Radhika Lakhani | From Family Lawyer to Spiritual Mentor

Transforming Lives and Creating Peace & Flow in Family Dynamics

Radhika (aka: Rad) Lakhani Esq., LLM, JD, is an expert in human conflict resolution and relationship dynamics. She has thousands of hours of experience as a divorce lawyer, mediator, children’s lawyer, court appointed dispute resolution officer and law school educator. Today she’s a transformation coach & spiritual mentor for parents, co-parents and soul-led entrepreneurs. 

Rad was inspired to leave law, after studying patterns in human conflict over almost 2 decades, while going through her own personal challenges & spiritual evolution. While lawyering, she coached her clients, informally at first, to heal the root of their conflicts and operate from their highest versions. Clients quickly reported feeling more empowered, less anxious & more at peace. Rad discovered a more profound way for her to serve and left law in 2022 to coach and mentor full-time. Her clients have called her their “life guru”, “Yoda” and “soul activator.” 

Rad masterfully activates the highest potential in parents & entrepreneurs. Her vision is more awakened humans accessing peace and flow from within.

Can you share something interesting that people might not know about you? Maybe some fun quirks, hobbies, or personal anecdotes?

One lesser-known fact about me is that I began living on my own at the age of 16. My parents moved to Africa for business, and in just four weeks, our whole house was divided in three different directions. My brother went one way, my baby sister with them, and I stayed back in Toronto.  What no one anticipated was my moving almost 10 times that first year. This experience profoundly shaped who I am today. Living like a nomad changes what “home” means to you. Interestingly, I later became a divorce lawyer & family law mediator.  My journey highlighted a wild dichotomy:  the importance of a stable home environment.  But also that our home is where the heart is, and that a house is just brick and mortar.

That’s quite a journey! Any other interesting aspects of your life that you don’t often share?

I’ve been a bit of a baby whisperer since I was a little girl.  My grandmother used to joke about me picking up baby cousins before I could barely walk.  I’m obsessed with children.  When I was around 18, working in Kenya, I got my first job as an intern at the United Nations in Nairobi, working closely with UNICEF and WHO.  There was always this theme in my heart around families and children.

Later in life, we faced the loss of our first child during delivery.  This was the most devastating experience imaginable.  A year later, after a deep spiritual quest, we welcomed another baby boy on the exact same due date, altering my beliefs about life, the universe, and manifestation.  My biggest loss turned into my biggest miracle. My life was forever changed.

Moving from your background in law and mediation to personal transformation and meditation is quite a shift. What prompted this transition?

While practicing law for almost 2 decades,, I was also on a deep personal & spiritual journey. Legal counsel felt limited in offering tools for navigating conflict. I realized that resolving conflict from within creates more powerful change than the legal system, designed more as a band-aid. My focus shifted to helping individuals navigate the root of conflict, clearing lenses and healing old patterns. 

I started integrating these tools into my legal practice, and witnessed clients navigate divorces with more ease and peace. This led to creating programs like “Conscious Lawyering” and “Conscious Co-Parenting,” focusing on deeper alignment, flow, and an elevated way to resolve conflict.

Your work seems to have profound impacts. Do you notice any common traits in the people experiencing rapid transformation?

Over time, I’ve realized that those finding me are already on a spiritual awakening journey.  It’s like they’ve been seeking, often unknowingly, and my role is to guide them further. They are open, curious and willing to try things in a new way.

Does this journey also contribute to your own spiritual growth?

Absolutely!  There’s a quote from “Conversations with God Book 4” that resonates with me: “The fastest way to awaken is to help others awaken.”  Guiding others deepens my connection to Source, spirituality and facilitates my own growth.

Shifting gears a bit, what advice would you give to your younger self, and specifically, to women who feel stuck?

I’d tell my younger self to ask for help and arm myself with resources, tangible and intangible. This is what saved me.  For women feeling stuck, the key is deciding to get unstuck. Make that decision, seek support, and know that asking for help is not just okay, but necessary.

Speaking of support, how do you actively support women, and what services do you offer?

My mission is to elevate parents, families and soul-led entrepreneurs to live at their highest.  Transformation experiences, both one-on-one and group programs, are a core part of my offerings.  Meditation, embedded in every program, is a key tool. I also provide free resources on conscious communication & meditation. Programs range from “Conscious Co-Parenting” for parents post-separation, to  “Option C: Coming Home to Love ” to uplevel relationships proactively.

Transitioning to a different field, do you offer guidance for lawyers looking to transition or transform their legal practice?

Absolutely. I work one-on-one with lawyers and firms.  The “Highest Version” program is also excellent for entrepreneurs, including lawyers, who want to live in alignment with their purpose & feel more flow and fulfilled.

Manifestation is a topic of interest. What are you actively calling into your life, professionally or personally?

My work is my heart’s work and feels so personal.  What I desire is a positive impact on families, especially children.  The vision that I see is beautiful lights going on in thousands of homes.  Families moving from conflict to peace, and parents thriving, leading to children thriving.

Your journey involves a deep understanding of abundance mindset. What are your rules and rituals for cultivating this mindset?

The core is cultivating a loving, active relationship with Source through practices like meditation.  Gratitude is key, shifting to the energy of having more than enough in every aspect of life.  Additionally, a conscious state of allowing and receiving from Source, without guilt or limitations, contributes to my abundance mindset.

“Most conflict stems from inner conflict. Therefore, the path to peace is not found in any system, but from within.”

You’ve shared profound wisdom. What would you say is your magical formula for living a harmonious life?

Here’s my favorite analogy: to set sail to a beautiful destination, you must know your boat (know yourself), clarify where you want to go and why (power of purpose, vision and intention), and master your focus (thoughts), frequency (feelings) and faith (beliefs).  Most importantly: learning to stay present in your flow – no matter what else is going on around you. 

Photography by Liz Salzman

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