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Superconsciousness Activator, Source-Frequency Trans-Channel 

Leanne, a pioneer in the realms of manifestation and consciousness, began her journey in Mental Health Nursing and Interpersonal Therapy. However, her transformative path led her to unlock her Source Frequency trans-channelling ability, guiding individuals to tap into their Superconsciousness. Renowned for her work in the emerging sixth-dimensional consciousness, Leanne dismantles the illusion of separation from Source, empowering others to actively shape their realities. She refers to 3D reality as “The Hologramattic Playground,” emphasizing our role as co-creators.

Leanne’s personal odyssey, marked by a near-death experience and challenging upbringing, fuels her mission to demonstrate that anyone can shape their destiny. Her fusion of mental health expertise and spiritual insights addresses the duality in her journey, breaking free from limiting paradigms. Leanne’s pivotal moment came with the passing of her mother, propelling her into channeling and ultimately transforming her life.

As a guide for women, Leanne offers the Limitless group program, one-to-one coaching, and The Power Portal membership, fostering self-sufficiency and legacy building. She delves into divine partnerships, sensuality, and body empowerment, witnessing remarkable transformations. With a vision focused on limitless expansion, Leanne seeks to contribute to global consciousness awakening, pushing the boundaries of mental health perspectives. Her daily practice revolves around present moment mastery, choosing expansion and joy in the unfolding journey. The magic in Leanne’s work reflects only the beginning of her impactful journey.

Could you share a bit about yourself, delving into aspects that may not be commonly known from your website or regular bios?

Certainly! Though my professional background is in Mental Health Nursing and Interpersonal Therapy, within my business I am known for helping individuals activate their Superconsciousness through my Source Frequency trans-channelling ability. In simpler terms, I help people tap into the highest levels of manifestation by exploring the rawest essence of who they really are; Source Energy in Human Form. There is a whole new level of consciousness opening up to us on the planet right now and the Source Frequencies I trans-channel are here to support this entirely new paradigm that we are stepping into as a Collective. 

This new paradigm is centered around dissolving the illusion of separation from Source, emphasizing the actual lived embodiment of Oneness, with the purpose of life being to play with the creation of reality itself. We aim to reconnect individuals with the understanding that they are here to create their individual essence as Source energy and that life is, essentially, a very intricate and elaborate game (which we provide the cheat codes to!). The Source Frequencies I channel refer to 3D reality as “The Hologramattic Playground” that Source creates to explore itself and we have the ability to take a very active role in it’s creation- it’s a fascinating concept and it’s completely transformed mine and our clients lives.

It’s fascinating to hear about this new paradigm. You mentioned the shift from the commonly discussed fifth-dimensional consciousness to the sixth dimension. Could you elaborate on this and why you see it as the new paradigm?

Absolutely. While fifth-dimensional consciousness focuses on co-creation with the universe, it still implies a separation between us and the universe. Once we tap into sixth dimensionality (which is actually the gateway to unlocking all levels of our multidimensionality as Source), we fully embrace the truth that we are Source. Waiting for the universe to dictate our actions becomes obsolete because we realize we are essentially waiting on ourselves. Sixth-dimensional consciousness is about reclaiming our identity as the universe and from there, life really begins. From this point, we begin to anchor into Superconsciousness, which opens up a whole new level of Play and Creation and this is where Legacy building really comes into its own. From here we realize that our core purpose isn’t decided by some external entity that knows better than us but that our core purpose is actually to Create ourselves (and our “purpose”) as we go- and this is how we tap into truly Limitless Expansion.

How did you venture into this space of creation consciousness, and could you share some personal transformations that led you to tap into this wisdom?

My journey into creation consciousness has roots in a deep connection to spirit from a young age. I had a near-death experience at three months old, imprinting unique energy perceptions. Growing up in foster care with a challenging upbringing, I felt drawn to spirituality as a means of coping. This piece feels particularly important to share because part of my mission is to show people that anyone can create success for themselves, regardless of their upbringing or the patterns they absorbed from childhood.

My path took a more conventional turn initially—I became a mental health nurse, an interpersonal therapist and a qualified yoga and meditation teacher. The catalyst for diving deeper into spirituality was the passing of my mother during my first year of nursing, sparking a profound exploration of grief and depression. This led me to experiment with channeling, which spontaneously came online during meditation one day. It all exploded from there really, as the depression became a real catalyst for me to activate my inner power and decide this was no longer the life I wanted to choose for myself. The frequencies I channel showed me how to create something new and it completely transformed my life, which was how the powerful energetic and identity work I do today was first birthed in.

“There will always be a part of you that fights your expansion; it’s part of the joy of the game and learning to work with this piece is crucial in energetic mastery.”

Is there advice you would give to your younger self or to women undergoing transformative journeys similar to yours?

In those early days, feeling lost and pulled in different directions, I had no idea that everything I was doing would get me to where I am today. All of the difficult experiences and the qualifications in seemingly random areas all contributed to the very targeted expertise I have today. What I like to remind others now is that you are literally the Architect of your life. Even when unaware, there is always a connection to Source, your creation consciousness, that is driving the journey and even when you can’t see it everything is working out for you exactly as it needs to. Embracing the worst moments as catalysts for incredible experiences and personal growth is crucial. Every difficult experience shapes who we become, they are never accidental and I’m grateful for each one.

Your journey involved navigating dualities, particularly in the mental health field. How did you manage this balance, and what lessons did you learn along the way?

The duality of my experiences, being both a mental health practitioner and delving into profound spiritual dimensions, presented challenges as you can imagine! Seeing spiritual elements in mental health issues that I couldn’t openly discuss prompted a realization that we were not fully serving people. This sparked a reevaluation of my own experience with depression and a commitment to addressing these issues authentically, breaking free from the limiting paradigm of mental illness being perceived as a part of who we are and something we can never break free from.

Thank you for sharing those incredible insights, Leanne. Let’s dive into the topic of intuition, or as you refer to it, channeling. When did you start to actively listen to this inner wisdom, and how did it unfold for you?

Listening to my intuition, which I see as a subtle form of channeling, was a journey that unfolded after my mother passed away. Initially scared of spirituality, she became an ally on the other side and it was when I felt a sense of safety that I started opening up. I used to have a tendency to gaslight myself, a common experience for many women and learning to trust that inner knowing, that gut feeling, became pivotal for me.

That’s a powerful journey. It’s interesting that you differentiate between intuition and channeling. Could you elaborate on that distinction?

While intuition may feel like an internal guidance system, I perceive it as a form of channeling, a connection to Source energy. It goes beyond the individual and taps into the higher, collective consciousness. For me, it’s acknowledging that we are not disconnected from Source. It’s about recognizing a higher version of oneself and realizing that, ultimately, it’s all Source energy.

Your journey into manifestation and channeling is fascinating. Could you share a bit more about those visceral experiences and how they shaped your understanding of your abilities?

As I started paying attention, I had experiences where frequencies moved through me, opening my eyes and even moving my hands. It was a profound realization that something much bigger than me was at play. These experiences were a catalyst for the work I do now, and it has evolved to become even more powerful. The frequencies I channel have the capacity to completely unlock you and help you create shifts in all areas of life, from crafting intimate relationships, creating more abundance, unlocking spiritual gifts and even changing aesthetics of the body. After one session, we had a powerful leader in the industry tell us she felt like we had “given her the keys to the universe”- which is exactly what it feels like when you tap into this level of Consciousness. 

Moving into your current work, can you share more about your focus on helping women tap into their limitless potential and the specific offerings you provide?

I’ve got a few offerings I’d love to share. The first is my Limitless group programme, where we teach individuals how to reconnect with themselves as Source, activating their own Creatrix energy and teaching them how to literally shift the fabric of reality so that they can create the level of success they desire, whether in business, relationships, with money or even with their body. This empowers them to become their own direct source of Divine wisdom, leading to self-sufficiency in strategy and success; there really is no limit to what you can create when you’re tapped in at this level. The second is my one-to-one coaching, limited to a set number of women who are scaling to 7 or 8 figures in their business. In this deep dive, we teach them everything detailed in our Limitless group but there is a laser-focussed emphasis on the Legacy they are creating in the world. We work on dispelling illusions of limitation, allowing them to achieve any goal they desire as they tap into the frequency of making the universe their playground. And finally, we are about to launch a super exciting membership: The Power Portal. This is for those individuals who can feel this shift in consciousness moving through them, who feel that they are meant for more, and are looking for support in how to integrate this so they can break through into the new paradigm and start to create the level of success and magic they desire.

It’s fascinating how you guide women to unlock their trans-channeling abilities and overcome barriers in their businesses. Can you speak more about your approach to assisting women in divine partnerships and their relationships with their bodies?

Divine partnerships and embracing one’s sensuality are areas I find particularly exciting. Often, as women expand, they may feel they are outgrowing their partners, but it’s an illusion. I guide women to understand that their partners reflect the frequency they are putting out and show them how to work with that reflection to expand their relationships together. It’s about exploring and expanding relationships while bringing partners along on the journey. Additionally, I assist individuals with their relationship with their bodies. I’ve personally experienced this journey, having initially come into manifestation because I wanted to change certain elements of my body (which I managed to do!). As well as achieving incredible results and opportunities in business, we’ve had women achieving incredible transformations, looking and feeling ten years younger, seeing mind blowing shifts in their relationships, manifesting their dream homes and even tapping into their own trans-channeling and psychic or mediumship abilities. It’s a joy to witness.

That’s truly transformative work. Looking at your broader vision, what are you currently manifesting, either personally or professionally?

My focus is on experiencing limitless expansion as I explore myself as Source and having an absolute ball while I do it! I love watching the unfolding rise in consciousness on the planet and I would love to contribute to the Collective truly waking up to the fact that we are already free, fostering a sense of play and really understanding the truth that we have the power to shift our 3D experiences in ways we couldn’t even dream of… I aim to push the boundaries of what is possible for humanity, especially in the realm of mental health, exploring deeper understandings and perspectives. I’m also really looking forward to taking this work even further by working with souls who have already achieved a level of success in their business or career and are ready to unlock a whole new level of magic in all areas of their life as they step into their ultimate purpose. I’m only just getting started and I can’t wait to see what magic unfolds in the next year.

“To master manifestation at the highest level, you have to move beyond the human identity into the level of consciousness that is actively creating and projecting your reality.”

Balancing harmony, flow, or as you say, expansion, can be challenging. How do you intentionally bring that into your daily life?

I resonate with the idea that balance can feel boring, and for me, harmony is found in expansion. I practice what I call “present moment mastery,” recognizing that in every moment, I have a choice about who I am becoming. By choosing to feel more powerful in each moment, I build momentum toward the person I want to be, which builds the life I desire. It’s a constant journey of expansion and being present, and in joy, in the moments of the unfolding.

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