Shawna Brea Kalamatas | Embodied Leadership & Business Consultant

Shawna Brea | Embodied Leadership & Business Consultant |

Founder of CEO Studios

Shawna Brea is a dynamic, faith-filled entrepreneur known for her transformational work with visionary leaders around the world who desire to revolutionize their industry. With a background that started in event marketing, Shawna ventured into the coaching world with a mission to help women birth supernatural brands so they no longer fall into the trap of self-sabotage, burn out and unfulfillment. 

After starting her career at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, life took a significant turn when her stepfather’s battle with cancer prompted her to reassess her career priorities. In 2007, she founded her first business “PK strong,” selling personalized athletic apparel, as a tribute to her late stepfather. This marked the start of her entrepreneurial path and she has been ruthlessly following her purpose ever since. 

Shawna’s unwavering commitment to self-discovery and personal growth eventually led her to the coaching industry in 2019, where she landed immediate success selling a signature group program that changed the lives of women around the world by connecting their mindset to their marketing in a simple, scalable way.

Today, as the founder of CEO Studios, Shawna combines her passion for strategy and symbology to empower women to view their life and business through the lens of their soul. She creates a safe space for leaders to be authentically themselves and crafts intellectual property that transforms intangible concepts into tangible, legacy brand assets for clients that showcase materials the world has never seen before . Shawna is on a mission to redefine success and leadership through her work, leaving a profound impact on the lives of countless women and connecting them back to their relationship with the true source of their success.

What brought you into the field of healing and emotional intelligence?

Way too many women are being swept up in the false promises of the self development and coaching world which has led them to sell their soul for material success as the way to freedom. We are given surface level tools that never get to the root of why so many successful people still feel lost, unfulfilled, and searching for more. I explored certifications in multiple modalities from NLP to breathwork, and came to find while they all do work, they also feed into an never ending cycle of healing. When we are able to transcend what our own “personal power” can achieve through the power of Holy Spirit healing, we are able to experience something supernatural. It also takes the pressure off needing to figure it out ourselves. I’m excited to bring this style of transformation to the world with some incredible women I’ve been working with so that leaders in business can heal on a soul level.

Can you tell us more about CEO Studios and your upcoming projects?

We’re all about building a safe place for souls to be reborn in business. I’m planning a conference in Clearwater, Florida this coming April 2024, bringing together women from around the world who have typically labeled themselves as high achievers, yet are tired of seeking selfish ambition and success at any price. They realize that freedom doesn’t come from surface level productivity hacks, or getting caught in the endless cycle of “feel good” sales tactics. It comes from surrendering everything to the One who created you, stepping into your soul’s calling, and standing on a firm foundation of faith. This experiential event will bring together Holy Spirit healing with high level strategy so that everyone there walks away with an entirely new way to lead themselves to supernatural success.

I’m also opening up space for speaking engagements worldwide, with a focus on embodied leadership, high performance without the hustle, and seeing success through the lens of the soul. 

And just this fall we released our first retreat space and recording studio, where women can book a private transformational healing experience while creating months worth of soul-connecting content all in one secluded waterfront home.

What do you consider to be your superpowers as a coach?

Clients have often mentioned that I create a safe space for them to be seen for exactly who they are as leaders, without labels or limitations. I can see the big vision that God has called them into and hold the space for them to fully step into it. Another superpower is my ability to craft intellectual property for clients that take the intangible aspects of their personal leadership style and turn them into proprietary methods, models, and materials that become legacy brand assets.

Can you share your brand’s message?

We work with high-level businesses and leaders who are ready to grow with God by their side so they can unleash a supernatural brand that will redefine the world in a revolutionary way. Our mission is to shatter the limitations and labels that hold women back so they can become shatterproof in business.

“Tune out the noise of the world, and tune into the knowing within.”

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