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Introducing the bold, beautiful Caytlyn Dee. Embodiment Coach, Trauma Integration Practitioner, Body Worker, and Intuitive Healer. As she states passionately  “I weave many threads of wisdom into the work that I share”. Her work is truly one of bringing women back to their authentic selves through modalities that integrate the physical and spiritual side. A breath of fresh air for the coaching space, and one of magic and miracles.

Tell our readers more in depth about you, and anything that isn’t known from your online presence.

I think a few things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about me from social media is that I grew up a cowgirl (laughs). I had horses, and I was a competitive barrel racer and rodeo queen — two different times. Raising and training and breeding horses was something that was going on early in my life way before I ever thought that I would be working with other women or with human bodies in this capacity. Growing up in the mountains, in ranch life, I was exposed to things like hunting and doctoring animals and things like that. 

I see so many parallels in how much it inspired my understanding of the body and of healing now that I bring that forward. I was also a welder. When I was 16 years old, I took a summer job. I also worked on Fridays during the school year. And, of course, I was the only woman in this role at this company. But one of the things that we did was weld handrails for an HDTV giveaway home up in Winter Park, Colorado. So that’s a little claim to fame that is quite unknown.

What was the inspiration for launching your brand?

My company, Free Spirit Living, was born in 2019. The inspiration came from my youngest sister who passed away about five years ago now. She had started a movement or collective called Fit and Sober Living, she called it FSL for short. And so when I was establishing my business and shifting from the corporate world into the healing world, I wanted to honor her in that way. So Free Spirit Living came through, and it speaks to the intention behind the work that I do. I do a lot of work with shadow and trauma, but on the other side of that is freedom and liberation. We are here living and I feel we’re here to enjoy life and to be free spirits living on this earth. 

The methodology of integrative pelvic care, which I am more well known for, was birthed almost two years later. I always wanted to work with the full body, not just the pelvis. But because the pelvis carries so much charge and taboo and a lot in our society, I knew that I needed to have that word in the name so that people knew what they were coming into. Integrative Pelvic Care is named for integrating all parts of the body and story into relation with our sacred center, and then integrating all of the healing and the magic and the gifts that we discover on that journey into relation with the rest of our life.

What advice would you now give to your younger self?

I would tell her, “None of this is your fault.” I grew up in an abusive home and there was a lot in our childhood that deeply impacted my worthiness and confidence, and feeling of safety or lack thereof in my body. And I would tell her, “Your voice is powerful. Your body is sacred and beautiful. You are magical and wise. Hang in there, sister.”

How does your journey of deep heart and soul liberation look like for you?

It has been a journey of coming into a relationship with my body. About a decade before I ever imagined or desired to share healing work with the world, to share this body of work with other women, I had chronic pain, I had sciatica, and I had all these different issues. The medical system just wasn’t cutting it for me, so it was this self-led journey into my body. And now looking back and zooming out on that, the deeper that I came into a relationship with my body, the safest I felt in my body. The more connected I felt to my body, the more connected I felt to the world. And the confidence and worthiness and my voice came back. But it was ultimately because of this journey inward.

What has been the biggest enlightenment moment for you?

Losing my youngest sister to suicide five years ago was a catalyst in birthing my work and being called to share this work with other women in the world, and also facing and healing and integrating some deep, dark traumas from my childhood. It was this kick in the ass from the universe of remembering why I am here and what I am meant to do on this earth.

Do you have any rituals or practices that you use to tap into your full self?

One of my favorites is so simple — I used to even do this when I was in a corporate office — is just taking a moment to place my hands on my body, connect to my womb and cervix, breathe down into the center of Gaia and feeling that inherent connection and belonging and stability and support that comes from within me and from this planet, and visualizing seeing my light pillar running from the center of the earth all the way up into the heavens above and feeling and remembering that power and that wisdom within. I also like to journal.

How can women join your space now?

There are two pathways into and through the Integrative Pelvic Care method. I work with women all over the world. 99% of my clientele, I support completely virtually. And that is a big piece of this work, you have the power to heal your body in the comfort of your own home. And it actually supports your nervous system to be in that safe, familiar space when you start to do this work. The Integrative Pelvic Care method online begins in Foundation. That’s the best entry point when you’re ready to begin the process. And the other option is a hybrid experience that includes online virtual work before and after a one-on-one private luxury retreat. That is the only way that I offer hands-on bodywork at this point, it’s multiple days of ceremonial healing experiences in Colorado or worldwide. Foundation is now open enrollment so you can join anytime when you are ready.

When it comes to manifestation, what does that look like for you now?

For me, this looks like the medicine woman in the woods mixed with luxury spa vibes. I hold these ceremonies and retreats a lot of times in my home, and I love being able to do that. And I also love luxury and I love high-end spas. And I’ve always been called to this. How can I make this journey of healing and reclamation of our sacred body such a beautiful luxurious experience? I also want to fuse or weave horse medicine into my in-person offerings one day and bring back the connection that I spent so many years cultivating with horses. That is the grand vision. And with my online work, I want to impact millions of women. Hundreds have been through it already, and the vision is for millions of women around the planet to go through this process. Because when we do this in our own bodies and for ourselves, we impact everyone around us whether it’s kids or grandkids or the women who came before us or the women who will come after. And that is my work in the world.

Do you have any routines to set yourself up for a successful day?

I journal. I find that the more that I do that it’s so helpful for me to hold space as a healing practitioner and also in the business space. They are two very different realms. So being able to journal and write out things, for example, what is working in my business — I’m sure that other businesswomen out there know how this can go. And that helps remind me what I’m doing and why I’m here and why I’m doing it. I also love to meditate, usually with a tree. So doing tree sets is something that I have cultivated through my studies with Song of Sophia, and being connected to and supported by the plants in my work is how I stay deeply resourced in holding space for others. And then moving my body is so important, whether it’s dancing or walking in nature or getting to a yoga class. Just getting out and feeling myself move is key.

What is your gift to the world?

The work that I am doing — guiding women into the deep embodiment of all parts of themselves, all parts of their body, and reminding them of their power, wisdom, and capacity to heal.

After our work together, you will feel like a new woman not because you changed but because you tapped into more of who you truly are.

For more information, Follow Caytlyn @IntegrativePelvicCare on Instagram.

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