and collectively contribute to positive change on a global scale. So, the next level for me is about amplifying the impact and creating a ripple effect that extends beyond individual transformations. It’s about fostering a community of empowered, high-impact women who are not only elevating themselves but also elevating others and collectively shaping a world where authenticity, strength, and purpose thrive.

Photography by Brooke Schaal

Do you have a ritual or any type of practices that you do on a daily basis to set yourself up for an abundance mindset?

Absolutely. It probably starts the night before—I am obsessive about my sleep. I go to bed very, very early because I believe the quality of our sleep is greatly improved when we go to bed before 10 PM. I have an early evening routine. I start every morning with a little bit of healing work, every single day. Every morning, I do a body scan, looking at where I’m still holding tension, where I’m constricted, where I might be holding onto something from the previous day. I clear it, and then I set my intentions for the day. I never manifest, set intentions, or do any expansive work before healing, ever, ever, ever. My belief is, if there’s anything sitting in our subconscious, it limits our ability to manifest with precision. We are manifesting, but we will be manifesting from a blocked place. I firmly believe that the deeper we heal, the more we can increase our vibration to the frequency that we desire. However, if we stop our healing at a certain point, we also cap our energetic frequency. So, my daily ritual is this beautiful dance between healing and intentional manifestation, creating a harmonious and aligned mindset for abundance.

What would you want women to retain from the work that you do?

To regulate your emotions before you communicate. Never go into a heated conversation. For me, it is the intersection between emotional intelligence and energetic mastery. Both need to be present for us to manifest what we actually want. Too often, we focus solely on the energetics and ignore the emotions. As well as setting boundaries which are essential in maintaining healthy relationships, both personally and professionally. It’s about knowing your limits, expressing your needs, and creating space for self-care. Emotional intelligence, on the other hand, is the key to understanding and managing emotions effectively, not only within ourselves but also in our interactions with others. When we bring together emotional intelligence and energetic mastery, we create a powerful synergy. It’s about aligning our emotional and energetic states, ensuring that we approach life with clarity, authenticity, and a strong sense of self. By prioritizing both aspects, we open the door to manifesting our true desires and creating a life that reflects our highest aspirations and full potential.

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